IESE’s Young Talent Path (YTP) 2023: An Opportunity for Undergraduate Students

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IESE's Young Talent Path

IESE Business School is a part of the University of Navarra. It is one of the best Business Schools in the world. Founded in 1958 in Barcelona, it has constantly a #1 in the Financial Times Rankings of top business schools in the world from 2015 to 2020. Each year, it attracts highly talented and highly motivated participants from a wide range of academic disciplines, including Engineering, Business Administration, Economics, Science and Humanities. In this blog, we will be discussing everything about IESE’s young talent path!

IESE’s Young Talent Path. Experience Life in a Top Business 

What is IESE’s Young Talent Path (YTP)? 

The IESE Business School’s Young Talent Path (YTP) is an exceptional gateway program for those with prodigious talent who has the utmost desire for success. YTP aims to open the doors to a unique learning experience for young professionals and aspirants.

Key Points of YTP

  • Share knowledge and experience with a wide range of talented and highly motivated peers.
  • Share your pre-MBA experience with a dedicated MBA student.
  • Participate in IESE events all over the world, including the Alumni Learning Program.
  • Receive up to €22,000 scholarship for the IESE’s MBA program.

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Benefits of IESE’s Young Talent Path

  • The YTP is solely designed for university students in their final year before full-time employment (preference will be given to applicants with a secure job offer) and young professionals with up to 2 years of full-time work experience.
  • If you wish to obtain a place in the flagship MBA program of the IESE, the YTP offers you entrance to a unique and intercultural learning experience.
  • As part of the YTP,  students will participate in the YTP Boot Camp, where they will meet their exceptionally talented classmates from a diverse range of nationalities and backgrounds.
  • During this stage, their relevance to the MBA curriculum will be taken into consideration.
  • After receiving a €22,000 scholarship for the IESE’s MBA program, the students will also enlighten themselves with the opportunity to participate in IESE events all over the world, including the Continuous Education Program and many more. 
  • Finally, they will also be given a platform to share their pre-MBA journey with a current MBA aspirant, before embarking on an unparalleled learning experience.

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Tuition & Living Expenses 

  • The application submission fee for IESE’s Young Talent Path is $40 which is non-refundable.
  • If you clear and pass the personal interview stage and furthermore, are offered a place in the program then there will be no additional tuition charges levied. 
  • The academic course, class materials, and lunches on campus are included in the program itself. 
  • Additionally, any person living expenditures including transport, accommodation, food, and other personal expenses will be at each person’s expense and responsibility.

Admissions Process

Online Application & Assessment Applications for the YTP July 2023 program are now open (ends 17th March 2023)
Invited to the Boot Camp A 3-Day Campus Experience in Barcelona will be organised during mid of July 2023 (Upon invitation)
Pre-admitted to the MBA A chance to discuss the best year of enrollment after acquiring relevant years of work experience, upon acceptance.

Requirements and Important Points

  • Required minimum years depend on candidates’ work experience upon enrollment.
  • Candidates who rejected the YTP can still follow the regular application process for the MBA.
  • Online Assessment
  • Official academic transcripts or university grades
  • Updated CV/Resume
  • A letter of recommendation from a university professor or current boss
  • Current photograph

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Average Scores Required for IESE’s Young Talent Path

The YTP gives outstanding university graduates a chance to gain admission to this program during their years in college as long as they have competitive GMAT scores, outstanding academic records and significant extracurricular achievements. Information on their official website indicates the typical profile of YTP candidates as follows:

  • Average age: 22.5
  • Average GPA (on a scale of 10): 8
  • Average GPA (on a scale of 4): 3.6
  • Average GMAT: 710
  • The average number of languages spoken: 3

Note- Selections are made on a rolling basis throughout the year


Q1. Is IESE hard to get into?

The MBA program’s acceptance rate is 26%, which is not bad given the institution’s reputation. The maximum GMAT score is 800, with a score of 681 being the average.

Q2. Is IESE prestigious?

One of the top three programmes in the world is the full-time MBA at IESE. The Financial Times FT World MBA Ranking 2023 supports this. The diversified, global learning environment IESE offers students contributes to its high ranking in the 2023 rating.

Q3. What is the average GRE score for IESE?

When evaluating applications, the Admissions Committee takes a variety of factors into account. The Verbal Range: 143-170, the Quantitative Range:143-170, the Verbal Median: 156, and the Quantitative Median: 161 make up our GRE acceptance range. The GRE’s results are also good for five years.

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