How to Memorize Fast

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How to Memorize Fast

Learning is a continuous process. Whether you are a student, someone preparing for competitive exams, or a working professional, we all are in a perpetual process of learning something new each day. How to learn a new language, how to find the derivative of a function, how to learn guitar, how to use new software, how to find the square root of a number, the question might be different for each individual. The best place which tests your memory and learning skill is the examination hall. The struggle to remember that one formula or one theorem that can solve the entire problem is real! To save yourself from such situations, you need to work hard on your memorizing skills. There are a variety of factors that assist one to have a stronghold over their memory. For all those who are exploring some effective ways regarding how to memorize fast, here is a blog with some tips and tricks for the same. 

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Picking up the Right Environment

Pay special attention to the setting or the environment you pick to improve your memorizing session and learn how to memorize fast. Most individuals will choose a location with few interruptions, while other people thrive on studying in public places. Determine what is most favourable to your learning so that you may begin. Having said that, begin drinking green tea. Green tea has been shown in scientific tests to be a natural memory-booster.

Exercise Daily

Physical activity not only keeps your body healthy but also enhances your mental health. It helps you detox both physically and mentally due to which you will be able to learn and memorize better. Whenever you take a break whilst studying, do not switch on to your mobile or TV, instead utilize your time in exercising. You can go out for a walk in a park or do yoga at home. Through such practices, your health at both physical and mental levels will improve resulting in quick learning and better retention. 

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Memorize By Writing 

One of the most effective ways which will end all your thoughts about how to memorize fast is writing what you are learning. This is a fruitful practice to adopt for those who take time in memorizing things. By jotting down whatever you have learned will definitely help you in memorizing it in a better way. You can practice your important essays by writing them twice or thrice before the exam, this way you will save some extra time during the test. Also, you can practice learning the important formulas through this method. 

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Always Section your Notes

Now that you’ve written everything down in one set of notes, the next step to follow in order to learn how to memorize fast is to always divide the written notes into sections. This is great for visual learners, especially if colour coding is used to distinguish across courses. This will assist you in breaking things down and beginning to compartmentalize the information being captured in your brain. The memory palace approach is an excellent way to “section off” data or any notes. This is notably beneficial for visual learners.

Use Repetition to Improve Cumulative Memorization

Repeat each line of text a few times and attempt to remember it without looking. Be cumulative as you memorize each piece of text by adding additional knowledge to what you’ve already learned. Everything in your short-term memory will be kept from fading as a result of this. You may also try talking to yourself to help you remember anything quickly. Although it may appear weird at first, talking to yourself about the content you are attempting to recall may be an excellent memory aid. Instead of merely marking or rereading material, try saying it out.

Study at the Right Time 

Oftentimes our learning/memorizing is affected due to the time of the day we are doing it. Some of us are early birds while some are night owls, to learn in an effective way, you must identify which time of the day suits you the best. By selecting a preferable time in which your mind works the best and you are able to concentrate the most, would be a better approach to learning. Sometimes after going through the entire day, students find it difficult to learn and contemplate how to memorize fast? If you also face similar struggles, you must begin to identify the time of the day in which your memory works the best. 

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Relate One Thing to Another

It is difficult to retain whatever is new to you. Hence, you must begin by creating a sound concept and then proceed with memorizing. Opting for the trick of relating the topic or concept to a daily life phenomenon or something you have learned previously will help you retain better. This tip is majorly useful for memorizing different concepts in science. For example, we have studied that Litmus paper turns red when dipped in acid. A relatable instance of this tip is washing a turmeric stain on your shirt with soap and it turns red. This happens because the turmeric is acidic in nature and the soap you applied was basic in nature. 

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Avoid Multitasking 

One thing at a time is the key to achieving your set target. Don’t engage your mind in a couple of things while memorizing. While practicing learning, you must strive to settle your mind on a single topic only. Indulging your mind in various activities while learning/memorizing such as Scrolling Social Media, Procrastination, Studying two topics together, etc will never lead to thorough retention. Instead, you will end up mixing whatever you have learned till now. Thus, in order to find an answer for how to memorize fast, you must prepare step by step. 

Teach Someone Else the Same Thing

Teaching someone the same knowledge that you are trying to learn or memorize is a surefire method to retain that information since it requires you to extract the material from your own memory. There are several ways to accomplish this. If you can’t persuade anyone to sit through it, you may simply use any mirror at your place and imagine that you teaching a bunch of students the same thing, concept, topic, etc. If you need to recite what you’ve studied verbatim, do it in front of someone to acquire a sense of how it will feel to deliver the content to the intended audience.

Continuously Listen to the Recordings

Another step on our list of how to memorize fast is to continually listen to the recorded audio. Listen to your recordings while doing unrelated chores such as washing dishes or doing laundry to go over the content again. This is, without a doubt, auditory learning, but it will augment what you’ve crammed into your short-term memory. 

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Always Take a Break 

Finally, give your mind a chance to breathe, relax and regain energy. Go for a brief period of time without thinking about what you just learned, then return to it later. Better still, get out and take a walk during your break to get the advantages of being in nature.  When you return to the information, you’ll discover what you truly know, which will allow you to focus on the areas where you’re weakest.



What is the fastest way to memorize a long answer?

Reading an answer and then writing it down on paper is the greatest method to learn it. Finish your chapters, and if you have trouble remembering them, note them down! Not only will writing down answers help you memorize them during the exam, but it will also improve your long-term memory.

What are 3 memory strategies?

The most often utilized method is rehearsal, followed by mental imagery, elaboration, mnemonics, and organizing. Previous research has also discovered that rehearsing is the most often taught memory method to pupils by teachers.

How can I strengthen my brain memory?

Here are some best ways to improve your memory naturally:
Reduce your intake of added sugar
Consider taking a fish oil supplement
Make time to meditate
Keep a healthy weight and lifestyle
Exercise daily
Drink back coffee/green tea
Eat nutrient-rich food and and a balanced diet
Ensure that you get enough sleep
Mindfulness is a skill that should be practicing
Reduce your alcohol consumption

Hopefully, these tips about how to memorize fast will help you in achieving your career goals. Try these methods right now, and you’ll discover that remembering things is much simpler, and you’ll memorize more than most people! For better and effective career advice reach out to our Leverage Edu experts through e-meetings. 

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  1. During my childhood days, memory issues was the big problem and I was not able to solve this. These methods will surely do many big achievement for memory. Thanks for sharing this information with today’s student. Subscribed your blog.

  2. such amazing blog I really want to learn guitar but didn’t find the perfect way this blog help me a lot thanks for posting keep sharing such amazing blog post

  1. During my childhood days, memory issues was the big problem and I was not able to solve this. These methods will surely do many big achievement for memory. Thanks for sharing this information with today’s student. Subscribed your blog.

  2. such amazing blog I really want to learn guitar but didn’t find the perfect way this blog help me a lot thanks for posting keep sharing such amazing blog post

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