Honest Study In USA Reviews

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Honest Study in USA Reviews

Many learners choose to study abroad because it is deemed to be the precise entry point into a radiant future. But that being said, it’s a significant judgment that can shape your life in any way possible. That is why it is often a daunting decision to make. Most students who are intending to study in the USA face this dilemma, thinking if they are making the right choice or not. Now, the question is what’s the way out of this and how to make a well-informed choice? The answer is straightforward. What better than the affirmation of students who themselves have made this choice and are studying in the USA? So to help you make that life-altering decision, we have brought for you some honest study in USA reviews. So, let’s go through them and make the right choice. 

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Why Study In the USA?

The United States is known for providing students with a wide range of degrees and diplomas in their choice of subject and having some of the best institutions to study in. Not only is it the best country to study and work in for Indian students, but it also is a gateway to a plethora of career options. That is why students often want to explore the chance to select a consistent curriculum with their particular interests and objectives that may not be available in others. Studying at a university in USA allows students to expand their global network, learn about other cultures, and gain a  new world outlook.

Many are conscious that the US is a technically advanced nation and has numerous programs intended for professional development, accreditation, or scholarly objectives.  With approximately 10,00,000 global students registered in its numerous universities, the USA stands the most far-fetched as global learning is regarded.

While transitioning to a new country may feel daunting, undergraduates often have access to exemplary student assistance from their host university. American colleges and universities aim to give students the resources and aid they require throughout their careers, from academia and professional life to personal growth.

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Singh in USA- My 4 Years In College in 4 mins! INDIA to AMERICA!

On our list of honest study in USA reviews, we have a review by Singh in USA. His video,  My 4 Years in College in 4 mins! INDIA to AMERICA! by Singh in the USA, he talks about what motivated him to pick the USA for studying abroad and what he experienced and learned while studying there. This video helps us have a more pragmatic view of the job-hunting process by taking us through the course and how we can find the most suitable one after consistent endeavours. He also talks about the hurdles he faced while studying there and also about the cultural hysterias and how he dealt with them. 

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Parth Vijayvergiya- Working PART-TIME jobs | My Experience

The next review in our honest study in USA reviews is by Parth Vijayvergiya. His video, Working PART-TIME jobs | My Experience, talks about the whole procedure of how to get a part-time job while studying. Since it is common to work part-time in the US, everyone thinking of pursuing studies in the USA must know about it as it helps with your daily living expenses. He breaks down the cost of studying in USA and the importance of experience, to get a good part-time job. While describing his experience, he also mentions that part-time not only helped him with his daily expenses but also helped him feel more confident and independent in himself. He takes us through the procedure of finding the part-time job from where to find the jobs to what all things you need to keep in mind to maintain a balance between your studies and a part-time job. 

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Aditi Katbamna- Cost Of Living For Student In California

Next on our honest study in USA reviews, we have one by Aditi Katbamna. In her video, Cost Of Living For Student In California, she talks about the weekly, monthly, and yearly expenses and what it is like living in California. She incorporates almost all the fundamental expenses ranging from food and groceries to wifi and accommodations based upon her experiences while living in Berkley. She also suggests ways to cut down on your expenses and recommends places offering various commodities at lower prices, including home comfort products.

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Global Survival Guide- How I got a 100%(full ride) scholarship from American Universities | My experiences

We have another review on our list of honest study in USA reviews. It is by Ashish Fernando. In his video, How I got a 100%(full-ride) scholarship from American Universities | My experiences, he helps us discover the different ways to get scholarships while applying to a Bachelors or Masters program abroad. Funding your international education can put a strain on your finances. Many students don’t realize that institutions sometimes even give a 100% scholarship if you have a strong admission application. He gives a good insight about scholarships to study in USA for Indian students. Ashish Fernando was keen to receive a full-ride – a 100% scholarship for his MBA in the United States and reveals his story in this video. The goal should be to find universities that provide decent scholarships, and fellowships, and apply to them.

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Yudi J- A Realistic College Day in the Life Of An INDIAN Student In USA!

Last but not the least on our honest study in USA reviews, we have a Yudi J review. In his video, A Realistic College Day in the Life Of An INDIAN Student In USA!, he takes us through a College Day in an Indian student’s life in USA. This video helps us get an overview of how life will actually be while pursuing studies in the USA. After watching, this video aspirants will realize if they can put up with this kind of schedule and hardships or not, thus helping them make an informed decision.

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This was our list of honest study in USA reviews. We hope these heartfelt and genuine reviews were insightful and helped in giving you a rough idea of what awaits you in the USA. So, if you found this blog helpful and wish to read more such content, follow us at Leverage Edu.  Follow us on Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Quora, and Facebook for more educational content.

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