Humboldt Fellowship

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Humboldt Fellowship

There are many scholarships and fellowships offered to postdoctoral students in Germany from around the world. One such fellowship is Humboldt Fellowship that provides a monthly stipend to students pursuing postdoctoral study in the country. This fellowship is intended to allow researchers to continue their studies for a period of 6 to 24 months at a German university. Read this blog to know more about Humboldt Fellowship, eligibility, the application process, amount and more!

Type Merit-Based Scholarship
Organization offering Scholarship Alexander von Humboldt
Date  Applications reviewed in March, July and November every year
Amount provided $34,906
Renewability status One Time Payment
Are International Students Eligible? Yes
Official Website Link

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About Humboldt Fellowship

Studying in Germany is an interesting experience for students from all around the country. With the assistance of the Humboldt Research Fellowship programme, students at the postgraduate level will stretch their research for up to 24 months.

  • The Humboldt Research Fellowship avails a total amount of 2670 EUR (228,726 INR) as a monthly stipend.
  • Short-term research visits, participation in congresses, and educational programmes are not included in the fellowship.
  • Academic score, publications, professional analysis, and language skills are all used to determine eligibility and placement.
  • In addition to the studies, candidates would have the ability to study in Germany and gain educational experience.

The Humboldt Research Fellowship number includes research costs as well as adds to the candidate’s health care and liabilities. Aside from the monetary prize, winners are also eligible for a host of other benefits, such as

  • Travel expenses,
  • A language course that spans around two to four months in duration
  • Family allowances which can be availed for more than 3 months,
  • Accommodation rent for a flat (children allowed)
  • The fellowship can be renewed in 12 months.

As a result, the Humboldt Research Fellowship allows students to concentrate their research by making travel and lodging in Germany more comfortable and easy. The foundation wants students to read and understand the Rules of Good Scientific Practice because they are legally binding. For scholars with a good academic experience, the fellowship is a fantastic opportunity. The applicant and their academic host are free to choose a research subject and academic host at their choice. According to the records of the Humboldt Research Fellowship award from the previous year, about 25% to 30% of the submissions were approved.

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Eligibility Criteria

The Humboldt Research Fellowship eligibility is determined based on a number of criteria. Applicants for fellowships must guarantee that they meet all of the following requirements:

Study Qualification Applicants must have completed a doctorate or equivalent academic degree (Ph.D., C. Sc. or equivalent) in less than four years before the application date.
Those expecting to complete their doctorate in the next six months can apply by submitting a manuscript of their dissertation or publication.
Publications The academic publications of the candidate will be reviewed in accordance with the international standards and must be printed in the journal by publishing houses only.
Research Facilities Applicants must submit confirmation showing that research facilities are available to them. Also, the mentoring agreement and expert’s report has to be submitted by an academic host/ university to study in Germany.
Reviews A doctoral supervisor and an academically qualified supervisor must provide reviews with detailed comments.The comments must also mention something about the eligibility and should be written by a person other than someone working at the candidate’s institution.
Language Abilities The applicants from the humanities, physics or social science background should have good language skills in German or English to perform their research successfully. These language tests are essential to study in Germany.
Other Parameters Candidates who have not had their dissertations written would be disqualified. Students who have previously received funding from the Humboldt Foundation are not eligible to apply for the Humboldt Research Fellowship programme.

Candidates who meet the aforementioned requirements must also prove that they have spent at least 12 months outside of Germany in the 18 months previous to their submission. German citizens are eligible to apply whether they have moved for job or residency in the past five years.

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Humboldt Fellowship Application Process

The Humboldt Research Fellowship requires that all proposals be submitted electronically. The foundation welcomes submissions at any time of the year, but there is no set date. However, any other necessary documentation must be submitted with a Humboldt Research Fellowship submission.

Student Supporting Documents

  • Updated CV (Maximum 2 pages)
  • Research Summary (Maximum 2 pages)
  • List of all publications
  • Complete list of selected key publications
  • Doctoral certificate
  • German language certificate
  • Host’s statement and Confirmation of Research facilities
  • A couple expert reviews

Additional Requirements: 

  • Publisher’s letter of acceptance 
  • Translations of the key publications.

The candidates should conclude the formalities at least four to six months before the selection date. When the foundation approves a student’s submission, they will receive a confirmation receipt.

Humboldt Fellowship Selection Process

The Humboldt Research Fellowship Foundation notifies students of the delivery of their submission and other materials as soon as possible. The decision is made depending on the individual’s academic credentials. The committee reviews the proposal and other documentation after it is submitted to ensure that the formal specifications are satisfied. Every year, the Selection Committee meets in March, July, and November. The applicants are notified of the preliminary selection dates by the commission.

  • Two impartial reviewers are assigned to each submission.
  • The Selection Committee, which consists of 50 scholars from different backgrounds, makes the final decision on selection. They decide on the proposals for the Humboldt Research Fellowship.
  • Most applications are rejected, owing to a lack of publications, independent scholarly work, originality, professional identity, and academic accomplishments. In the case that the application is rejected, the candidate may contact the company by email and inquire about the reason for the denial. Rejected candidates are only allowed to reapply for an 18-month period.

As a result, we hope that this blog has provided you with all of the necessary details about the Humboldt Fellowship. If you are wishing to apply for the scholarship, contact our experts at Leverage Edu, and we will assist you with any questions you may have as well as provide you with the requisite information to ensure a successful application for the grant!

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