Career in House Design

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Career in House Design

Smart technologies are dominating our world and the modern devices are revolutionizing the way residential and home spaces are designed. From security to temperature and lighting, physical structures are now being equipped with advanced technologies. A House Designer is a specialised architect-cum-interior designer who formulates the plan of construction as well as appearance for living spaces. If you always been curious about how residential structures are curated, then you must consider opting for a degree in house design. Through this blog, we will take a look at what a career in house design entails, the academic programs offered in this field as well as the top universities you can pursue them from.

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What is House Designing?

The study of House Design is a unique intersection between art and science. House designers are responsible for residential space’s function and decoration. They decide what materials and funding is required to complete a project. Working with a particular client, they curate the blueprint of the house and they oversee the entire construction as well as designing process. Moreover, they ensure that the space they have built is well-supported, safe and personalised as per the client’s needs. As a house designer, you need to be proficient in computer-aided design (CAD), graphic designing, database management software and various other computerised tools needed to formulate house designs and construction plans.

Career in House Design: Educational Requirements

To become a house designer, you need to complete a bachelor in Architecture or any of the undergraduate interior design courses which can equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills of this field. Further, most companies and organisations also require you to hold a professional degree in architecture from an accredited institution before gaining the licensure necessary to work as a house designer or architect. Below we have brought you a complete list of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that you can pursue to make a career in House Design:

  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture
  • Bachelor of Design in Interior Architecture
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design
  • Bachelor in Interior Design
  • Master of Design in Interior Architecture
  • MA in Interior and Spatial Design
  • Master’s Degree in Architecture
  • MA in Interior Design
  • ME in Architecture Design

Note: The above list is only for indicative purposes. Since house design is more of an amalgamation of Architecture and Interior Design, an academic degree in any of these can equip you with the varied specific set of skills needed to pursue a career in this domain.

Career in House Design: Skills Required

As it is a specialised field of designing, there are certain skills that you need to possess in order to establish your career in House Design. Take a look at the following list which elucidates the varied skills needed to become a House Design.

  • Artistic Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Knowledge of CAD and Graphic Designing Software Applications
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • A keen interest in physical structures and the built environment
  • Time Management Skills
  • Attention to Detail

Top Universities and Colleges Offering House Designing Courses 

There are numerous universities in the world that provide a plethora of programmes in architecture and interior design. Further, one can also opt for a specialisation like Interior Architecture, Architecture Design, Interior and Spatial Design with a postgraduate degree like Master of Design. Given below are some of the top global universities according to the QS World Universities Rankings by Subject 2019: Architecture/Built Environment for those wanting to pursue a career in House Design: 

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University College of London (UCL)

Located in the heart of London, University College of London (UCL) featured at the first position in the QS World Universities Rankings 2019 for Architecture. UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture began in 1841 and has maintained a long tradition of excellence, creativity and innovation. The school offers varied undergraduate and postgraduate programs that incorporate the study of house design such as, BSc in Architecture, Master of Science in Architecture, BSc in Architectural and Interdisciplinary Studies and Master of Engineering and Architectural Design.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Established in the year 1961, MIT is a leading and renowned private research institute located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. According to the QS World Universities Rankings 2019, the university secured 2nd rank featuring at the top and offers varied degrees in which you will get to specialise in House Design including a Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BSA) and a Master of Architecture (MArch) to students across the globe.

Harvard University

Founded in the year 1636, Harvard University is one of the oldest and most renowned institutions in the world. Securing 5th rank in the QS Rankings, the Harvard Graduate School of Design is spread across the varied departments of Urban Planning and Design, Architecture as well as Landscape Architecture. Mainly providing master’s degrees to those wanting to peruse House Design, the school provides two accredited courses, i.e. a Master in Architecture I and II.

ETH Zurich 

Also known as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich is a public university which came into being in 1855 and achieved 4th position in the QS World Universities Rankings 2019. For those aspiring to establish their career in House Design, the Department of Architecture, ETH offers a multitude of programs in Architecture, Integrated Building System and Landscape Architecture such as including BSc ETH in Architecture and MSc ETH in Architecture.

National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is one of Asia’s top public research universities in Singapore. Originally founded in 1958, the Department of Architecture of NUS started as Singapore Polytechnic offering only one program in Architecture. Later, finding its place as a full-fledged department, the university has featured at the 8th position in the QS World Universities Rankings 2019 and majorly provides bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in Architecture, Integrated Sustainable Design, Landscape Design, Urban Design and Urban Planning.

Apart from the above-mentioned universities that are popular for their architecture and house designing courses, there are some other educational institutes which you can explore such as:

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Career Prospects

House Designers can discover an array of job opportunities in various Government organisations such as Public Works Department, National Building Organization, National Institute of Urban Affairs, etc as well as various State Departments, Local Bodies for construction works and Architecture Firms. Further, the median salary of House Designer or Architect is somewhere around $55,000/annum. After the completion of a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Interior Design, below are some key profiles you can opt for:

  • Architect
  • Architectural Technologist
  • Interior and Spatial designer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Building Surveyor 
  • Urban Designer 

Thus, we hope this blog has helped you understand the varied aspects of a career in house design. If you are planning to opt for a degree in Interior Designing or Architecture, take the help of Leverage Edu’s AI-based tool to browse through a multitude of degrees, diplomas and certificate courses available in these fields and find a suitable combination of a program and university that aligns with your interests and aspirations and equips you with the right set of skills to establish your career in this domain.

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