This Day in History – January 10

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January 10

If you look at any date closely, it will have some historical significance or the other. Even if in the present moment that date seems very mundane by looking back into the past, you will find something important which happened on that day. Let’s consider 10 January for instance and have a look at everything which has happened on this particular day since the beginning. 

49 BC – Beginning of Caesar’s Civil War
On 10 January 49 BC, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon, which marked the beginning of the civil war between the followers of Julius Caesar and the Optimates.

AD 69 – Lucius Calpurnius Piso Licinianus becomes the deputy Roman Emperor
Lucius Calpurnius Piso Frugi Licinianus, a Roman nobleman was adopted as as the official heir of Galba by the Roman Emperor Galba. 

236 – Pope Fabian
On 10 January 236 Pole Fabian became the twentieth pope of Rome. 

1072 – Palermo is conquered by the Normans
Palermo, a city in Southern Italy is captured by Robert Guiscard, a Norman adventurer. 

1430 – Order of the Golden Fleece
The order of the Golden Fleece, a Catholic order of chivalry is established by Philip the Good and Duke of Burgundy. This order is supposedly the most prestigious order of chivalry in the entire world. 

1475 – Battle of Vaslui
The battle of Vaslui which took place between Stephen III of Moldavia and the Ottoman Empire comes to an end with Moldavian victory. 

1645 – Beheading of William Laud
William Laud, an Archbishop of Canterbury got beheaded at Tower Hill, London for treason on 10 January 1645

1776 – “Common Sense”
During the American Revolution, a pamphlet titled “Common Sense” written by Thomas Paine gets anonymously published. 

1791 – Siege of Dunlap’s Station
On 10 January 1791 began the battle named Siege of Dunlap’s Station between the Western Confederacy of American Indians and European-American settlers during the Northwest Indian War. 

1812 – New Orleans (steamboat)
The first ever steamboat finished its journey and reached New Orleans on 10 January 1812 after 82 days of travelling. 

1863 – Opening of the Metropolitan Railway
The Metropolitan Railway opens between Paddington and Farringdon in London, marking the beginning of London Underground.

1916 – Battle of Erzurum
The battle of Erzurum which was a part of the first world war begins with the aim of capturing Erzurum. 

1920 – Treaty of Versailles
The treaty of Versailles which officially ended the first world war became effective on 10 January 1920

1920 – Covenant of the League of Nations
The charter of the League of Nations, the Covenant of the League of Nations became effective on 10 January 1920.

1927- Fritz Lang’s Metropolis
Fritz Lang’s futuristic German expressionist science-fiction drama film, Metropolis releases in Germany. 

1946 – First General Assembly of the United Nations
In the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster took place the first ever general assembly of the United Nations.

1946 – Project Diana
First experiment in Radar astronomy was conducted by the US Army Signal Corps. 

1954 – BOAC Flight 781 Crashes
The BOAC Flight 781, a passenger Jet administered British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) crashed on 10 January 1954. 

1966 – Tashkent Declaration
The Tashkent Declaration,a peace agreement to end the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 is signed between India and Pakistan.

1985 – Daniel Ortega
Daniel Ortega became the president of Nicaragua and assumed his position on 10 January 1985.

1990 – Time Warner
A merger between the Time Inc. and Warner Communications leads to the creation of Time Warner. 

2000 – Crossair Flight 498 Crashes
The Crossair Flight 498 , a commuter flight from Zurich crashed in the Swiss municipality of Niederhasli on 10 January 2000.

2007 – Guinean General Strike
Guinean general strike is started by the Guinea’s trade unions and opposition parties asking President Lansana Conté to resign. 

2012 –  Khyber Agency Bombing
On 10 January 2012 a bomb exploded  in the town of Jamrud near the Afghan border killing at least 30 people and injuring 78 others. 

2013 – January 2013 Pakistan Bombings
In the Pakistani city of Quetta on 10 January 2013 several bomb blasts took place, killing a total of 130 people and injuring 270 others. 

2015 –  Karachi Traffic Accident
A crash between an oil tanker truck and a passenger coach at the Pakistan National Highway Link Road kills over 62 people. 

So, this was a list of events which happened on 10th January. If you had fun going through this list and wish to read more such content, then follow us at Leverage Edu.  

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