Fake Documents are the reason for visa rejections, says German Ambassador

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Last week, the German ambassador to India, Philipp Ackermann, claimed that around 10 to 15 per cent of Indian students applying for student visas submit fake documents. This statement comes after student visa rejections were skyrocketing due to the Covid-19-related delays. 

Suggesting that almost 15 per cent of visa applications must be scrutinised by the authorities, the ambassador said: “We have to ensure that only the deserving students go to Germany,” reported Economic Times. 

He further informed that German authorities are in touch with a few universities so that Indian students don’t lose out on their studies. According to Economic Times, he said: “This is of great concern to us. We are trying to find a solution and to make it a quicker and smoother procedure.” 

With the advent of Covid-19, student visa refusals in Canada, the UK, Australia and the US reached heights due to closed borders. Canada’s Visa refusal rate was 15% before the pandemic, now the rate is soaring to 41%. Recently, a report by the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration revealed that out of 2,25,402 study visa applications processed in 2021, 91,439 were rejected. 

India Times reported that the reason for high visa rejection rates is due to pending applications and COVID-19 backlogs since 2020. According to India Times, popular study destinations, Canada and Australia have revealed many cases in which forged documents were used to obtain education visas. 

In 2020 and 2021, The Australian Department of Human Affairs informed that over 600 cases of Indian students coming from Punjab and Haryana were allegedly involved in submitting fake documents. Similarly, the Canadian High Commission found more than 2,500 similar cases during this time period. 

The reasons for these rejections include fraudulent bank statements and birth certificates, fake documents regarding the schooling gap, and the mistrust of foreign officials.

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