How to Crack GMAT In 90 Days

Got 3 months to prepare GMAT!!!

Worried?  OR   Confused?

Three months of prep time is definitely a less time, which means you have no time to waste.

Strategies and Tips to prepare GMAT in 90 Days:

Week 1

  • Go to and register yourself. Download GMATprep software and appear for GMAT prep 1 (Diagnostic Test).Based on the comparison between your diagnostic score and target score, prepare a study plan and make sure you stick to same.
  • Ascertain your weak and strong areas.
  • Refer latest Official Guide for topics to be prepared.
  • Revise basic concepts of Number properties, Percentages, Ratios.
  • Go over GMAT Grammar rules to master Sentence Correction.
  • Start practicing questions on Numbers and Sentence Correction.
  • Start reading GMAT related texts to improve your Reading Comprehension skills (Resources: bizedmagazine /business finder/ Economist/ Sciencenews/Theatlantic etc.)

Week 2

  • Revise basic concepts of Linear equations, Quadratic equations, and inequalities.
  • CR requires a very logical thinking approach and comprises almost 1/3rd of the verbal section. So start practicing thinking patterns which are likely to be appearing on GMAT as this cannot be mastered in few days.
  • While practicing topics (you have already revised) make sure you make a note of your mistake patterns.
  • Continue reading books to improve reading Comprehension.
  • Integrated reasoning sections carry over concepts from Verbal and Math. But make sure you start practicing 2-3 questions every day, especially the ones on a case study, graph reading and interpreting data.

Week 3

  • Revise basic concepts of Geometry and Coordinate Geometry.
  • Become well-known with the structure of Data Sufficiency questions and the concepts they most likely test.
  • For many, RC is the trickiest of all sections on GMAT as passages are long, boring and complicated. Look for keywords, recognize the question type and to master Reading Comprehension, keep practicing Reading Comprehension in everyday reading.
  • Prepare a formula sheet of all important concepts of Maths for last minute revision.
  • Keep practicing more questions on your weak areas.

Week 4

  • Revise basic concepts of combinatory and statistics.
  • Practice your writing skills on GMAT like topics and try to use very specific examples to support your argument.
  • Practice a mixed bag of CR/SC/RC (Resource: Latest GMAT Official Guide )
  • Practice a mixed bag of Problem Solving / Data Sufficiency (Resource: latest GMAT Official Guide)

By the end of the first month, you must have brushed up all the main concepts and topics that are tested on GMAT and also must have practiced those concepts with questions (level 400-600)

Take a GMAT Full-length Test and analyze your mistakes and areas you improved on.

Week 5- Week 8

Practice GMAT type questions (level 600-800)

  • Start with topic wise questions for first 2 weeks
  • Practice Timed Quantitative and verbal drills and tests
  • Go over your mistakes

Last month is all about evaluating yourself and working on your weak and strong areas.

Week 9 –week 12

  • Appear for 3-4 Sectional tests.
  • Appear for at least 6 Full-length tests.
  • Analyse a test; go over questions which went wrong before you appear for the next test.
  • Focus on accuracy and time management.

By now, you’re prepared to give your GMAT. All the Best!!

Dos and Dont’s

  1. Follow a strict routine.
  2. Don’t practice only verbal or only Maths on a day. Try a mix and match.
  3. Keep revising Math formulas and Grammar rules
  4. Don’t overemphasize on practice tests.
  5. Don’t avoid your weak areas.
  6. Cramming won’t help.

– Team Leverage 

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