IRCC approves a new language test for Immigration

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IRCC has approved a new language test for those applying for immigration under the economic class. The test is expected to launch by early to mid-2023.

Most of the Canadian immigration programmes under the economic class require applicants to pass a language test of either English or French in order to get admission. According to research by the Government of Canada, an applicant’s ability to assimilate into the Canadian Society and Economy is predominantly determined by their language proficiency.

Applicants whose age falls between 18 and 54 must prove their proficiency in either English or French when applying for Canadian citizenship. They can prove their language proficiency through other methods authorized by IRCC or by submitting the results of a language test such as IELTS or TOEFL

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As the number of organizations seeking accreditation as Language Test Providers is increasing, IRCC thinks that there are sufficient certified testing organizations to meet the demand of immigrants and citizens.

However, in the upcoming 12 months, IRCC will look for prospective initiatives and enhancements, according to a memo. These improvements are supposed to increase the number of organizations interested in designation if they are put into effect. IRCC is currently willing to accept as many contract agreements and language testing providers as possible.

Tasks, responsibilities, operations and policies associated with the Language Exam are not yet defined. The Immigration Branch’s language designation team at IRCC will maintain administration tasks while pursuing the new policy priorities.

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