GMAT Coaching in Delhi

GMAT Coaching in Delhi

There are different eligibility requirements for a varied range of MBA courses offered by leading universities around the globe but the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) has become an indispensable criteria across all such master’s degree programs. Offered by GMAC, the GMAT exam is a logical ability and problem-solving testing exam which assists the admission boards of business schools and universities in picking the most suitable candidates for their management programs. With more and more students opting for an MBA degree every year, the GMAT offers a unique way of assessing individuals focusing on a plethora of aspects. If you are an MBA aspirant and are planning to give the GMAT exam, you can either opt for self-study or find a coaching centre that can equip you with the right knowledge and training to successfully crack this exam. Through this blog, we will take a look at the best options for GMAT coaching in Delhi along with providing you some bonus tips and tricks that can help you ace this exam and get your golden ticket into your dream business school abroad.

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Why You Should Consider Coaching?

The first question that arrives in a student’s mind while preparing for an exam is: Should I go for coaching? Well, coaching classes have access to premium and updated material, best-in-class resources, quality infrastructure and experienced trainers along with a host of other features. Moreover, they help students brush up their proficiency in solving every section of the exam syllabus whether it is analytical writing, verbal reasoning, integrated reasoning or quantitative reasoning, Further, you will be studying alongside MBA aspirants like you which actually offers unique opportunities for learning and exploration. Some centres offering GMAT coaching in Delhi even provide plentiful amenities such as self-paced learning, flexible schedules, practice and mock tests, simulated testing, post-admission services amongst others.

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GMAT Coaching in Delhi: Leverage Edu & Partners

Offering students an all-inclusive solution, Leverage Edu and its partners provide quality and industry-recognised assistance towards not only GMAT preparation but also for the complete MBA admission process. A few points elucidating the features of GMAT coaching in Delhi offered by Leverage Edu are mentioned below.

Quality Study Resources

Leverage Edu GMAT Prep resources are sourced through Veritas Prep, a renowned GMAT study preparation provider. This includes online learning videos, self-paced learning options and other distinctive learning tools. Further, section-focused material on various complex quant concepts such as probability, time & distance, data interpretation, ratio and proportion assists candidates in understanding the basics and employing them efficiently during the exam. 

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Professional Faculty

The trainers at Leverage Edu and its partners have a cohort of experienced and professional faculty who have been coaching students for ability-testing exams for quite a long time. They employ unique methods of teaching suited to one’s specific needs.

Exclusive Preparation Tips and Exam-Day Advice

At the centre, you will get to know about exclusive study prep tricks and tips on how to save time, how to efficiently use the calculator along with additional valuable exam day suggestions that can help you get those few extra marks and shine out amidst the crowd of MBA aspirants.

Mock and Practice Tests

Unlike other centres offering GMAT coaching in Delhi, Leverage Edu and its partners offer students a plethora of timed and untimed practise and mock tests to get an idea of how these exams are conducted. In addition to that, they also offer simulated testing facilities recreating an actual test experience.

Small Class Sizes & Personalised Approach

With the average class size of around 10 students, Leverage Edu’s coaching centres offer students the opportunity to learn in a conducive yet accessible environment. Furthermore, it gives mentors a chance to focus on each student’s needs and unique requirements.

Easily Bendable Timings

Employing student-facilitating approach which dissimilar to other centres offering GMAT coaching in Delhi, Leverage Edu and its partners operate classes under highly flexible timings. They understand that many candidates have education or work commitments and thus classes are designed in unique customisable formats.

Visa Counselling

An applicant’s need does not end at GMAT but goes beyond it as they need to submit an SOP, LOR while also successfully securing accommodation, financial support etc. for pursuing higher education. That’s where Leverage Edu offers a helping hand by providing visa-related and post-admission assistance which are rarely offered by other centres providing GMAT coaching in Delhi.

Leverage Edu Address: Leverage Edu Tower, A-258, Bhishma Pitamah Marg, Block A, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110024; 


Contact: +91-8826200293

Partner Address: Priti Edusources, C-65, Second Floor, A Block Road, above Havmor Ice Cream, Prashant Vihar, Delhi 110085.

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To ace the GMAT and similar ability-testing examinations, you need to implement a focused and personalised approach emphasizing on one’s strengths while working ardently on the weak points. If your GMAT test date is nearing or you plan to give it soon, the expert counsellors at Leverage Edu are here to assist you throughout the preparation process to ensure that you attain higher scores and successfully qualify for dream MBA degree.

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