GST Certification Courses

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GST Certification

Referred to as the “Good and Simple Tax” by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Goods and Services Tax was came into existence on 1st July 2017. It was introduced as a value-added tax levied on goods and services and paid by consumers but also remitted to the government by those businesses which sell goods and services. Now whether you are in staying in a hotel, eating a delicious meal in a restaurant or buying a smartphone or any other electronic device, you have to pay a tax to the Government which you cannot do away with. For those curious about this uniquely comprehensive indirect tax, there are many GST certification courses that one can pursue. This blog aims to bring you a detailed guide on what these GST certification courses are as well as the top institutions you can pursue them from.

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There are many reputed institutions in the country that are affiliated by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) for offering online as well as diploma level GST certification courses. These training programs are generally opted by graduates, Company Secretaries and CAs to study the Goods and Services Tax in detail. Here are the major subjects covered under these GST certification courses:

  • Overview of GST Act – CGST/SGST
  • Meaning and Scope of Supply of Goods & Services
  • Registration – Persons liable registration under the Act
  • Role of GSTN 
  • Filing of Returns
  • Types of Returns and Formats
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Electronic Commerce and Job work
  • Levy and Collection of Tax
  • Input Tax Credit
  • General Procedures
  • Job Work and E-Commerce
  • Assessment, Audit, Search, Seizure
  • Goods and Service Tax and Exemption

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List of GST Certification Courses 

Originally offered by MSME, GST Certification courses are generally of a shorter duration and aim to impart professionals from the field of Finance, Accounting and Taxation with the knowledge of Goods and Services Tax. There are many educational, financial management institutions and private entities which provide these programs and some of these have been given a rundown below: 

  1. Certificate Course on GST by the Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India. 
Course Name  Course Duration Course Coverage
GST Certification Course 10 Days Course
(Option I – on Saturday & Sunday only;
Option 2 –Monday to Friday – 2 weeks)
(9:30 AM to 5:30 PM)
Definition and Concept under GST,
Levy, Time of Supply, Place of Supply, Input
Tax Credit, Transitional issues, Valuation,
Registration, Returns, Payment,
Refund, Assessment, Offences, Penalties,
Advance Ruling, FTP, Customs Duty,
Ethical Practice, Overview of GST – Compensation
to States Act, 2017, Exemption List of goods and Services, Miscellaneous Provision.

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  1. GST Certification Course by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India
Course Name  Duration  Course Coverage
Certificate Course
in GST
5 weeks (Online Based Classes) Principles of GST and related nuances. 

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  1. GST training by Onward Academy
Course Name Duration  Course Coverage
GST training 1 year (Full Time) Online classes and practical projects
  1. Certificate in GST Executive by The Institute of Computer Accountants
Course Name Duration  Course Coverage
Certificate in GST Executive  2 months (Full Time) GRS- Introduction,
Levy and Collection of Tax,
Time and Value of Supply,
Input Tax Credit,
General Procedures,
Job Work and E-Commerce,
Assessment, Audit, Search, Seizure.
  1. Advance Diploma in GST Accounting and Taxation by AKB Institute of Finance and Management 
Course Name  Duration Course Coverage
Advance Diploma in GST
Accounting and Taxation
1 Year Accounting
Goods and Service Tax and Exemptions
Registration GST
GST Tariff and Reverse Charge
Job Work and e-Commerce & TCS

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  1. Certificate in Goods and Services Tax by Laqshya Institute of Skills Training,
Course Name Duration  Course Coverage
Certificate in Goods and Services Tax 2 months (Part Time-Classroom) Overview of Goods and Services Tax
Levy of an Exemption from Tax
Registration of GST & Time of Supply
Meaning and Scope of Supply
Valuation in GST & Payment of GST
Electronic Commerce & Input Tax Credit
Input Service Distributors
Matching of Input Tax Credit
Overview of the IGST Act & Other Provisions
Place of Supply of Goods & Services & GST Portal
  1. Advanced Certificate in GST by Institute of Professional Training and Research 
Course Name Duration  Course Coverage
Advanced Diploma in GST
Advanced Certificate in GST
110 hours (Part Time-Classroom)
60 hours (Part Time-Classroom)
Principles of GST and related nuances. 

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Who qualifies for the GST certification programme?

Only chartered accountants are eligible to enrol in these courses. The cost of the course is + 10,000. GST @18% for certificate programmes, plus $14,000.

What is the GST certificate’s advantage?

An individual’s compensation is boosted by 15% to 25% on average thanks to it. It expands the range of employment options that are available to people. It enables people to launch their own consulting business. It aids in the development of the abilities of various tax, financial, and accounting professions.

How much revenue can you have without registering for GST?

If a person’s total annual revenue reaches Rs. 20 lakh (for regular category states) and Rs. 10 lakh, they must register (for special category states)

Hence, we hope that this blog has brought you a comprehensive list of GST certification courses. If you are aiming to pursue a degree or diploma in Finance or its related specialisation, book an e-meeting with our Leverage Edu experts and we will assist you in selecting the best course and university which can equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to advance towards a rewarding career in this field.

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