This is How an Indian Engineering Grad Landed a Job involving F1 and Ferrari!

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How an Indian Engineering Grad landed a job involving F1 and Ferrari

Do you feel engineering jobs are boring and just about 9 to 5 desk jobs in corporate offices? Abhijit Deka is an Indian student from the engineering field that ended up with an opportunity to work with F1 and Ferrari. Here is the story of How an Indian Engineering Grad Landed a Job involving F1 and Ferrari?

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Abhijit Deka, a Northeastern Indian applied for a degree in aerospace engineering at the University of Bologna. He was particularly drawn by everything that Italy had to offer. After graduation, he decided to move to Rome. Although the initial 6 months proved to be futile, eventually he landed a job involving F1 and Ferrari. 

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Deka believed that this job was unrelated to this field. However, it turned out to be very exciting as he got the opportunity to work with the R&D of F1 racing. 

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When asked about why he chose to pursue study abroad and Italy especially, he said it was mainly because of three reasons: the travel opportunity, passion for an international lifestyle, and how economical it has been compared to other programs. And secondly, because he has always been passionate about aerospace.

 Speaking of Italy he said, I consider the country very unique in the sense that despite being a very small country, it has many contrasting aspects to offer. This ranges from incredible architecture, mountains, beaches, historic sites, and so forth.”

After completing his graduation, Abhijit Deka shifted to Rome as he believed it would be easier to find a job there. Although it wasn’t easy as he couldn’t find a job in the initial months. After 6 months of rigorous search, he got a job in a company in Bologna and he had to move back. This job wasn’t aligned with his field of study but eventually, he started liking it. 

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His work involves – development and analysis in the field of F1 and research. The most exciting part about his job is that he gets to work closely with the Ferrari F1 racing team.

“This has never been my dream, but frankly I do feel like I am living in one. Besides this role, I am also working on a research project with my professor on plasma thrusters for spacecraft propulsion. Through this research, we hope to establish new theories to improve plasma propulsion.”

When asked about any advice he would have for aspiring students who wish to study abroad, he said they must have an open mind and be adaptable to changing situations, be it good or bad. He also said complicated bureaucracy will eventually become a part of a student’s day-to-day life. However, students must always be sure of their goals and what drives their passion. 

“Ups and downs are inevitable but the downs are where your passion will make everything worth it. Consider learning Italian early on — this has many benefits. Finding a job and socializing will be easier.”

Speaking on budget management, he said tuition fees for courses in Italy are nearly 3,000 per semester but can be reduced based on a student’s financial situation and living expenses are highly dependent upon the city and the individual lifestyle but on average would range around 300-400 euros per month. In addition to this, there are numerous scholarships being provided by Indian governments and private organizations that students in need can avail of.

This was all about how Abhijit Deka and How an Indian Engineering Grad Landed a Job involving F1 and Ferrari. Are you also interested in aerospace engineering from abroad? Our experts and counsellors at Leverage Edu are just a call away.  For the latest updates around study blogs, you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and also subscribe to our newsletter. You can also join our Leverage Edu Community.

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