Hrithik Roshan is undoubtedly one of the most successful actors of Bollywood who has grabbed the attention of male and female audiences alike. His charms that he exhibits through his acting and dance have captured the hearts of millions. But Hrithik Roshan is not someone who has limited his presence to the silver screen, his motivational take on life in general has inspired us all. The outlook that he has towards life, success, pain and hard work motivates us to reach even a bit closer to his level of brilliance. On his 47th birthday, we celebrated this renowned superstar by bringing you the life lessons from Hrithik Roshan which can guide you towards how to lead a life that actually matters. “Life is not unfair. Life is what you make of it.” The next time you are sitting there blaming your fate for everything which is going wrong with your life, remember these words by Hritik Roshan. He is a self made man and wherever he is today is because of his hard work. This is one important lesson that we can learn from Hrithik Roshan about owning up to whatever has happened in your life and striving to change it for better. Know the 10 Great Leaders of the World and their Journey “Life hits you hard. But it takes you three seconds to decide if you are a superhero or not. I am.” In life, everything won't be handed to you on a silver platter. You need to work hard and succeed. When we look at Hrithik Roshan today, he is a source of inspiration for all of us. But a lot of hard work was put in by him to reach this exact place. He didn't break in the wake of failures and moulded himself into a "superhero". So, even for you life is going to be hard, but what will decide your fate is the fact that if you have up or were brave on the face of it. “Pain is fuel for a fitter world.” One another thing that Hrithik Roshan is known for is his fitness. And to be this fit he had to work hard on himself, every single day of his life. You might all wish to be fit like him but for that you should also be willing to put in that much effort. There will be times when the pain will be too strong but once you cross that threshold nothing could stop you. And this is the mantra that has paved way for Hrithik Roshan's success. Here are the Soft Skills to Learn From Global Personalities “True power and true happiness are when you use your success to make others around you feel even more significant.” This quote by Hrithik Roshan teaches us a lesson on humility. He is definitely someone who has reached great heights but this doesn't mean that he looks down upon others. He believes that your happiness and power has no value if you don't share it with others around you. If a successful person like him is so considerate about others around him, then why can't we have a similar attitude towards the people around us. "The only time to take the step towards change is now. Even if they're baby steps, start today!" If you wish to change the world or even change something about yourself you need to start working on it today. There is no point in pushing things to a later date because if you don't start today you are not going to make a difference tomorrow. And Hrithik Roshan's life in itself is an example of this idea. He worked for whatever he believed in, may that be his career, his personal life, his physical fitness and look at where he is today. So, take this lesson from him and start working for what you believe in and too today itself. Know the World's Youngest Leaders! "Slowly, I realized that the exterior is not the criterion for love and success." Your appearance doesn't really decide the position that you will hold in this world. Hrithik Roshan made this statement while talking about how his extra thumb made him an object of ridicule but did he give up? No, right, he fought against these odds and became someone who has taken the entire world by storm. It's also a lesson for those who judge others on the basis of their appearance. Rather than focusing on the exterior we should focus on what lies within because that's the only you can make the right judgement about anyone. "Happiness is overrated. It comes and goes just like sadness and misery both fleeting. What's important is peace. With all." In our life, we all keep running away from sadness and keep running towards happiness. And what happens is that in the process we forget to live in the present moment. But for Hrithik Roshan, even "happiness overrated". What matters for him is inner peace and to be peaceful is to be satisfied with wherever you are at the moment. Work hard in your life but be satisfied with where it takes you. Keep hustling but in the process don't forget to be at peace with your own self. Learn These Amazing Leadership Lessons from Kids! "The biggest superpower you can have is the ability to change your own life." Have you heard the phrase that "the change begins with you"? This is how it should work, before trying to change the world, put in efforts and change yourself for the better. For Hrithik Roshan, the ability to change your own life is one's biggest superpower. And so, you need to make sure that you make the right use of this power and mould yourself into your best possible version. "If you are having a tough time today, push past those boundaries, because by challenging your fears today will become the strength you feel tomorrow." One significant lesson that we can learn from Hrithik Roshan is the importance of hardwork and persistence. Life is not going to be easy, it is not easy for anyone. But what decides where you stand in the future are the efforts that you will make today. So, step out of your comfort zones and face your fears because it's only by pushing your boundaries that you will excel in your life. "I have been elevated to such a high status that the fall will be very steep." This is one lesson from Hrtithik Roshan is something by which we all need to live by. Life is very uncertain, even if you are at a successful position today it doesn't mean that you will be there forever. So, you need to keep working hard and not sit back and take it easy once you achieve one goal. Hrithik Roshan believes that he is at a great position today but that also means that once he falls from that position, "his fall will be very steep". So, this motivates him to keep working hard and even for us it should be like this. Check out the 10 Learning Hacks From World's Top Leaders So, these are the 10 lessons that we could learn from Hrithik Roshan. We all know that it's by walking on these paths formed by his ideas that he finally achieved the position he is at today. So, adopt these lessons into your life, live by them and you will definitely reach where you wish to. 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