6 Innovative Careers in Engineering

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Innovative Careers in Engineering

Engineering is one of the few careers that are stable in a world. Many professionals face issues in upgrading their skill set with up-gradation in technology but engineers seem to enjoy such changes. Statistics also say that engineers tend to have the highest starting salary, which is 20% than the average salary of careers related to the same field. However, there is a common misconception that engineering jobs are boring. If you are looking for something outside the box, have a look at these six innovative career paths for Engineers. 

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Have you met Erica? She’s going to play a lead role in a movie. Interestingly, she’s also extremely immune to SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19. That is because she’s the first AI robot created by a team of AI Engineers to have grabbed a lead role in a Sci-Fi movie. Artificial Intelligence Engineers build, test and deploy AI models and develop software infrastructures related to it. To become an AI Engineer, you need to know about Machine Learning and also possess a talent in problem-solving and advanced coding. The most in-demand programming languages in this field are Python, Java, C++ and Perl. Recently, this particular field is seeing a rapid surge with various students applying for courses in Machine Learning and Data Science. AI Engineering is an innovative course in the field of Engineering. It is more than everything that you’ll ever come across. 

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Blockchain Engineer 

The Blockchain industry is slowly changing over the course. It is no longer just the foundation of cryptocurrencies. The application of blockchain is much more than that. Blockchain Engineering is basically specialising and creating digital solutions by utilizing Blockchain Technology. Blockchain Technology is a structure that stores block nodes in various connected databases known as chains. Blockchain Engineers analyse these nodes and provide solutions regarding this Technology. To become a Blockchain Engineer, you must possess excellent technical abilities and knowledge about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

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Entertainment Engineer

Entertainment Engineers are defined as the engineers who create and innovate mechanical and structural systems for scenic and entertainment staging, amusement parks and other kinds of entertainment. Entertainment Engineers also create innovative stage sets for concerts which are designed to move and rotate in a specific manner. Their work also involves creating different theme park rides and constructing highly intricate movie sets. This innovative career requires high levels of creativity and technical expertise to begin with as safety should also be considered while designing for a project. Designing a movie set or a concert stage for your favourite star can be made possible with a degree in Entertainment Engineering. 

Marine Engineer 

The job of a Marine Engineer is to plan, design, produce and maintain all kinds of ships and sea vessels. Here’s a quick fact for you: One of the oldest forms of Engineering in Naval Architecture. Marine Engineers figure out the power and design which will be the best way for a sea vessel to propel. Marine Engineering also involves ocean science and oceanography. Basically, Marine Engineering is to sea as Civil Engineering is to land. Employment opportunities for this particular career have increased by 9% and will continue to grow for the next couple of years. The job of a Marine Engineer is a very innovative career for the people who love oceans and do ship-sighting. 

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Food Engineer

Did you ever wonder how the machines are equipped to perform precisely in food factories while you watched the behind-the-scenes view of how your favourite snack is made? Food Engineering covers the food processing industry which includes microbiology, chemistry, plant operations and also the safety of food packaging. They offer sustainable and cost effective measures for increased production and low maintenance. They also make sure if the foods that are made in factories are safe and healthy. Food Engineering is actually an innovative career which is also vital to humanity. They make a huge contribution to the food supply chain. If you’re a lover of both food and engineering, Food Engineering might be the best career path for you! 

Formula One Racing Engineer 

If you possess a need for speed, then this is the right career path for you. Racing Engineers are basically F1 racers’ right hand people as their communication gives the racer advice they need to win. It is a very involved role during racing events where the Engineer is supposed to decide how the car is run, improving the efficiency of speed and the type of tyres. This intricate and innovative preparation by the Race Engineer is very critical to the racer and will fuel (pun intended) him/her to excel in the race. The job of a Racing Engineer also involves Automotive Engineering, Physics, Maths and excellent communication skills as he is the primary communicator between the racer and the technical team. This is definitely the best career if you are interested in cars and racing!

Other careers after Engineering

Apart from the above mentioned innovative careers in Engineering, here are a few others for you: 

Sports Engineer

The position of a sports Engineer has nowadays become one of the most innovative careers after Engineering. You know how important sports have become today. It’s not merely an entertainment activity but a professional field too. Such a field requires the best equipments and this is where the role of a sports Engineer comes in. The sports Engineer specialises in the modelling of sport equipments using various kinetic and dynamic theories. 

Pyrotechnic Engineer

This is one career after Engineering which not many people know about. We all have seen firecrackers, but ever thought who creates them? The answer is Pyrotechnic Engineer. A pyrotechnic Engineer is a chemical engineer who tests, designs and prepares all kinds of fireworks. 

Technical writer

Have you pursued Engineering but love content writing and have a flair for it? Then this career in Engineering might be the right choice for you. A technical writer does the same job as a regular writer but the difference is that a technical writer specialises in creating technical content. You can work on creating technical books and also engage in writing content for big tech companies like google. 

Robotic design Engineer

A robotic design engineer specialises in the creation and designing of everything related to the robotics system. A robotics engineer deals with designing prototypes, building and testing of machines, and maintaining the softwares that controls the robots. In the modern world, robots are gaining a lot of significance and therefore there is a lot of potential for success in this particular career in Engineering. 

Professional hacker/Certified Ethical Hacker

A hacker does sound cool, right? But I am not talking about the illegal hackers but the legal ones. Their main role is to assess the computers systems by looking for weakness and vulnerability in order to protect them from illegal hacking. They are majorly employed by organizations to penetrate networks and computer systems so that after that they can find and fix security vulnerabilities. 

Videogame Engineer

A game Engineer engages in creating the software required for the working of computer and Android games. With your knowledge of computer languages, data modelling, computer mechanics and programming you will have to deal with designing games and creating game mechanics. So, if you love video games and have always been interested in how these games work then this career in Engineering might be the right one for you.  


What are some engineering innovations?

Here’s more on these innovations and a few other engineering innovation examples.
Floating train tracks
42-story Frankfurt Opera Tower
Floating wind farms
Solar balloons
Foldable solar mates
Energy harnessing wind kites
Hydroelectric giga batteries

What is the most interesting engineering job?

Exciting Careers You Can Have with an Engineering Degree
3D printing engineer
Smart cities engineer
Sports engineer
Motorsport engineer
Rollercoaster engineer
Pyrotechnic engineer
Nuclear engineer
Aerospace engineer

What are the newest fields in engineering?

5 newest fields in engineering that you need to explore
Genetic Engineering
Alternative Energy Engineer
Control engineering (AR and VR engineering)
Mechatronics Engineering

These were top 6 innovative careers in engineering. Have we missed out any career? Let us know in the comment section below. Get in touch with Leverage Edu experts if you need a roadmap on how to study abroad with these careers!

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