Your First Stride on How to Find Your Dream Job – Resume

Your First Stride on How to Find Your Dream Job - Resume - Leverage Edu
Your First Stride on How to Find Your Dream Job – Resume – Leverage Edu

Imagine you travel to a foreign nation and you do not know their native language. Now, to be able to converse with the locals you will have to develop a new medium which can cross the linguistic barrier. It will definitely be a catch-22. This is the same scenario when your head is stuck on one question, which is “How to find your dream job?” You do not know how to speak the tongue of the recruiters but your resume can be the helping hand.

The first impression of a potential employee is registered on the employer through the resume. Another interesting fact is that a recruiter usually spends only 8-10 seconds to screen a resume. This leads us to the conclusion that your resume should talk fluently within few moments.

First of all let’s learn what will NOT make a good resume:-


Most applicants underestimate the significance of their resume and when the D-Day is near, they end up stuffing it with false claims. Lies in the resume are a big NO-NO! You do not need things you have not done or things that you do not know to make your resume stand out. The resume is not just a formality neither is it trivial. It is a statement of your learning and a mirror for your personality. It has to be honest and genuine.


Have a look at your resume and introspect. If you think adding the best skills and experiences to your resume is the key to success then you might end up disappointed. Even if you possess some skills, overemphasis on them is of no use. Also, boasting about your academic or extra-curricular activities should be left for family gatherings and not the resume.

  1. Fancy Elements

Your resume should catch the attention of the employer but the person on the other end of the table knows “all that glitters is not gold”. Loud graphics, flashy fonts are not going to land you where you desire to be. On the contrary, this might cast a negative impression on the interviewer which is too great a risk to take.

  1. Same Template

While applying for multiple job profiles, you need to understand the nitty-gritty of every individual job and the same style of resume cannot impress everyone. Like the cure for different diseases is not same, the resume for different vacancies cannot remain interchangeable. A resume made initially for a marketing profile will not fit afterward if you wish to go for HR. The GOLDEN RULE, therefore, is, a resume designed according to the job profile.

  1. Old Forgotten Tales

We know that your first prize in drawing competition during class 8 and your silver medal in frog race during class 5 is still a matter of pride for your parents but mentioning it in the resume will just increase its length. It will not be a solid reason for the recruiter to hire you. The resume should be as crisp as possible and hence it does not require your childhood star moments.

These were the basic causes why your resume was not getting selected or failing to leave an impact during the interview.

So are you one of those who has the skill to get the top job but still your resume is the root of all evil? Do you wish to walk on the path that takes you to the company of your dreams? Are you confused as to how to find your dream job?

The relevance of the resume is a lot and the employers know it best. If your resume was not important for the recruiters then they would have removed the compulsion of preparing a CV long ago to save time and efforts of both parties.

Having said that, we believe there is no one better at making your resume than the recruiter of your dream job itself!

Get your resume built/restructured by senior professionals at your dream companies like McKinsey, BCG, Bain&CO., Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Deloitte, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Alibaba, Amazon, & many more!

How? Just register to the link and then forget the frown of building a great resume!

– Team Leverage


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