IIFT Exam Day Guidelines 2021

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IIFT Exam Day Guidelines

The final exam date of the IIFT 2021 Admission Exam for MBA Admissions in International Business (IB) at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) has been released and it will be conducted on 24th January 2021. The notification of the exam was recently issued along with instructions for the exam day that candidates need to follow on the day of the IIFT 2021 exam. Social distancing, wearing of masks and hand sanitization are essentially included under exam guidelines. If you are aiming to take this exam, here are IIFT Exam day guidelines 2021 for Covid-19 and as per new rules and instructions.

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IIFT Exam Day Timings

IIFT Exam Timing 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Exam Centre Entry 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Last entry into the centre 2:30 pm
Taking position in the centre 2:45 pm
Instructions by invigilators 2:45 pm – 2:50 pm
Test-takers Login & Guidelines 2:50 pm
Exam Starts 3:00 pm
Exam Ends 5:00 pm

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IIFT Exam Day Guidelines for COVID-19

Here are the official exam day guidelines and Covid-19 instructions for IIFT Exam day 2021:

  1. The test centre and seating area will be sanitized before the beginning of the review. It will clean all door handles, staircase railings, lift keys, etc.
  2. To maintain physical distance, the test takers must reach their respective examination centers as per the reporting timings provided in your admit card.
  3. The distance between the two seats will be preserved within the examination hall. At all times, candidates must maintain a gap of at least 6 feet from each other.
  4. At all times, all exam officials will be wearing masks and gloves. The exam centre will be equipped with hand held metal detectors at the entry gate and contact-free frisking will be carried out.
  5. Candidates can sanitize hands prior to entry by washing with soap and with Hand Sanitizer. Hand Sanitizer will be required for applicants and Centre personnel to use at entry and within the exam venue at different locations.
  6. On entry, a new 3-ply mask will be issued to the applicant. Only the newly issued mask at the centre will be permitted to be worn by the candidates. You would not be permitted to use a mask brought from your house.
  7. Using thermo weapons, each candidate’s body temperature will be tested at the entrance. If the temperature of the body is higher than the COVID-19 requirements, the applicant will have to take the test in a separate room.
  8. In order to cautiously prevent crowding at the exam centre, the IIFT Exam day guidelines state that the students will be notified at the registration desk about their room or hall number in which they will be taking the exam.
  9. You will be required to scan the barcode provided on your IIFT exam 2021 admit card and then you will be informed about your room number.
  10. Invigilators on duty at the registration desk will review the documentation of candidates and direct them in batches of five each to their exam room to maintain physical distance.
  11. Before the start of the test, five rough sheets will be available on the exam desks. When additional sheets are needed by the applicant for rough work, the same shall be made available on request.
  12. On completion of the test, by maintaining a safe distance from each other, the candidates will be able to move out in an orderly manner.
  13. If an applicant violates the government’s COVID-19 directives/advisories, authorization to enter the IIFT examination centre can be refused.

What to Carry on IIFT Exam Day 2021

Here are the key essentials you must keep while appearing for IIFT Exam 2021:

  • Admit Card: It is critical that all applicants carry an admission card to their IIFT examination centre. You can download the IIFT 2021 Admit Card from the NTA website. Applicants who have not yet downloaded it must do so prior to the day of the test. Take a copy of the entry slip. Please notice that a photocopy or digital copy of the IIFT admission card is not considered to be a legitimate document.
  • Photo ID: In order to access the examination centre, it is mandatory for all applicants to display ID evidence along with the IIFT admission card. Any of the following documents can be held as your photo ID:
    • Driving License
    • Election Card
    • College ID
    • PAN Card
    • Passport
  • COVID-19 Undertaking: The COVID-19 undertaking is to be presented along with the admission card for IIFT 2021. All paperwork must be submitted at the entrance for authorization to access the test area.
  • Stationary: In online mode, IIFT will be carried out so that no stationary object except the blue/black ballpoint pen needs to be carried. Every candidate will be provided with a paper at the exam centre for rough work.
  • Water:– In all examination centres, water will be given, but you must bring your own clear bottle of water. In the age of COVID-19, it is better to transport and use personal products.

Note: Within the IIFT exam centre, bags are not permitted and there are no lockers there either. Try not to carry a backpack, but if you do, try not to take any pricey things to prevent any kind of mishap.

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