Fake documents leading to high-study visa refusals for Canada, UK, Australia

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The US explains why visa wait period is 2 years in New Delhi but 2 days for Beijing

With the advent of Covid-19, student visa refusals in Canada, UK, Australia and the US reached heights due to closed borders. However, the rate of approval for study visas to the UK, the US, and Canada bounced back to record levels by the end of 2021. Australia on the other hand did not see much improvement in the number of Visas issued. 

Canada’s Visa refusal rate was 15% before the pandemic, now the rate is soaring high to 41%. Recently, a report from the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration showed how 225,402 study visa applications were processed in 2021, but 91,439 were rejected. 

India Times reported that the reason for high visa rejection rates is due to pending applications and COVID-19 backlogs since 2020. According to India Times, popular study destinations, Canada and Australia have revealed many cases in which forged documents were used to obtain education visas. 

In 2020 and 2021, The Australian Department of Human Affairs reported over 600 cases of Indian students coming from Punjab and Haryana, allegedly involved in submitting fake documents. While the Canadian High Commission found more than 2,500 similar cases during the same time period. 

Study Abroad Visa applications for Punjab-origin students are being rejected, according to India Times. The reason for these rejections includes fraudulent bank statements and birth certificates, fake documents regarding the schooling gap, and the mistrust of foreign officials.

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