Interesting Facts about Indian Students Studying in Canada

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Canada has, over the years, dethroned the USA and UK as the go-to destination for studying abroad. What makes Canada stand out is its friendly culture, world-class education, post-study work opportunities, and easy permanent residency. To boost Canadian immigration in 2022- 2024, the Canadian government has announced that it hopes to attract 431,645 permanent residents. This means applying to Canadian universities is the surest way to ensure your way into one of the world’s friendliest countries. Here are some metrics and interesting facts about Canada that will bowl you over!

Interesting Facts About Indians Studying in Canada - Infographic by Leverage Edu Part 1
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Indian Students Studying in Canada

Here are some interesting facts about Indian students studying in Canada and why they chose the country as their top destination for higher education

  • 215,720 – Indian students travelled to study in Canada in 2021.
  • 1 in 5 Indian students chooses Canada for studying abroad.
  • By 2025, 40,000 increase in yearly enrolments of Indian students.

Canada receives the largest inbound students from India

India tops the charts when it comes to international students studying in Canadian Universities. Over 34% of international students are from India followed by 22% from China, 4% from Vietnam, 3% from South Korea, and 2% from Nigeria. 

Top Specializations for Indian Students 

Based on our internal findings, here are some of the most popular courses amongst students planning to study in Canada-

  • MBA
  • Big Data, AI, Data Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Sports Management
  • Law

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Which Canadian universities have the most Indian students?

India recently has overtaken China as the largest source country for international students! This flow is directed towards countries like Canada, the US, UK despite the pandemic because of their openness, student-friendly policies, and post-study opportunities. Canada leads the market for higher education and some of its universities and colleges attract the largest number of Indian students in the world. Here are the most preferred Canadian universities by Indian students:

Where do Indian students spend their money?

Based on our findings, here is a representation of living expenses for international students. The most pricey expense is accommodation, followed by food, and transportation and the rest are miscellaneous expenses. Use the cost of living calculator powered by Leverage Edu to find out your cost of living in Canada.

Spend Area Average Cost Percentage Share
Rent 500 CAD 33.33%
Food 300 CAD 20%
Transport  200 CAD 13.33%
Miscellaneous 500 CAD 33.33%

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Accommodation Preferences of International Students in Canada

Here are some interesting facts about Indian Students studying in Canada and their accommodation choices to save money and get the best comfort:

Self-Rented Room/Apartment 32%
Apartment Rented with others 46%
University Accommodation 15%
Homestay 3%
Others 4%

Do Indian students want to come back to India after their studies? Pathway to PR in Canada

  • Only 1 in 25 students had plans to take up further studies in their home country.
  • Just 12% of students wanted to return to their home country for employment.
  • Around half of the students wanted to get a PR in Canada

Here is what the students have to say about their plans after completing their studies in Canada.

Planning for Further Study

Here is what students had to say about their plans for further study in Canada.

No plans for further study 43%
Study further in Canada 46%
Study further in another country 7%
Study further in home country 4%

Planning to Work

Here are the plans for students working in Canada after studying.

Return to home country 12%
Work 3 years in Canada before returning home 21%
No plan to return home 54%
No plans 13%

PR Pathway

47.3% of total PR invites in Canada were given to Indians, the highest of any country.

India 47.3%
China 8.3%
Nigeria 6.0%
Others 38.4%

Quick Facts about International students in Canada

  • Indians make up more than 3% of the Canadian population
  • Nearly 80% of growth in the international student market will come from Asian countries by the year 2025 – Western Union Business Solutions.
  • International students contribute over $22.3.6B per year to the Canadian economy
  • With nearly 50% of international students in Ontario, it is by far the largest beneficiary of foreign students in Canada
  • 135% increase in international students in Canada 2010-2020

Where do International students prefer to study in Canada?

Province Percentage
Ontario 48 %
British Columbia  23 %
Quebec  14 %
Others 15%

Why do international students choose to study in Canada?

  • Most popular foreign destination. 100,000 Canadian permits issued in 2021.
  • 60% of international students in Canada plan for PR.
  • 96% recommend Canada as a top study destination.
  • 49% find work permanently in Canada.

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