GATE Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

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GATE Mechanical Syllabus

GATE Mechanical Engineering is considered one of the toughest exams in India. But who knows unless you haven’t started preparing. It all depends upon the preparation of the candidate. Cracking this exam is also possible but the issue is what is the GATE Mechanical engineering syllabus and Best Books for GATE mechanical. Studying from the good books will help you understand the concepts and would lead you to score as per your expectations. In this article, written for you, we have tried listing down the Gate Mechanical engineering syllabus and Best books for GATE mechanical for your preparation. 

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Overview of Gate Mechanical Syllabus & Best Books for GATE Mechanical

The GATE Mechanical Engineering Syllabus covers topics in 4 sections from which the questions will be asked. The four 4 sections in the exam paper are – Applied Mechanics & Design, Engineering Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences, Materials, Manufacturing and Industrial engineering. We will also discuss in detail the best books for ME with important highlights of each. 

Gate Mechanical Engineering Syllabus 

Candidates must understand the Mechanical engineering syllabus before appearing for the GATE exam to study the right topics. They can refer to the following table which depicts the main sections and topics covered in each. 

Sections Subjects Main Topics 
Section 1 Engineering Mathematics  Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, CalculusProbability & Statistics, Numerical Methods, Complex Variables
Section 2 Applied Mechanics & Design Mechanics of Materials, Engineer Mechanics, Theory of Machines, Machine Design, Vibrations
Section 3 Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Sciences Heat – Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Applications, Thermodynamics
Section 4 Materials, Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering Casting, Forming & Joining Processes, Engineering Materials, Machining & Machine Tools, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Metrology & Inspection, Production Planning & Control Operation, Research Inventory Control
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Best Books for GATE Mechanical Engineering 

Now, that we have covered the GATE Mechanical Engineering syllabus in detail. Let’s look at the table below contains the list of the best books and most recommended books for GATE Mechanical Engineering preparation and they are also guided by experts and teachers in order to make you perform best in the exam. 

Topic  Book Name Author Key Highlights
Thermodynamics Engineering Thermodynamics  P.K Nag The language & presentation is easily understandable. Has the right approach for explaining in detail.
Fluid Mechanics Introduction to fluid mechanics & fluid machines S.K Som Useful for the introductory part of Fluid Mechanics & has a strong mathematical base for complex topics. 
Theory of Machines & Vibration Theory of Machines  S S Rattan This is a comprehensive book comprising various topics & chapter-wise ques & ans.
Strength of Materials Strength of Materials Dr. B.C. Punmia It’s a comprehensive book that strives to explain solid mechanics. 
Manufacturing  Production Technology: Manufacturing Processes, Technology & Automation R.K Jain The concepts are well written. It is considered best for theory and numerical.
Heat Transfer Fundamentals of engineering heat & mass transfer R.C Sachdeva This book has helped to build the concepts in the right approach. Known as the Indian version of Hollman.
Machine Design Design of Machine Elements V.B Bhandari Explains in depth with basic level language for the readers. Consists of an ample no. of questions for practice. 
Engineering Mechanics & Engineering Material Engineering Mechanics Young, J.V Rao It’s a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of ME preparing for various competitive exams. 

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Let’s answer some queries related to the GATE Mechanical engineering syllabus and the best books for GATE Mechanical:

When and who will conduct the GATE Mechanical Engineering exam happening next year? 

IIT Kharagpur will conduct the GATE exam in 2022.

What is the best book for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) for preparation?

For beginners, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by C.P Arora.

What is the best-recommended book for Industrial Engineering?

Modern Production or Operation Management by Buffa & Sarin. 

Which is the recommended book for Engineering Mechanics for preparing to GATE Mechanical Engineering?

You can go for, Engineering Mechanics by R.K Rajput

What are the top books referred for appearing in GATE Mechanical Engineering? 

Industrial Engineering & Management by O P Khanna.
Thermodynamics: An engineering approach by Yunus A Cengel. 
Engineering Mechanics by RK Rajput

What is the GATE Mechanical engineering syllabus?

The four 4 sections in the GATE mechanical engineering syllabus are: Applied Mechanics & Design, Engineering Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Sciences, Materials Manufacturing and Industrial engineering

Hope now you are ready to sit and start preparing for the exam while considering the GATE Mechanical engineering Syllabus and Best Books for GATE mechanical from this blog. If you want to pursue Mechanical engineering in some of the universities in the world and don’t know where to start, reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and we will provide you with the best guidance and help you score best in your exams. Follow us on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram.

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