This Day in History- February 23

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February 23

History has always played an essential role in all our lives. It is because of history only that we are what we are today. Our past has always made a significant impact on our present. Each day in itself has some meaning and significance of its own. Here in this blog, we have enlisted some of the major events that happened on this day in history, February 23.

Historic Events in India That Happened on February 23

February 23
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1954: SEATO
On February 23, 1954, the first council meeting of the southeast Asia treaty organization took place. 
1993: 3-0 series
India completed a 3-0 series drubbing of England in 1993 on this day in history. 

What Happened Around the World on February 23?

Around the world
Source: Giphy

303: Persecution of Christians
In 303, the roman emperor Diocletian began the policy of persecuting the christians. 
1455: First Bible
February 23, 1455, was the first time that Johannes Gutenberg printed his first bible.
1540: Mexican Expedition
Francisco Vazquez de Coronado set off an expedition in order to find the seven cities of Cibola and the expedition began from Mexico.
1689: King of England
William III, the Dutch King was proclaimed as the King of England on February 23, 1689.
1782: Rotary Motion Patent
James Watt was an engineer who received a patent for his rotary motion for a steam engine on February 23, 1782.
1904: Panama Canal Zone
The Panama Canal Zone was acquired by the US for $10 million on February 23, 1904.
1945: US Marines
On February 23, 1945, the US marines raised the American flag on top of Mt. Suribachi, which led to the iconic picture of Joe Rosenthall and even inspired the Marine Corps War Memorial sculpture.
1954: Mass Inoculation 
In 1954, the 1st mass inoculation took place against Polio and the vaccine process took place at the Arsenal Elementary School in Pittsburgh.
1998: Jihad Fatwa
In 1998, Osama Bin Laden declared a Fatwa and declared Jihad against all Jews and Crusaders.

List of Important Birthdays

1615: Nicolas Fouquet
Nicolas Fouquet was a French Politician and Superintendent of Finances who was born on February 23, 1615.

1633: Samuel Pepys
Samuel Pepys was an English navy administrator and a member of parliament and was born in London. 

1889: Victor Fleming
Victor Fleming was born in Pasadena, California on February 23 1889. He was an American Film director.

1889: Musidora
Musidora was a French actress and director.

1908: William McMahon
Willim McMahon was born in Redfern, New South Wales and was the 20th prime minister of Australia.

We hope this blog helped you get familiarized with all the major events that happened on this day in history on February 23. Stay connected with Leverage Edu for more such informational and educational content. If you believe that this blog brought some value to your life, then make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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