Executive MBA in Germany

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Executive MBA in Germany

An MBA program solidifying your managerial skills will promise you a 100% raise in your current salary or a huge promotion. Executive MBA in Germany is one of the most sought-after courses with the top business schools like ESCP Europe offering them. Germany stands in 22nd position in the Ease of Doing Business which means it is very easy to set up business in Germany. This makes the country a hub of employment opportunities which in turn has increased the demand for corporate education like an EMBA. Read the blog below to know everything about Executive MBA in Germany!

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Why Pursue an Executive MBA in Germany?

Germany has some of the best business schools in the world. Although the country’s first language isn’t English, most of their Executive MBA  programs are taught in English to attract international students. Affordable programs combined with the best business education make Germany the ideal country for Executive MBA. The business schools offer a lot of flexibility to Executive MBA  students in Germany so that they do not have to take a leave from their current job. 

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EMBA in Germany Syllabus 

This is what the syllabus for Executive MBA  in Germany looks like:-

Curriculum Module Highlights
Module 1-4 Business fundamentals, management functions, leading strategies
Module 5 Global network for advanced management
Module 6 Evidence-based management
Module 7-8  Innovation through technology
Module 9 Applied strategic international management
Module 10  Ethics and sustainability 

The modules also include learning from industry experts, study field trips to other nations and interactive management practice. 

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Top Universities for Executive MBA  in Germany

Having a German University on your CV will impress all your employers like no other university. Let’s have a look at some of the top universities for Executive MBA  in Germany!

University  Program offered
European School of Management and Technology Executive MBA 
IESE Business School Executive MBA
Mannheim Business School ESSEC Executive MBA
WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management Kellogg Global Executive MBA 
EBS Business School Executive MBA Health Care Management
ESCP Europe Executive MBA
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Executive MBA
RWTH Aachen University  Executive MBA
TUM School of Management Executive MBA in Business and IT
Westfälische Wilhelms, University of Munster Executive MBA Business Management

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Cost of Studying MBA in Germany

The cost of studying MBA in Germany is divided into two parts: tuition fees and cost of living. Check the details below:

Tuition Fees

Tuition prices for executive MBA programmes in Germany for overseas students vary by university. The average tuition for top executive MBA programmes in Germany ranges between 23,000 euros and 45,000 Euros per year.

Cost of Living in Germany 

Germany boasts of affordable education for international students. There are currently 25,149 Indian students studying in Germany and it has seen a growth of 20.85%. The cost of studying for an Executive MBA  in Germany by the top universities is given below:

University  Tuition Fee  Duration
European School of Management and Technology Rs.51.43 lakhs 18 months
IESE Business School Rs.63.36 lakhs 15 months
Mannheim Business School Rs. 42.78 lakhs 18 months
WHO-Otto Beisheim School of Management Rs. 82.11 lakhs  2 years
EBS Business School Rs.34.57 lakhs 18 months
ESCP Europe Rs.60.42 lakhs 18 months
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Rs.41.05 lakhs 18 months
RWTH Aachen University  Rs. 33.71 lakhs 12-18 months
TUM School of Management Rs. 33.71 lakhs 12-18 months
Westfälische Wilhelms, University of Munster Rs. 15.36 lakhs 18 months

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Adding to the cost of education is the cost of living incurred while studying Executive MBA  in Germany. If you are pursuing it online then these costs are non-existent.

Category  Average Expense
Accommodation (apartment rent) Rs.65,000/month
Food Rs.15,530/month
Travel Rs.16,780/month
Utilities  Rs. 12,950/month

Cost of MBA in Germany

Eligibility Criteria

To study Executive MBA  in Germany, you have to have some years of work experience. The minimum work experience cutoff could be 5 years also and 12 years also depending upon the university. Other eligibility criteria required to fulfil by Indian students are as follows:-

  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent professional qualification
  • Minimum GMAT/GRE scores
  • TOEFL/IELTS as proof of English proficiency
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Letter of employer support 
  • Updated CV 
  • Minimum years of work experience as a manager

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Application Process

The process of applying to the top business schools for an Executive MBA  in Germany is streamlined and easy to follow. 

  • Choose your preferred course and university 
  • Fill out your online application if you match their eligibility requirements 
  • If your application impresses the admission committee, you will be called for a personal interview. Learn how to ace an online interview here!
  • If selected, you will be offered an acceptance letter
  • Apply for a D visa or a National Visa

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Job opportunities for an Executive MBA  in Germany

Job opportunities improve in two ways after an Executive MBA  in Germany. Firstly, your newly learned skills will earn you a raise and a promotion at a fast pace. Secondly, if you seek a job at a better position in a new company, the increased weight on your CV will get you your dream job. 

The average salary of a graduate of an Executive MBA  in Germany is Rs.98.04 lakhs and this makes Executive MBA, the highest-paid degree in Germany. 

Job Profile Average Salary
Chief Corporate Officer 100,418 Euro
Chief Executive Officer 133,816 Euro
Chief Financial Officer 122,423 Euro
Human Resource Manager 84,999 Euro
Director of Operations 99,386 Euro
Marketing Director 88,582 Euro

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Scholarships in Germany

The scholarship is the most effective option for students to fund their expenditures while studying in Germany. Several scholarships are available at various German universities and colleges. Various business schools provide rewards to increase the diversity of their EMBA programmes. Here is a list of scholarships you can apply for to help pay for your executive MBA in Germany:

Scholarship Name Benefits
Merit-based FS Scholarship Varies
Merit scholarship, ESMT Berlin 17,850 Euro (Upto 30%)
Early bird tuition discount, ESMT Berlin 10,000 Euro
MBS Scholarship Varies
Furtwangen University, Berlin University 50% of tuition fees

MBA vs EMBA in Germany

MBA in Germany EMBA in Germany
Teaches you the skills of a leader Teaches you how to be a better leader in the existing position
2 years long program 1-year long program
Can be pursued full-time or part-time Can be pursued part-time
The average tuition fee is Rs.31 lakhs-50 lakhs The average tuition fee is Rs.15-50 lakhs
The average starting salary ranges from Rs.80 lakhs to 1 crore per year The average salary is Rs.98.04 lakhs/per year
Have to take study leave from my current job for MBA  Don’t need to take leave as the course is part-time

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Q1. Do I have to learn German to get an Executive MBA  in Germany?

Ans. No, students are not required to learn German. The Executive MBA courses are taught in English.

Q2. Can I work with an Executive MBA  in Germany?

Ans. Yes, it is designed keeping in mind your work commitments.

Q3. Is my employer’s permission needed?

Ans. If you are working, you have to present an employer support letter to your university in Germany before applying.

Executive MBA or EMBA is a course that will boost your performance and grab attention wherever you go. The course’s ability to bring managers from all over the world in one class and polish their skills is very necessary for a company’s growth. More and more companies hire Executive MBA  graduates considering them to be reliable. Waste no time, apply to Leverage Edu and see yourself in Germany in no time.

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