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Introduction to Digital Marketing

Do you know what is digital marketing, and why has it become so important? As the name suggests ‘digital marketing’ is a type of marketing that takes place via the internet. With internet usage reaching new heights every other day, more and more people want to make a career in digital marketing. Like any other type of marketing, it is about influencing potential customers. If you wish to know more, then this blog will tell you all since it talks about the introduction to digital marketing.

About Veerander Chowdary

Veerander Chowdhury is a digital marketing expert who launched his online training platform HelloVeeru’ in June 2020 to offer courses in digital marketing. He holds a BTech in Civil Engineering. Veerander makes it a point to regularly engage with the students to make sure all their doubts are cleared. His team makes sure that they never ignore any query. Within 5 months of its launch, more than 1 lakh students signed up for it.

Introduction To Digital Marketing
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Introduction to Digital Marketing

In an introduction to digital marketing, it is necessary to know the importance of digital marketing. With the usage of the internet gaining popularity with every passing day, there is no doubt that digital marketing has a wide scope. The practice of digital marketing has certain advantages to it. For instance, through digital marketing, one can reach out to the target audience in a cost-effective manner. It is a much easier way. It provides a platform for businesses to engage in regular activity with the customers, which also helps in getting to know the needs and wants of the customer better. Thus, helping create brand loyalty.

Basics of Digital Marketing 

When we talk about the introduction to digital marketing, the comparison with the traditional form of marketing is sure to come up. If we compare the traditional form of marketing to digital marketing, we can chalk out certain differences. Through digital marketing, one can reach out to customers across the globe through a process that requires minimum cost generation, whereas, on the other hand, through a traditional form of marketing, the reach is limited to a certain area and the target audience is not clearly identified which leads to over expenditure. 

Digital Marketing Basics for Beginners

Digital Marketing basics for beginners start with the understanding of a digital marketing concept. Digital marketing or ‘’Internet Marketing’’ is referred to the marketing done online. Basics include the right medium, method and tools that will help a company to promote their products or services. In simple words, companies use marketing tactics to promote the business through online marketing and social media marketing.

Various Models Of Digital Marketing 

Moving on in introduction to digital marketing, we understand the various models of digital marketing. Listed below are few digital marketing strategies that most of the businesses have been using these days. You can have a look here: 

  • Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is a mode of digital marketing used by businesses to ensure their content is ranked higher organically in search engine result pages (SERP). To achieve this, SEO writers or SEO consultants research about the most researched phrases used by customers regularly and then use those to market their own content online.
  • Pay per click marketing – As the name suggests, Pay Per Click Marketing is a form of paid advertisement where businesses pay to get their content to top the search results. As soon as the business stops paying, the ad ceases to exist. These advertisements are the ones that pop up when you open a blog or while watching a YouTube video.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social Media Marketing is a form of digital marketing wherein marketers use social media platforms to promote their brands. This leads to direct engagement with the customers and thus helps in building brand loyalty. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds, since managing brand accounts involve a resourceful blend of creative powers and data-driven strategy. 
  • Social Media Optimization –Social Media Optimization is like Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it deals with how the content must be changed to optimize content visibility’s chances across all social media platforms. Although Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization have similar end goals, the process significantly varies.

Who Can Learn Digital Marketing ?

Now that you have read about digital marketing in our introduction to digital marketing, the next question that might come to your mind is who can take up digital marketing. Well, this course can be taken up by anyone interested in establishing a career in this respective field.

  •  Students at graduate and postgraduate levels     
  • Ones involved in business
  •  Working professionals
  •   People willing to restart their career

Career Opportunities

Having acquired the correct set of digital marketing skills after an introduction to digital marketing, one gets access to several job opportunities. The flexible and versatile nature of the business makes it even more fascinating. Listed below are a few career options in the field of digital marketing –

  •   E-Commerce
  •  Marketing Automation
  •   Business Strategy
  •  Web Development
  •  Search Engine Optimization
  •   Content Marketing and Curation
  • Business Analytics
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So, to kickstart your career in digital marketing a speciality in one or two areas is considered to be necessary. This was all about an introduction to digital marketing inspired by the video Veerander Chowdary. Are you interested in pursuing a career in Digital Marketing and confused on how to go about it, our Leverage Edu experts are here to help you out! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Quora

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