Film Schools in California

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Film Schools in California

If you are a creative person and like the glitz and glamour of the film industry, a film school can be a good way to enter the world of filmmaking. California, being home to Hollywood, is a preferred destination to learn filmmaking, direction, cinematography and acting. The city is home to the Big 5 studios like Paramount Studios, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros Studio that allow newcomers to transform their careers. Here are some of the best film schools in California that can be your gateway to the movie world!

Highest Paying Careers in the Entertainment Industry

Why Should You Attend a Film School in California?

  • Globally recognized entertainment and business industry with the biggest studios like Warner Bros, Paramount Studios and 20th Century Fox located in the city.
  • Film Schools in California are excellent because they host workshops and mentorship by top experts and industry stalwarts.
  • Cross-collaboration with students of other related courses and networking opportunities
  • Hollywood is in the middle of California which means students can easily find internships and part-time jobs on sets, studios and TV show sets.
  • Excellent course structure which is in line with the demands of the industry with industry exposure.

How to Become a Filmmaker?

Top 10 Film Schools in California (QS Rank 2022)

Top Film Schools  QS World Rankings 2022
University of California, San Diego 41
University of California, Davis 100
University of Southern California  115
University of California, Santa Barbara 132
University of California, Irvine 169
University of California, Santa Cruz 336
The University of California, Riverside 384
San Diego State University 801-1000
University of San Diego 801-1000
University of San Francisco 801-1000

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University of California, San Diego

If you want to get a degree in filmmaking, videography, or photography, the University of California, San Diego is the right choice for you. As one of the best film schools in the world with the most popular courses are media and film studies, production of films, film scripting, interactive media, etc. Average International fees: US$18,700 (INR 14,15,917).

University of California, Davis

The University of California Davis provides a diverse range of academic opportunities in undergraduate, graduate, and professional programmes through its schools and colleges.The University of California Davis is regarded as one of the greatest educational institutions in the United States. UC-Davis boasts strong national and international rankings, placing it with other top-tier universities. Average tuition fees are $44,407 USD (INR 33,62,387).

University of Southern California

The University of Southern California is one of the most popular film schools in California. It is a great place to go if you want to study cinema, photography, or video. It is located in the well-known city of Los Angeles and has trained students from all over the world. Students are encouraged to study business and communications, contrary to other institutions, to further their careers later in life. Tuition per year: $57,256 (INR 43,35,281).

University of California, Santa Barbara

The University of California, Santa Barbara, is one of the top colleges in the country and film schools in California for students interested in video, film, and photography. It’s a medium-sized institution that caters to a wide range of students, and it’s located in a medium-sized suburb of Santa Barbara. As one of the university’s top internal research and instruction institutions, the department of cinema and media studies provides all you need. The average tuition per year: $44,145 (INR 33,42,549)     

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University of California, Irvine

The University of California, Irvine, is a huge university that offers a variety of subjects in addition to film degrees. It was founded in 1965 and now offers degrees in cinema and film studies. Tuition rates range from $40,000 to $60,000 (INR 30,28,700- 45,43,050), depending on your enrolled programme. It aims to enhance people’s lives by offering challenging academic programmes, conducting research, and providing committed public service.

University of California, Santa Cruz

Another excellent film school located in California, The University of California Santa Cruz focuses on both studies (history, theory, and criticism) and production. They have world-class faculty, a diverse student body and an intense creative culture that takes advantage of the region and state industry. Production classes include 16mm film, VR, screenwriting for games, and sound design. Average tuition per year: $7,200 (INR 5,45,166) (in-state); $19,000 (INR 14,38,632) (out-of-state)

The University of California, Riverside

This university of California, Riverside is suitable for the students looking for BFA or MFA titles in film studies, television and film production, screenwriting, and production designing. Although, it is a little far from the main city best for learners looking for good practical engagement. Tuition per year: $14,024 (INR 10,61,862).

San Diego State University

It is situated in Hollywood, which is also known as “The heart of the entertainment industry”. It offers UG courses in television, filmmaking, direction, visual effects, screen righting, photography directing, and new media production. Average tuition fees per year: $14,788 (INR 11,19,710).

University of San Diego

Although it is a comparatively small university, it offers MFA along with other design and art courses. In addition, it has affiliations with some of the best universities abroad like the University of Applied Sciences Of Breda, Vermont College of Arts, Art Academy of Florence Italy. Tuition fees per year: $14,788 (INR 11,19,710).

University of San Francisco

The University of San Francisco currently provides both UG and master’s courses. It has a golden history of providing excellent teaching services year after year. The past of this institute is that they focus on both productions as well as studies. Tuition fees per year:$44,066 (INR 33,36,567).

Check out the Best Film Schools Around the World

  • Diploma in Sports Production
  • Diploma in Script Development
  • Diploma in Directing Commercials  
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing for Screen and Television
  • BA in Animation
  • BFA in Cinema and Media 
  • MA in Animation and Digital Arts
  • MA in Cinematography
  • MA in Directing Documentary

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Eligibility Criteria

To study filmmaking in the country, students are required to have a high school diploma or bachelors degree in any field. Some courses require students to have work experience in the relevant field or must have a portfolio. Some universities hold interviews as a part of the admission process. The English Language Proficiency is another requirement for studying filmmaking, tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc are some of the most popular tests across the world.

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Job Profile And Salaries  

Position Salary (USD)
Producers and Directors $74,420 (INR 55,81,500) PA
Art Directors $94,220 (INR 70,66,500) PA
Multimedia Artists and Animators $75,270 (INR 56,45,250) PA
Film and Video Editors  $63,780 (INR 47,83,500) PA
Top Executives $104,690 (INR 78,51,750) PA

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