How To Find & Book Accommodation In UK For International Students

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How To Find & Book Accommodation In UK For International Students

The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) reports that 13,435 Indian students are enrolled in UK universities. Living abroad is a significant component of studying abroad; for international students, living on campus is the ultimate goal. Students can find several forms of international student housing, ranging from dorms to renting apartments in the neighbourhood. Keep reading this blog to know more about how to find & book accommodation in the UK for International Students!

Types of Accommodation in the UK

Regarding housing options for international students, the students have a wide range of choices such as living with local families, in dormitories, shared apartments, or single apartments. Depending on their preferences, needs, and financial situation, students can select the best alternative. Let’s examine the various sorts of lodging that travellers seeking housing can locate. 

Residence Halls 

Accommodation for international students in residence halls, which are owned, administered, and maintained by UK universities, is typically guaranteed for first-year applicants. In most cases, a private room will be assigned, but communal areas like the kitchen and living room will be shared with up to eight other students. Your rent includes payment for all expenses, including wireless. The costs of living in University Residence Halls are divided as:

Accommodation Cost 
Standard Room (Including Bills) £135 – 210 per week (INR 12,562- 19,541)
En-suite Room £130 – 260 per week (INR 12,097- 24,194)
Studio Apartment £140 – 340 per week (INR 13,027- 31,639)

Sharing Accommodation

A sizable portion of the university-managed rooms that are available close to all UK universities include shared lodgings. These rooms are 2- or 3-bedroom accommodations that provide students practical living benefits like shared rent, spacious hallways, and legally binding rental agreements that give residents the right to the property’s ownership for a set time.

In contrast to other forms of student housing in the UK, shared housing allows groups of up to four people to share rooms and other amenities. This easily lowers the cost of rent for each student and ensures that they have the most enjoyable time possible with other students who share their interests in having fun. The price of shared accommodation is £150 (INR 15,151) a week.

Private Renting

After their first academic year is over, many students opt to rent privately. Private rentals are entirely independent, and it’s crucial to realise that you are in charge of paying all bills and maintaining the house tidy. The prices for private student housing in London are as follows:

Accommodation Cost
Standard Room (Including Bills) £160 – 250 per week (INR 14,888- 23,264)
En-suite Room £160 – 280 per week (INR 14,888-26,282)
Studio Apartment £280 – 500 per week (INR 26,282- 46,528)

Accommodation with Local Families

This is a well-liked option in many nations where overseas students reside with host families. The students benefit greatly from this experience, which makes them feel “less lonesome.” The sensation is one of being at home. The payment for the lodging also includes the cost of food. Universities pair up overseas students for housing with eligible families. Due to the comfort of living with a family, the familiarity of home-cooked meals, and a sense of protection, many students and their parents choose this sort of international student housing.

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Cost of Off-Campus Accommodation for International Students in the UK

The highest typical spending amounts that every student in the UK can anticipate incurring when residing outside of university-run student housing in a month are listed below.

  • Rent for accommodation – GBP 250 (INR 23,264) – GBP310 (INR 28,800).
  • Food and eatery shopping – GBP 85 (INR 7909).
  • Transport – GBP 45 (INR 41,00).
  • Books and stationery – GBP 30 (INR 2,791) – GBP 40 (INR 3,722).
  • Internet/mobile phone – GBP 28 (INR 2,600) – GBP 35 (INR 3,265).
  • Leisure activities – GBP 80 (INR 7,444) – GBP 100 (INR 9,300).

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How to Find and Book Accommodation in the UK for International Students?

Here are a few additional recommendations or things to remember that may be helpful to you:

  • Several universities in the UK  provide housing officers or residential services to help you explore your alternatives.
  • They can be reached by:

-Before you depart for the UK get in touch with them via phone or email to request information.

-Make an appointment to seek help in person when you get to the UK.

  • Always conduct thorough background checks on platform owners and see them in person before sending money through any platform to avoid falling victim to internet fraudsters and scammers.
  • The university may advise students to find accommodation on their own, refer them to a placement agency, or provide housing assistance. Discover the policies of the school on your initiative.
  • Whatever you choose, make sure that you live somewhere that makes you feel safe and secure and that allows you to grow and learn while you are in the UK.
  • You can connect with study abroad consultants to find accommodation in your budget. To know more about how to find accommodation connect with the Leverage Edu VAS team. 

Tips to Consider Before Finding Accommodation in the UK

Before moving into any form of accommodation, you should take into account the following factors:

  • A key consideration while looking for student housing in the UK is choosing the appropriate location. Rent prices rise as you go closer to London’s financial district. Due to this, it’s important to consider your housing options in the city’s centre and to bear the following things in mind:
  • How far the university’s campus is away.
  • Travel expenses and budget.
  • Safety.
  • Are bare-bones necessities like furniture offered or not?
  • Are there any available laptops or computer study desks?
  • Exists a kitchen with the essential cooking tools and utensils?
  • Do you have laundry facilities and are the bed sheets clean and hygienic?
  • Are there any extra fees for particular services?
  • Does your phone offer internet connectivity, or do you have to pay extra to use those features?
  • What are the accommodations costs and contract documentation requirements?


How much is accommodation for international students in the UK?

The cost of living may vary based on the city, way of life, the institution of higher learning, etc. But it typically ranges between GBP 900 to 1300 per month for international students in the UK.

Which is the best city to live in in the UK for students?

15 UK cities are listed among the top 100 student-friendly locations in the QS Best Studies Cities 2023 rankings. London is ranked first in terms of appeal, cost, and student evaluations. The UK, known for its scholastic quality, is a study abroad aspirant’s dream location. 11-Sept-2022.

Do international students get accommodation in universities?

Some colleges promise to house first-year international students from other countries. To reserve your spot, you will nevertheless need to adhere to rigid deadlines for both confirming and paying a deposit.

This was all about how to find & book accommodation in the UK for international students. Finding suitable accommodation can be as challenging as looking for a needle in a haystack. This blog post about the many kinds of housing options for international students should be able to assist you in selecting the right place to live. Given that the location will be where you spend the next few years, it is essential to make the appropriate choice. Call our specialists at Leverage Edu at 1800 57 2000 right away to get a free consultation if you need assistance with the procedure!

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