Guide for GTE Australia

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Guide for GTE Australia

GTE requirements or Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements should be submitted by the candidates who are applying for student visas, training visas, and student guardian visas in Australia. The GTE Australia is a mandatory part of the other visa processes. When an applicant submits a complete GTE, they will face no hardships in receiving a visa for Australia. 

The GTE is one type of written statement and the visa applicant needs to write the GTE statement. This will work as a document that states the candidate is staying in Australia only temporarily. The Department of Foreign Affairs will go through the GTE to determine whether the candidate might overstay after their Australian visa expires. 

Are You a Genuine Temporary Entrant?

This is one of the most important steps a candidate needs to remember while applying for GTE Australia. Make sure you showcase some specific types of incentives to dictate that you have something in your home country to return to. Apart from including your family members in your GTE, you can also include investments, business opportunities, and many more. However, make sure it’s logical as well as applicable. 

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Essential Things to Include in GTE?

To improve your GTE Australia statement and chances of acceptance, here are some important things you should consider including:

  • Academic experience: Consider including the university name, transcripts, certificates, and study duration. 
  • Current employment: If you’re working in a company, you need to include the company name, address, employer name, designation, starting date, and personal details. 
  • Upcoming employment opportunities: Make sure you include information if you have job offers from your home country or any other country. 
  • Economic situation: Your income tax returns, bank statements, and employment proofs need to be included. 

How to Make the GTE Look Genuine?

Your GTE statement needs to be as genuine as possible so that your visa can be approved. The rules that you need to follow include:

  1. It’s best if you write your GTE Australia statement in typical letter format. 
  2. Don’t forget to start your letter with greetings as well as an introduction. 
  3. Then you need to write why studying in Australia is a great career opportunity for you. 
  4. Discuss your personal situation. 
  5. Instead of writing generic statements, look for ways to include proofs. 
  6. In the end, thank them and include your address and phone number. 

How is the Process Evaluated?

After you submit your GTE Australia application, both your application, as well as your entire situation, will be assessed by the Australian Immigration Office. This is a crucial part of the Department of Foreign Affairs as they need to ensure you won’t misuse the deadline of the student visa. They will also ask you reasons for choosing an Australian university to pursue your higher education.

If you know someone in Australia or have a strong connection, these factors will be considered as incentives for your stay in Australia.  

How Long Do You Need to Wait?

While the Immigration Office processes your visa application, they will also process the GTE application alongside. In general, if you’re applying for a student visa application, the process will be completed within 4 months. However, you need to include as many relevant details and documents as possible in your GTE Australia application. This will shorten your waiting time as the department won’t be asking you for additional documents or certifications. 

More Information Required 

The people who handle the decisions regarding the approval of GTE Australia applications might ask you to provide more information. In such situations, you don’t need to panic, or else the application time might be hindered. This might actually boost your chances of getting accepted. Here are some reasons why this request might occur:

  1. You’re applying for higher education that is not related to your current employment field or previous educational qualifications. 
  2. Your family has a bad history of immigration which has raised their concern. 
  3. The professionals have found some specific inconsistencies that are preventing your application from being accepted. 

Most Common Interview Questions

Keep in mind that the interview process from the team will be different and it will depend on the documents that you’ve submitted. We will still discuss some common questions of the GTE Australia interview:

  • Why did you choose this course?

If you’re asked this question, make sure you answer as honestly as possible. 

  • Why did you choose the specific university? 

Make sure you tell them why this specific university is great for your career and future success.

  • Can you share something about Australian culture?

Share what you know about their culture and your plan to adapt. This will help them know that you’re a confident person and capable of respecting their culture. 


Is GTE Australia Mandatory?

No, it’s not mandatory. You can get a student visa even without GTE Australia

Can they Reject the Application?

If you don’t answer the relevant questions or don’t submit the essential documents, they will cancel your GTE application. 

Is the Process Hard?

Of course not. But you need to answer truthfully. 

If you want to get into a high-ranked university in Australia, you’ll need more than just good grades; you’ll also need flawless application because the competition is fierce. You may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process so that you can realise your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session

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