SSB Exam

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SSB Exam
Reach a day in advance

It is always advised to the candidates to reach the location of examination a day before the process starts. The candidate must be prepared for the five-day process and follow the instructions that are given to them properly. Since applicants are observed throughout various levels of the SSB exam, they should be careful about their appearance and code of conduct at all times.

There should be no stress of nervousness

Confidence and appealing personality are two of the most important parameters that are looked for in a potential candidate. Hence, one should tackle all the activities and questions with poise and confidence without showing nervousness during the SSB exam 5-day process. 

Practice is the key

It is an old saying that practice makes a man perfect. You should practice your English speaking and writing skills and prepare for the psychological test in advance. Completing the given tasks in the stipulated time is a very important part of every entrance exam. This can be achieved only when the candidate has practiced well. Moreover, a strong command in the English language will not only boost your confidence but will also help you collate important points for the group discussion topics and interview round. Thus sending a positive point in the overall testing.

Ace the GD round

GD forms an essential part of the SSB exam wherein your overall personality and knowledge on various topics are assessed. In a GD, you should state your points with confidence. However, arguing or interrupting another candidate is not recommended. Rather, you should encourage the other applicants to speak. Active participation with all the peers in the group will make the candidate more noticeable.

Maintain body posture

Whether you are talking to an officer or a fellow candidate, how you maintain your body language and posture is another aspect assessed during the SSB exam. Violent behaviour towards anyone will send a wrong message to the examiners.

Follow the dress code

The tri-services are revered for their decorum and strict dress code the officers have to follow. So, be it during the SSB exam stages or after getting selected, you should always look presentable. Dressing according to the occasion is necessary and would make you more noticeable.

Physical fitness is essential

 Physical fitness is not something to be achieved overnight. It requires long hours of training and is not a very easy task. Maintain your posture and actively participate in every task so that you do not look lazy. 

Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips and tricks would be helpful for you to prepare for the SSB exam. With so many career paths available to choose after graduation, you can often find yourself stuck in a dilemma. This is where educational counselling can help you out! Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu who will help you choose the right stream and course upon completing your undergraduate program!

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