Event Management Courses

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Event Management Courses

Organizing and planning events are as small as a marriage and as big as a mega-concert, book fair or sports event is what event managers do. Event Management as a career has surged up and students are taking it as a profession of their choice. To be a part of a dynamic course like Event and Leisure Management means that over time you are going to learn a number of skills such as leadership, marketing, business development, public relations, risk management and budgeting. Numerous universities and colleges abroad are offering Event Management courses where students learn the core concept of Event Management and the tools required to be successful Event Managers. However, choosing the right course is the initial step to getting started with a career in Event Management. This blog will cover everything you should know about what these creative and career-oriented courses have to offer students from all over the world.

Event Management Courses: Overview

Event Management courses give you an insight into the growing market and help you capitalise on your skills in Event Management. Choosing an ideal course depends on your career requirements. However, you must opt for a course that offers a greater diversity of subjects along with hands-on training and field exposure. Obtaining a higher degree in Event Management equips students with the skills necessary to work in sectors like Human Resources, Travel and Tourism and Entertainment. There are a number of institutes offering certificate courses in Event Management. If you have the required skills and just need to polish them, then a certificate course would be ideal for you.

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The primary learning goals in a good Event Management course are:

  • An efficient way of monetizing events.
  • Getting broader media coverage for the events.
  • Learning to use SEO for effective utilisation of social media and the internet for all types of events.
  • Strategic use of leadership and management skills to influence the masses.

Event Management courses provide students with sufficient knowledge about tourism and business which are two of the most potential revenue-generating industry for an Event Manager.

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Eligibility Requirements to Pursue Event Management Courses

To be able to get admission to the university or college of your choice, you need to fulfil the following eligibility requirements:

  1. The student should have completed 10+2 or equivalent in any stream (Science, Arts or Commerce).
  2. Those students who are looking for a more specialized and intensive course, need a Bachelor’s degree in Event Management, Journalism or Mass Communication or a related field from an accredited institution.
  3. English-language proficiency test: TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, Cambridge English

Note: The universities in the UK have different parameters to calculate your score. Make sure that you go through the university or college website to check the eligibility criteria before you proceed.

Top Universities and Colleges Offering Event Management Courses

Here is a table with some of the renowned universities and colleges offering lucrative Event Management courses along with comprehensive training programs and promising job placements.

List of Universities and Colleges Event Management Courses
University of the West of England BA (Hons) in Business and Events
Cardiff Metropolitan University BA (Hons) in Events Management
(3 or 4-years including Foundation)
Oxford Brookes University BA (Hons) in Events Management
University of Huddersfield BA (Hons) in Events Management
Centennial College Graduate Certificate in Event Management
University of Bologna Master in Tourism Promotion and Management
of Cultural Events and Heritage
University of Queensland Master of Tourism, Hotel and Event Management
Dublin Institute of Technology MSc Events Management
Edinburgh Napier University MSc International Festival and Event Management
University of Mississippi Ole
Miss School Of Business
MA in Recreation Management

Some of the institutes like Robert Kennedy College and International Institute offer short and more specific certificate and diploma courses in the same field with options for distance and online learning.

Course Subjects

The event management course of study covers a wide range of themes and issues. It covers all of the disciplines required for a degree in the programme. Among the most popular subjects covered in this course are:

Job Opportunities

Working in a dynamic industry like Event Management in this growing market for advertising and publicity, students with management skills have a plethora of opportunities almost in every field. Depending on personal choice of graduates in Event Management can choose their field of interest to work like Art Tourism, Agrotourism, and Adventure Tourism, to name a few. Whether you are working in an Event Management company or you are having a company of your own, the salary may vary accordingly. As an Event Manager, you can organize shows and events on your own earning a huge amount of money. 

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Scope of Event Management

The Event Management Course provides students in India and overseas with a diverse range of opportunities. The study of this course allows an individual to unleash their creativity to a greater extent. Because it does not need 24/7 commitment to work, most students work as an event manager/organiser as a part-time job while continuing academic studies, and one can obtain a degree while working as an event manager/organiser due to its flexibility in work.

Because India is a festive country with many celebrations from time to time, this degree programme has a very broad reach. In India, event management has greater opportunities than in other countries. However, many event managers go abroad on a regular basis as part of their agency’s schedule, and the number of agencies that engage in global event management has grown in recent years, creating more options for persons interested in this field of study.

Are you quite excited to pursue a vibrant career in the field of Art & Entertainment or Travel & Tourism? Then, knowledge about various Event Management Courses is all you need. You may also reach out to our counsellors at Leverage Edu, who can help you identify the ideal university to kickstart your career in this field.

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