Tips to Have a Rocking First Day of Work!

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First Day of Work

All of us dream of getting our first job and getting started on the work-life. The first day of work can make anybody nervous, even though it is the biggest day of your life. No matter how prepared you are for your first day it always helps to have a few extra tips. If it is your first day of work and you are feeling nervous and lost about what to do and what not to do, rest assured that we have you covered! To know further, read the entire blog.

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The first impression is the last impression

One should always remember that the first impression is always the last impression or at least till the time you work really hard to change it. Imagine if, on the first day of work, you enter your office with shabby clothes and an awkward body-language and immediately notice everyone getting away. Is it their fault or are they being rude? No! To them, you just seem to be the odd one out. At a workplace, anything and everything is expected to be in a proper shape and structure. So make sure to wear clothes that are appropriate for your workplace and simultaneously make you comfortable, smart and appealing to others. 

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Have an elevator pitch ready for you

On your first day of work, you must be prepared to explain who you are and where you have been in the past in 30 seconds as many new colleagues would ask you questions about your previous position.  Also be prepared to describe what you will be doing in this new role, as there might be people who have a vague understanding of your role or who simply want to initiate a conversation. This can be helpful because your new colleagues would like to talk to you to know more about you. 

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Show up early, but enter the building on time

You should not be late on the very first day of work. It is not only a symbol of unprofessionalism but also leaves a bad impression. So we recommend you show up early on the first day of work, probably 15 minutes earlier, but enter the office building on time. 

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A new workplace on your first day of work means new surroundings, new people, new job/role, new expectations, new responsibilities and a totally different set of circumstances. So if you feel the need to ask anything from your colleagues, seniors, HR or so, then do not hesitate in asking them your queries. 


While you have made your first impression and are also on time, it is also of utmost importance to remember to relax on your first day of work so that you can optimize your productivity. 

Be yourself

It is best to follow this principle in life. Trying to be someone else to make an impression often does the exact opposite. Be confident of yourself and be yourself on your first day of work.

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Maintain a balance between listening and talking

Not just on the first day of work, but in everyday life as well, when others are speaking, do not interrupt them until it is really urgent. This is a way of showing that you are listening to them and you respect their opinions. Be a good orator and it is your responsibility to grasp the attention of the listener until the time you have conveyed your part. But before being a wonderful orator, learn to become a good listener as well. 

Be fully charged

It is the first day of work and you have worked hard to be in this place in your life. You must give your 100% on the very first day of work. People will observe you the most during your initial days at work. Do not let the spark fade away on the first day of work. Be fully charged and work with enthusiasm. 


It is your first day at work, and the most important thing you can do on this day and the days to follow is to smile!  

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We hope that this blog was helpful for all of you. We know that the first day of work can be stressful. But if you keep these points in mind, we assure you that your first day of work will prove to be a great one. So keep in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu for more such informational and interesting reads. 

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