How to Increase IELTS Listening Score?

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ielts listening score

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an esteemed English language proficiency exam which aims to assess a candidate’s reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. In order to attain overseas education, it is compulsory for non-native English speakers to prove their efficiency in the language by providing English proficiency test scores. As sections are conducted separately in a timed manner, individual scores are given per section and then the aggregate represents the total band score of a candidate. Thus, it becomes important to focus on each section individually. This blog brings you a comprehensive list of preparation tips and strategies on how to increase the IELTS Listening score. 

IELTS Listening Section Overview 

IELTS listening mainly comprises different recordings which the test-taker can listen to only once and then answer the corresponding questions. The maximum duration of this test is 30 minutes during which the test-taker has to solve 40 questions. In order to curate the best strategy on how to increase the IELTS Listening score, you must be familiar with the four sub-section it comprises, i.e.

  • Part 1: A conversation between 2 people 
  • Part 2: A monologue 
  • Part 3: An academic discourse between a maximum of 4 people
  • Part 4- A monologue based on an academic topic.

Tips and Tricks 

Now that you know the key features of this section, you must be wondering about how to increase the IELTS Listening score. Here are the major preparation tips and strategies you can follow to attain your target IELTS Listening score.

Listen Meticulously

Every recording in the IELTS Listening section is only played once. This is one of the important factors to keep in mind regarding the question of how to increase IELTS Listening score. You must concentrate on the recording and attentively listen to what is being said. While taking a mock test, don’t play a recording more than once and inculcate the habit of understanding the audio in one single go. You must also listen to a wide variety of audio recordings such as lectures, conversations, monologues, etc. which will assist you in deciphering the context, speaking styles and tone of different speakers.

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Devise Your Strategy 

Every task in the IELTS listening section needs to be done with a specific strategy. The first Monologue revolves around an everyday situation, the second recording comprises a general speech and the remaining two correspond to an academic context. Hence, you must practice as many questions as possible for the four types of tasks. Further, comprehending conversations between multiple people can be a tough task thus ensure that you improve your listening ability by practising with several recordings and craft your own strategy on tackling each recording during the exam.

Improve Your Vocabulary

Learning new words on a daily basis must be an essential part of your study plan. A strong vocabulary will not only help you in improving your IELTS Listening score but also in increasing your chances of acing other sections as well. Focus on learning synonyms, antonyms, as well as one-word substitutions. Familiarise yourself with the pronunciation and enunciation of each word you learn as it can be your success mantra on how to increase IELTS Listening score. 

Proofread Your Answers 

IELTS Listening section consists of varied types of questions such as multiple-choice, plan/map diagram labelling, form/note/flowchart/summary completion, sentence completion, etc. You must carefully read every question after listening to the recording and then begin drafting your answer as per what the question demands. Once you have completed the section, proofread your answers and check any spelling or grammatical errors.

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Don’t Skip Any Question

As there is no negative marking in the exam, you must not skip any questions which you don’t know the answer to. Even if you missed the answer, you have the probability to get it right by guessing. It is one of the recommended tips on how to increase IELTS Listening score as many test-takers avoid answering questions they don’t know the answer to but using elimination or guessing might help you find the right answer.

Take Timed Mock Tests

The most effective tip regarding how to increase IELTS Listening score is to practice a mock test daily. Before starting the test, set the timer to 40 minutes and during the initial days of preparation, allow yourself to replay the recordings while practising this section. With time, you must answer questions by listening to a recording in one single go and assess how well you can perform during the test. Taking mock tests regularly can accentuate your listening skills and train you to ace this section with a higher score.

While the common tips and strategies on how to increase IELTS listening score focus on general tricks to ace this section, you must also work on crafting your own strategy to utilise during the exam. Having a personalised study plan can assist you in covering each section effectively and cracking the test with a higher band score!

How is the IELTS Listening Score Calculated?

In the listening test, you will have to answer 40 questions related to the audio clips played to you wherein the answer will either be correct or incorrect. You will receive 1 mark for each correct answer, with the total marks determining your IELTS band score. Have a look at the table below which indicates the average number of marks required to achieve a particular band score:

Correct Answers  Band Scores 
39-40 9
37-38 8.5
35-36 8
32-34 7.5
30-31 7
26-29 6.5
23-25 6
18-22 5.5
16-17 5
13-15 4.5
11-12 4

Sample of IELTS Listening Test Sheet

In the IELTS listening component, there will be audio-based questions and the students will have to answer them once the audio is complete. To know about the IELTS sample test of listening click here

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