Essay on Peer Pressure

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Peer pressure can constitute direct or indirect pressure from a friend or associate which can be very influential in certain situations. It is important that peer pressure is tackled with kindness, respect and most importantly, the person accepts his or her real form, without being influenced by a certain group. Writing essays is a very important part of any curriculum. Here are two useful samples of writing an essay on peer pressure. 

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Essay on Peer Pressure (200-300 words)

“Confidence is knowing who you are and not changing it a bit because someone’s version of reality is not your reality.”

Peer pressure is an issue that affects many teenagers today. Society offers misleading advertisements that seem to lead teens in unnecessary directions. It is rightly said that if the youth of today are more educated, the future of our world will be a lot better off.

There are many kinds of pressures that children face today. Many times, others put pressure on you to participate in something you might not want to do.

Peer pressure can be stressful because a child might feel pressured by friends and schoolmates to act, behave, think and look a certain way. This kind of pressure can cover everything. Teens face numerous problems that can hamper the decisions they make. Sometimes these decisions are negative ones to fulfil their desire to fit in. Although peer pressure can be extremely strong and hard to resist, there are ways to fight it. 

Peer pressure can be tackled by inner strength and self-confidence, through resistance to doing something when you know better. Paying attention to your own feelings and beliefs about what is right and wrong can help you to know the right thing to do.

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Essay on Peer Pressure (400 – 500 words)

Studies have shown how peer pressure can change the mind, despite knowing what is right and wrong. Also, it has been said that all it takes for someone to stand their ground on what they know is right is for one other peer to agree with them. If you face peer pressure on a daily basis, it is always better to talk to someone you trust.

Though peer pressure can have certain advantages like it helps to create a sense of motivation in the person, which further forces the person to cross the barrier and achieve something great. There are many disadvantages of peer pressure which can harm a person in plenty of ways. If any person is not willing to perform a certain task then the peer pressure can be frustrating to him.

It is very easy to get influenced by someone during the glorious youth years. Youth these days are much influenced by the glamorous life of celebrities. It is necessary to judge the outcome of a deed before getting influenced by peers. Furthermore, peer pressure should always be secondary. Your own thoughts and wants should always have the first priority.

Responding to peer pressure is part of human nature — but some children are more likely to give in than others, who are better at resisting and standing their ground. Children who are low on confidence and those ones who tend to follow rather than lead could be more likely to seek their peers’ approval by giving in to a risky and unwanted challenge or suggestion. People who are unsure of themselves, new to the group, or inexperienced with peer pressure may also be more likely to give in to peer pressure. 

It is not always easy to resist negative peer pressure, but when you do, it is important and likely that you feel good about it afterwards. And you may even be a positive influence on your peers who feel the same way — often it just takes one person to speak out or take a different action to change a situation. Your friends may follow if you have the courage to do something different or refuse to go along with the group. Consider yourself a leader, and know that you have the potential to make a difference. As the saying goes, “Peer pressure is not always negative. Sometimes, it inculcates new hobbies, habits, attitudes, health conscience or a strong urge to succeed amongst people and where this happens, it is positive.”

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