This Day in History – January 14

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January 14

Every year, January 14th is commonly celebrated as Makar Sakranti in India. But going back to world history as well as Indian history, there are numerous historical events, breakthroughs, discoveries, revolutions, births, deaths and more might have happened on this day. So, we bring you a list of all the historical events that happened on January 14 in India as well as the world!

1301: Death of Andrew III
Andrew III of Hungary died which led to the ending of the Árpád dynasty in Hungary.

1641: Malacca conquered by United East India Company
United East Indian Company took over the city of Malacca killing 7,000 people.

1761: Battle of Panipat
The Third Battle of Panipat was fought in India between the Afghans and the Marathas.

1907: An Earthquake in Jamaica
An earthquake hits Kingston, Jamaica which kills more than 1,000 people.

1939: Norway Claimed the Queen Maud Land
Taking it dependent territory, Norway established a hold over the Queen Maud Land in Antarctica on January 14, 1939.

1943- Japan began Operation Ke during World War II
Japan’s Operation Ke started on January 14, 1943, and was a successful operation to evacuate its forces from Guadalcanal during the Guadalcanal Campaign.

1943- Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill began the “Casablanca Conference” 
The Casablanca Conference was started to strategize the next direction of the war during World War II. This also makes Franklin the first American president to travel overseas by aeroplane.

1950: MiG-17 took its First Flight
Fighter aircraft: MiG-17 created in the USSR makes its initial flight.

1954 Marilyn Monroe weds Joe DeMaggio
The renowned American actress Marilyn Monroe got married to American baseball player Joe DeMaggio on January 14, 1954.

2005 – Huygens on Titan
Huygens probe landed on Saturn’s moon Titan on January 14, 2005.

2010 – Yemen against Al-Qaeda
Yemen announced an open war against the international terrorist gang Al-Qaeda on January 14, 2010.

2011- Ben Ali came landed in Saudi Arabia after the Jasmine Revolution
Tunisian President Ben Ali flew to Saudi Arabia after the 28-day campaign of civil resistance protests known as the Jasmine Revolution.

2016- Death of Alan Rickman
The well-known English actor, Alan Rickman died at the age of 69 on January 14, 2016.

Famous Birthdays on January 14

  • Mark Antony [Marcus Antonius], Roman politician 
  • Mahasweta Devi- Indian Writer
  • Abu’l-Fazl ibn Mubarak- Vizier (Political Advisor) of the Mughal emperor Akbar.
  • Holland Taylor- American actress
  • Jason Bateman- American actor

Hence, you are all caught up with the most historical events and observances of January 14th! Keep watching this space at Leverage Edu for more such educational content and give us a follow on LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Quora and Instagram!

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