Hola! Know these Unique Ways to Say Hello in Spanish!

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Hello in Spanish

Are you planning to visit Spain? Or are you thinking of learning Spanish? Whatever be the reason, it is only helpful if you can learn a few common words in a language. Especially if you are planning to travel to, live or study in Spain, learning some Spanish words will help you communicate better with native people and who knows, you might even learn more by starting a conversation with them! In this blog, we will tell you the 10 ways to say Hello in Spanish. 

Ways to Say Hello in Spanish

Here are some of the most common Spanish greetings that you can use when communicating with people: 

1. Hello in Spanish

Hello in Spanish is ‘Hola’ and is pronounced as ‘o.la’. The h in this is silent. It is one of the most common greetings in Spanish.

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2. Good Morning in Spanish

Good Morning in Spanish is ‘Buenos días’ and is pronounced as ‘bweh-nohs dee-ahs’. It is spoken for greeting in the morning till noon. If you meet someone in the morning you can greet them with a Buenos Dias. 

3. Good Afternoon in Spanish

Good Afternoon in Spanish is  ‘Buenos tardes’ and is pronounced as ‘bweh-nahs tahr-dehs’. When you meet anyone in the afternoon, before the sun sets, you wish them ‘Buenas tardes’.

4. Good Night in Spanish

Good Night in Spanish is ‘Buenos Noches’ and is pronounced as ‘bweh-nahs noh-chehs’. You greet people with Buenos Noches after the sun has set. Interestingly, there is no specific word used for Good Evening in Spanish, so ‘Buenos noches’ is also a greeting for the evening/ 

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5. Hi in Spanish

The way we have Hi in English, you can say ‘Ey’ in Spanish and pronounce it as ‘Ey’. It is a short and simple greeting but is usually preferred in an informal greeting. So, it’s better that you use it with your friends and not your boss or professor!

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6. How Are You in Spanish

When you want to ask How are you to anyone in spanish, just say ‘Como Estas’. It is pronounced as ‘koh-moh ehs-tahs’. This is a great way to wish someone and start a conversation.

7. What’s Up in Spanish

Are you meeting your friends after a long time? Greet them with a ‘Que Pasa’. It is the Spanish word for what’s happening or what’s up. You can pronounce it as ‘keh pah-sah’.

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8. Listen in Spanish

If you want to grab someone’s attention quickly and talk to them, you can ask them to listen. The Spanish word for it is ‘Oiga’ and is pronounced as ‘oy-gah’. This word can also be used as a substitute for Hello or Hi when trying to initiate a conversation with someone you are familiar with.

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9. Say in Spanish

Let’s suppose someone had to talk to you. Now that you are going to talk to them you can greet them with a simple ‘hola’ or you can say ‘Diga’. The word translates to ‘Say’ and is pronounced as ‘dee-gah’.

10. Hello in Spanish

The other word for hello in Spanish is ‘Alo’. It is pronounced as ‘ah-loh’. You might think, why so many hellos? This one is different from the others as it is used when answering a call, especially when you do not know who is on the other side. 

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Now that you know several words in Spanish, you are ready to communicate with Spanish people and start some amazing conversations with them. If you are planning to study in Spain, Leverage Edu is here to help you. Contact our Study Abroad Counsellors today!

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