IELTS Registration 2022

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IELTS Registration

Hassle-free registration is one of the most crucial steps in the journey towards appearing for an exam. Any single mistake can steal your chance of getting closer to getting qualified for the program or job position you are opting for. For those who aspire to attain overseas education, the language proficiency test scores form an essential part of the admission criteria. One such exam is IELTS, i.e. International English Language Testing System which those candidates need to qualify who are willing to study abroad in a country where English is not an official language. The test is available under two variants – IELTS Academic and General Training in which the applicants are evaluated on parameters like Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. If you aspire to appear for this exam, here is a blog to guide you through the IELTS registration process.

Important Notice: From 25th July onwards, British Council will no longer conduct the IELTS exam in India. IDP will be responsible for conducting the test across India.

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IELTS Online Registration

IELTS can be taken several times in a year. Catering to the increasing number of people planning to get higher education overseas or applying to settle abroad, IELTS gets organised 48 times in a year in India which means 4 times every 4 months. You can plan to take the test at your convenience. Also, the candidates are given the liberty for multiple re-attempts as there is no set limit to take the IELTS examination as specified by the official authorities. You can appear for the test as many times as you want till the time you fetch that perfect score but you have to pay the exam fee of INR 14,700 every time you appear for it. Now, let us have a look at the IELTS registration process elucidated in the following pointers:

1. Visit the official website of IELTS.

2. Click on the ‘Register for Test’ option.

3. Select your preferable test and test type.

Select the Type of Test
Courtesy: IELTS

4. You will be given a list of test centres in your country. Select your nearest test centre as well as the date on which you want to take IELTS and then click on “Book Now”.

5. You will be redirected to any of the IELTS affiliated institutions in India such as the British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment, amongst others. Select the country and test type again and then choose a date and then the time you can appear for IELTS.

Choose the Test Date
Courtesy: British Council

6. Then, you will be asked to create an account where you must fill in your personal details carefully.

7. Add your registration details.

8. Upload copies of your passport.

9. Select the list of colleges/universities you want to share your IELTS scores with.

10. Review the entire application before submitting the form.

11. Pay your IELTS registration fee, i.e. INR 14,700.

12. Take the printout of the fee acknowledgement receipt.

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Offline Process for IELTS Registration

Aspirants can also register for this exam through offline mode as well. For this method, you must register with its affiliated institutions such as IDP. You need to take a printout of the application form. Fill it and then you can submit it at the respected offices. You can make the payment of the IELTS registration fee through your credit card, debit card, bank draft or demand draft method. Moreover, you will also get instant confirmation of your registration.

How to apply for the IELTS exam 2022 in online mode?

 To register yourself:

  1. Visit IELTS India’s official website.
  2. Select “Sign up for the exam”
  3. Choose your desired test format: computer-based online or paper-based offline.
  4. Select the exam type you wish to take, such as the academic or general training test.
  5. Find the closest IELTS testing location from the list.
  6. You can choose the times and days in your comfort.
  7. Complete the registration form with all the necessary information.
  8. Publish a current passport-sized picture
  9. Enter by clicking. You will be taken to the payment gateway by it. Use a credit or debit card to online pay the appropriate amount.
  10. Congratulations! You have already signed up for the IELTS test.

For the speaking test, you can select the date and time slot at your convenience but if you fail to do so, automatically a date and time slot are allotted for the speaking test. 

Registration for IELTS Indicator

By giving candidates the option to take the exam from the convenience of their homes, IELTS administering organisations have broadened the exam’s focus. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, a new platform called the IELTS Indicator allows students to take the exam from home. The main difference between registering for the IELTS exam and the regular IELTS registration process is that fewer countries and colleges recognise the IELTS indicator. For immigration and higher education, for example, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand do not accept the IELTS indicator score.

Post IELTS Registration

  • A confirmation email on the receipt of the payment will be issued to a candidate who registered online.
  • It also includes information on how to get free access to the online course “Road to IELTS” which prepares students for the IELTS exam.
  • Once the individual receives an email, the IELTS exam date will be verified.
  • Within seven days of receiving the paperwork, the applicant who enrolled offline will get a confirmation receipt and access information through the mail for study materials.
  • Candidates should take special care to save this correspondence since it contains crucial information.

IELTS Documents Required for Registration

Your passport number and a few of its data are the only documents needed to register for the IELTS exam. IELTS testing indicates that you want to immigrate or study abroad. For these things, a passport is required. You will require your passport in original form as well as one coloured photocopy during IELTS registration and on exam day.

IELTS Test Schedule

Selecting the appropriate date for the IELTS examination is one of the crucial steps of the registration process. Wisely selecting the date plays an important role in fetching you a good score. Around 48 dates are laid down for IELTS-affiliated testing institutions such as the British Council from which the aspirant can select the suitable one. You must enquire about upcoming intakes abroad specifically in terms of your dream study destination and university. Accordingly, you should select the test date at least 3-4 months prior to admission dates so that if the score in your first attempt does not match the requirements, you can easily take up the test again with better preparation.


Is the IELTS test at home option different from the one conducted at the test centre?

When it comes to which nations and colleges will accept the score, there are various differences. Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are among the nations that do not recognise IELTS indicator scores. Since there is a significant expense and effort required for the test, it is preferable to verify with the university in advance. The IELTS exam registration procedure is the same, though.

When will the IELTS exam start in 2022?

Up to four IELTS examinations may be taken each month. This gives a calendar year a total of 48 set test dates. As a result, the dates for the IELTS exam may vary depending on the Academic and General Training modules. Students are thus recommended to reserve slots based on their availability and convenience.

Can I prepare for the IELTS at home?

You may get ready for the IELTS 2022 in a variety of methods. The following are some preparatory suggestions: (a) Make reading a habit, and strive to learn a new term every day; (b) prefer speaking English with your family, friends, and other close relatives; and (c) use proper grammar whenever you practise speaking or writing. (d) Spend some time studying because doing so will help you improve your study techniques.

Thus, we hope that this blog about IELTS registration has helped you gain a clear insight of how to register the exam. Getting a promising score in the exam will take you closer to your career aspirations. Take exclusive online IELTS coaching from Leverage Edu and qualify the exam with flying colours. Click here to sign up for an online IELTS demo session with our experts and get all your queries answered!

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