Executive MBA in Australia for Indian Students

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Top Executive MBA Programs in Australia

You are speeding at a decent 30 km/hr and expect to reach a destination in 3 hours. Now, if you push the accelerator harder and increase the speed to 60 km/hr, you reach the destination in less than two hours! This is exactly what an Executive MBA in Australia for Indian students would do. It is an accelerator that will help you push your current managerial job to top-level management. MBA in Australia is a popular program but an Executive MBA in Australia is different from an MBA. Let’s us delve into exploring everything you need to know about this course.

Why Study Executive MBA in Australia?

It is a 1-year course that you can pursue part-time (on weekends). Here’s why you should consider pursuing an Executive MBA in Australia:

  • Employment opportunities: Australia has seen a growth of 3.8% in businesses in the year 2020-2021. More businesses mean more employment opportunities for you after completion of the course. 
  • Correct set of skills– While pursuing this course, you get the chance to sit back and learn about the trending managerial techniques and skills which shoot up your knowledge. 
  • Networking: A class full of like-minded executives from various industries learning how to grow? It is a golden networking opportunity! 

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Top Universities for Executive MBA in Australia

Business Schools in Australia have a reputation for creating leaders that have made a significant change in the world like Margeret Jackson, former chairman of Qantas Airways. Apart from their rankings, the duration of work experience required to do an Executive MBA in Australia is also important.

Universities in Australia  Duration of EMBA  Minimum Work Experience 
University of Melbourne 18 months  5 years 
University of New South Wales 2-6 years (part-time) 5 years
University of Sydney 18 months  10 years
Monash University  15 months 10 years
Bond University  20 months  8 years 
University of Technology Sydney 1 year 6 years
Western Sydney University  2 years 5 years 

The minimum work experience has to be in a managerial position if you want to pursue an Executive MBA in Australia from these 7 universities.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility criteria for pursuing an Executive MBA in Australia for Indian students are as follows:

Eligibility Criteria  Minimum Requirement
Academic  Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree with a good graduation grade
Proof of English Proficiency  IELTS– 7.0, TOEFL– 96, PTE– 68
GMAT  Required only for certain universities
Statement of Purpose  One page essay stating why you are a great candidate for EMBA in a particular university 
Letters of Recommendation  2
Work Experience  5-10 years in a managerial capacity

Application Process

The application process to study in Australia can be easily understood by the guide given below:

  • Choose your university in Australia– Top MBA universities in Australia offer the Executive MBA program. You have a lot of universities to choose from- University of Melbourne, Monash University, Bond University, etc. 
  • Prepare for your entrance exams– Check the eligibility requirements for the Executive MBA in Australia for Indian students on the webpage or program brochure of your preferred universities. Prepare for your entrance exams like GMAT and English tests like IELTS/TOEFL before you apply to the universities
  • Keep a check on deadlines– There are multiple intakes in Australia that allow international students to take admission. Note down the deadlines and make sure that you submit your application within the deadline. 
  • Attach all documents– Documents of identification, financial support, academic qualification and citizenship have to be attached as a requirement to study in Australia
  • Post-application responsibilities– Once you apply for an Executive MBA in Australia, you can expect the university to take 4 to 6 weeks of processing time. In the processing period, you will be asked for an interview with the admission committee. If chosen, you can start looking for accommodations, scholarships and Australian Student Visa applications.

Job Opportunities and Salary 

It will equip you with modern management skills that guarantee you a promotion and a salary hike in the company that you currently work for. The main consequence of your Executive MBA degree in Australia is to skyrocket you to the c-suite which is also known as executive management. It is instrumental even if you wish to start afresh on your own. Global networking and strong industry connections will be your new venture and the initial boost it needs. Here’s the average salary per year of EMBA graduates in some countries of our world:-

Country  Average Annual Salary of an EMBA graduate (INR)
Australia  57.7 lakhs 
India  20 lakhs 
United Kingdom 99.3 lakhs
United States of America 1.12 crore 
Canada  1.05 crore 

Cost of Study

EMBA is more academically valuable than an MBA, therefore the tuition fees are much higher. The tuition fees for the top universities that offer an Executive MBA in Australia for Indian students are given below:

Universities in Australia for EMBA Tuition Fee (INR)
University of Melbourne 55.36 lakhs 
University of New South Wales 46.49 lakhs
University of Sydney 37.97 lakhs
Monash University  60.24 lakhs
Bond University  51.59 lakhs
University of Technology Sydney 35.67 lakhs
Western Sydney University  20.6 lakhs 

Cost of Living  in Australia 

Apart from the tuition fees, the cost of living in Australia should also be considered before you decide to pursue this course. Here’s how expensive Australia can be for an Indian student:-

Type of Cost  Average Expenses (INR)
Accommodation 51,510 per month
Food  16074 per month
Transport 5563 per month
Internet 4283-10629 per month
Gas and Electricity 8023 per month

Note: The cost of living also depends upon which city you study in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc.The cost of living in Melbourne is much high than the cost of living in Perth.

MBA vs Executive MBA in Australia

We often hear MBA and Executive MBA in Australia being confused for each other. Although EMBA is a variation of MBA, the course, syllabus and eligibility are oceans apart. 

Category Executive MBA MBA
Nature  Part-time  Full-time
Duration  1-3 years  2-3 years
Average Work Experience  5+ years  3 years
Average age of Student  34-38 24-30
Average Tuition Fee 20-55 lakhs per year 31-80 lakhs per year
Return of Investment 38.5% 64%


Can you work and study while doing an Executive MBA in Australia?

Yes, you can pursue this as part-time course so you can work simultaneously. 

What is the average fee of an Executive Masters in Business Administration from Australia?

The average fee can be from INR 20-55 lakhs per year.

When should you apply for an Executive MBA in Australia?

Once you have work experience of more than 5 years in a managerial capacity, you can apply for this course.

Which university is the best for an Executive Masters in Business Administration from Australia?

The Monash University, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales are some of the top universities in Australia for an Executive MBA.

Which countries offer the best EMBA programs?

USA, UK, Canada and Australia are the few countries that offer a well-curated EMBA program. 

How much can my salary increase after an Executive Masters in Business Administration from Australia?

Reports suggest that the average annual salary of an EMBA from Australia can be over 50 lakhs per year. 

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