10 Best Podcasts on Personal Finance in 2021

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Podcasts have evolved from a source of entertainment to learning something new on the go. Nowadays, you can find podcasts on self-improvement, politics, history, science, and even personal finance. It is easy for some people to manage their finances and savings but it can often irritate the best of us!. There are innumerable top personal finance leaders who help people manage their finances with their podcasts. Adequate knowledge about personal finance allows you to understand and make smart money choices. Let’s explore the list of the 10 best financial podcasts on personal finance that will help you plan your finance in a better way.

Brown Ambition

‘Brown Ambition’ is a financial podcast hosted by finance expert and journalist Mandi Woodruff along with Tiffany Aliche, an award-winning financial educator and author of New York Times bestseller “Get Good with Money”. This weekly podcast primarily focuses on building wealth by saving, investing, money management, and making smart choices. By offering life-changing financial advice, this financial podcast aims at helping women and other communities that have been previously exempted from making financial choices, by providing them with the right resources to make smart decisions when it comes to money. The episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts. 

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The Ramsey Show

This financial podcast is hosted by Dave Ramsey, a radio host, best-selling author, and personal finance expert. It is a three-hour, self-syndicated radio and podcast, wherein Dave Ramsey gives his views on debts, investment, retirement, insurance, and marriage. Dave Ramsey straightforwardly speaks about the ways to eliminate debts and how to move on to your other financial goals in his podcasts. His podcast helps viewers to create a step of actionable plans to make the best use of their money. His podcasts go live on different platforms from Monday to Friday.

So Money

Next up on the list of best personal finance podcasts is ‘So Money’ hosted by Farnoosh Torabi, an American journalist, author, television personality, and personal finance expert. This financial podcast has been rated as the top female-hosted podcast by Entrepreneur magazine. Here, Farnoosh Torabi frequently talks with financial authors, entrepreneurs and influencers regarding money management and money strategies. Some of these well-known guests include Arianna Huffington, Seth Godin, and Margaret Cho. Also, every Friday, she addresses listeners’ money-related questions on #AskFarnoosh. The episodes are available on platforms such as Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple Podcasts. 

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The Clark Howard Podcast

As a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and consumer reporter for TV news in the USA, Clark Howard aims at empowering people to take control of their personal finances with the help of his podcast. He provides money-saving tips, consumer advice, and economics news to listeners who want to gain financial independence. Furthermore, this financial podcast also offers practical advice on how to save money and how to avoid being ‘ripped-off”, in order to live a financially healthy life. The episodes air on weekdays and are available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, iheartRadio, and Google podcast. 

Women and Money

Another podcast that tops the list of best personal finance podcasts is ‘Women and Money’ hosted by Suze Orman, an American financial advisor, and author. Through this financial podcast, Suze Orman speaks directly to every woman and encourages them to take control of their own destiny. Furthermore, Suze Orman shares her own personal stories and unmatched personal finance expertise and provides actionable and insightful financial advice. The episodes air every Thursday and Sunday and are available on Apple Podcast, Tunein, and Spotify. 

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Planet Money

Planet Money’ is NPR’s twice-weekly economic and personal finance podcast. In this financial podcast, producers find creative ways to break down complicated economic and financial topics. Hosts include Amanda Aronczyk, Mary Childs, Jacob Goldstein, and Robert Smith. The podcast provides a good mix of narrative stories and expert dialogues that break down basic financial fundamentals that affect people on a daily basis. The episodes can be found on the NPR website, Apple Podcast, and Spotify.  

Her Money

‘Her Money’ is a financial podcast hosted by Jean Chatzky, an American journalist, personal finance columnist, and financial editor of NBC’s TODAY Show. In this podcast, Jean Chatzky offers every woman listener the steps they need to take today to live comfortably tomorrow, offering the latest research, expert tips, and personal advice on personal finance. The podcast is available on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, and Tunein. 

Journey to Launch

‘Journey to Launch’ by Jamila Souffrant, a Certified Education Instructor (CFEI) writer, is a financial podcast that focuses on helping people to eliminate their debts, save money and reach their financial freedom and independence. The podcast covers a wide spectrum of topics ranging from budgeting to investing to making money. The podcast is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Podbean App. 

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Choose FI (Financial Independence)

‘Choose FI’ hosted by Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett is a financial podcast, wherein they share various tactics they’ve experimented with in pursuit of financial independence, testing them and offering skills that will actually get you to that alluring goal of financial freedom and independence. Most of the episodes also feature many guests such as financial professionals as well as people who have achieved financial independence. This financial podcast is available on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcast. 

The Fairer Cents

The hosts of this podcast, Tanja Hester and Kara Perez propose self-help tips and encouragement to women to step out of the patriarchal notion of success. The episodes also feature expert guests, which include behavioral scientists and financial gurus who speak about the financial issues that most impact women, for example, the gender pay gap issue where women earn less than men. ‘The Fairer Cents’ is available on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Tunein. 

These were the best podcasts on personal finance. We hope that by listening to these educational financial podcasts, you will be able to gain a better understanding and knowledge on how to save your money and budget your income. For more such content, stay connected with Leverage Edu!

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