Gaurav Taneja, The Flying Beast of Youtube

Gaurav Taneja

Gaurav Taneja, commonly known as the Flying Beast, is one of the most successful Indian YouTubers with over 5.2 million subscribers! Not just that, he is a gym enthusiast, nutritionist, lifestyle guru, hands-on father and a licensed commercial pilot!

Did you that Gaurav Taneja broke the world record with his new Youtube channel by amassing 1 lakh subscribers in just 98 minutes? Or that the fearless pilot spoke up against safety violations by his former employer, AirAsia, one of the largest airlines in India? Gaurav’s fearless personality, down-to-earth nature, funs tips on health and fitness and adorable family vlogs have helped him amass a loyal fanbase on multiple social media platforms! Keep reading to find out more about the gym- enthusiast, the Flying Beast! 

Profession Indian Content Creator, Pilot, Fitness Guru, Certified Nutritionist
Popularly known-as  Flying Beast
Date of Birth 9th July 1986
Age 34
Education Civil Engineering from IIT Kharagpur
Youtube Channels Flying Beast
FitMuscle TV
Rasbhari Ke Papa
Subscribers Flying Beast- 5.2 millionFitMuscle TV- 1.89 millionRasbhari Ke Papa- 1.3 million
Instagram  2 million followers
Twitter  447.8 K followers

Early Life and Education of Gaurav Taneja

Gaurav Taneja was born and brought up in the city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh to parents, Yogendra Kumar Taneja, a retired bank officer and Bharti Taneja, a teacher. The budding fitness enthusiast did his schooling at Jawahar Narvodaya Vidyalaya, Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh and went to study civil engineering at the prestigious, IIT Kharagpur. His love for fitness, gyming and bodybuilding began in school; Taneja would go to his school’s gym every day and read up about the subject to strike the right balance between fitness and bodybuilding!

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In 2008, Taneja graduated from IIT as a civil engineer; his college years spent were indulging in his fitness craze, he participated in several sporting competitions like weightlifting and even served as the General Secretary for the Sports and Games club.

It was not until 2011 that Taneja followed his other long-term passion of flying by training in A320 type rating at the CAE Madrid, Spain. In the same year, he joined the famous airline IndiGo as the First Officer and climbed up to the position of Captain with the same airline. As a successful pilot, In 2019, Taneja joined AirAsia as Captain and worked at the company for over 2 years before being suspended and fired for speaking up against the wrongful practices of the low-budget airline.  

Personal Life

The versatile Youtuber, pilot and fitness guru is married to Ritu Taneja who is also an accomplished pilot. The two got married in 2015 and have an adorable daughter, Kaira. Gaurav Taneja’s family often features in his daily vlogging videos and even has a channel called ‘Rasbhari ke Papa‘, named after his daughter with over a million subscribers! The couple’s friendly camaraderie, adoring banter and fun travel vlogs have touched millions of hearts. 

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Gaurav Taneja’s Journey from IIT Kharagpur to Commercial Pilot

“Flying, working out and vlogging give me a rush and will always be part of my life!”

Gaurav Taneja, with his civil engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur, went on to become a commercial pilot in 2011. The ambitious, multitasker had always had a special desire to become a pilot and enter the skyscraping world of aviation. He actualised his dream in 2011 after completing a training course with CAE Madrid and securing a position at IndiGO. Gaurav might be on a self-imposed sabbatical ever since his departure from AirAsia but flying is definitely a huge part of the fitness guru’s life!     

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Gaurav Taneja Air Asia

A conscientious and fearless pilot who spoke up against AirAsia’s safety violations that could potentially endanger the lives of pilots, crew members, and passengers. The controversy made headlines and brought AirAsia under fire from all quarters. Though Gaurav Taneja was suspended and consequently removed from his position as a Captain, Gaurav earned the respect and admiration of millions of people who lauded his courage and desire to stand up for his convictions! 

“DGCA has taken note of the concerns raised by some stakeholders against a particular airline and its approach to safety. DGCA has already started an investigation into the issues flagged and shall take appropriate action based on the outcome of the said investigation,” the Directorate General of Civil Aviation said on Twitter. 

Youtuber, Fitness Enthusiast & Globetrotter

Gaurav Taneja entered the world of vlogging and video-making as an outlet for his passion and love for fitness. A self-taught bodybuilder whose fitness tips were much appreciated by his fellow gym enthusiasts, this appreciation and love for advice prompted him to start a Youtube channel called FitMuscle TV. Since then, Taneja has started posting not just fitness vlogs, also expanded to daily vlogs, personal stories, travel content, gaming and lifestyle videos and much more. The Youtuber’s diverse interests and talents allow him to constantly enamour and motivate his audience on achieving their dreams and ambitions.

Flying Beast Twitter

This was all about the mega- Youtuber star, fitness guru, Rhasbari ke Papa who is touching millions of hearts with his relatable videos and fun content! The vlogger’s charisma, dedication and humorous videos are a must-watch so ahead and binge-watch this iconic Youtuber’s videos and leave in the comment section below about your ambitions and dreams. For more innovative content, follow Leverage Edu and sign up for our newsletter!

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