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Entrepreneurship Course

In the digital world, our traditional four-walled classrooms have been largely replaced by online classes and assignments. Today, anyone can learn and garner knowledge from the comfort of their home and from top universities in the world. Online courses are extremely helpful for those facing time restraints in pursuing full-time courses. Amongst the sought-after online programs, Draper University’s Online Entrepreneurship Course referred to as ‘Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship’ aims at nurturing budding entrepreneurs towards becoming successful business leaders. Through this blog, we will be exploring Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurial program in further detail from its impeccable curriculum to the live mentoring and networking it offers!

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

As a leading online certificate program of Silicon Valley, Draper University’s Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship teaches emerging entrepreneurs about the nuances of starting a business in the contemporary world. It is a go-to course for budding entrepreneurs struggling to transform their business idea into a successful product. One of the world’s top entrepreneurial programmes, this course incorporates live classes and mentoring by Silicon valley experts, entrepreneurs and mentors from more than 30 countries across the globe. 

Getting Started with Guy Kawasaki
– Intro Session of Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Understanding the Course

Draper University’s Online Entrepreneurial Course is a 15-day program constituting daily 2-hour live sessions on zoom and other online platforms. It provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the intricate knowledge of building a start-up from the simplest of innovative ideas. As it is an online program, the curriculum encompasses live sessions comprising team challenges, assignments, collaborations with other students and learning modules covered by the top entrepreneurs and mentors from around the world. The program will equip you with the strategies of actualising your business plans into reality. It begins with an overview of the emerging technologies, then moves towards learning the intricacies of fundraising and growth for start-ups and also imparts students with the knowledge of pitching business ideas to investors. 

Be Fearless with John Zimmer – Intro Session of Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Why enroll in Draper’s University Online Entrepreneurship Program? 

Draper’s Entrepreneurship Programs have brought together 2300 entrepreneurs from 87 different countries. They have raised over USD 350 Million in venture funding. 

Application Dates: August 23 – September 6, 2021, Deadline: August 16th 

Duration: 2 Weeks Online, 2 hours of Live Sessions Daily, 5 sessions of 1 – 1 mentoring 

Tuition Fees: USD 490. Tuition includes access to all learning platforms, course materials, and slack. 

Application Fees: USD 5. This is a non-refundable payment that will be discounted into your tuition fee if accepted into the program. 


The learning modules of this online entrepreneurship course are meticulously designed by considering the different aspects of starting an entrepreneurial venture in the digital era. Integrating experiential learning imparted by mentors and entrepreneurs from around the globe, the program comprises a wide range of modules which focus on exploring the world of entrepreneurship and equipping learners with quintessential business management skills and leadership qualities. Here is a list of learning modules covered throughout this course:

  • Module 1: Technologies of the Future
  • Module 2: Turning Ideas into Products that Change the World
  • Module 3: Designing the next unicorn
  • Module 4: Figuring out the Right Business Model
  • Module 5: Virtual Herothon with unique prizes
  • Module 6: Fundamentals of Growth and Sales
  • Module 7: How and When to Incorporate One’s Company
  • Module 8: Everything You Need to Know About Fundraising
  • Module 9: Become a leader and identify your blind spots.
  • Module 10: Let’s build great terms.
  • Module 11: Construct the perfect business pitch
  • Module 12: Pitch to investors, win prizes, and hero graduation

Learning Experience

Develop your Business: Learn how to develop your Silicon valley founders and experts. 

Online Live Activities: The Program is Delivered through live lectures by Silicon Valley Experts and Founders, and through group live activities around challenges. 

One-On-One Mentoring: 2 hours of Live Sessions Daily, 5 sessions of 1 – 1 mentoring 

USD1,00,000 Pre – Seed Funding: Draper University has a fund that decided to invest up to USD1,00,000 in alumni companies of the program. 

Solve Real Problems with Jeff Hoffman – Intro Session of Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Benefits of the Course

While pursuing an online course, you must know the incremental takeaways you will get from the program. Draper University’s revolutionary entrepreneurship program offers a wide range of benefits which are as follows: 

  • Official Certificate for LinkedIn and Resume
  • Access to the Draper Venture Network
  • Opportunity to learn from a global network of Entrepreneurs
  • Interact and connect with Silicon Valley Investors and Mentors
  • Discover investment opportunities
  • An incredible opportunity to pitch to Tim Draper and various other investors


Who should join the program?

This program is beneficial for anyone who wishes to develop their business acumen and wants to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. 

How is the program delivered?

Being a virtual course, it is delivered through online platforms like Zoom allowing you to access live sessions with mentors and entrepreneurs from across the world.

Will I be working individually or in a group?

You will be working on an individual and as part of a group. Based on the project you are working on, it will be decided whether you work on an individual basis or as a part of a team.

What time do the classes start and how long are the classes?

The classes start at 8 am (Pacific Time) and are for 2 hours each day. Throughout the 15 days, students need to reserve these two hours for live sessions.

What happens if I miss a lecture?

Missing a lecture would not hamper your progress as the lessons are recorded and after filling up an absence form, you will have access to the classes you have missed.

Will there be a certificate at the end?

Yes! In the end, a certificate will be provided to students who have successfully completed the course. 

Thus, with the world booming with inventive and revolutionary start-ups, pursuing an online entrepreneurship course can not only equip you with the advanced knowledge of setting up a new business but also give you a competitive edge over other entrepreneurs. If you have a latent entrepreneur hidden in you bursting to come forth, don’t miss this stimulating opportunity. Our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you throughout the application process of this exclusive Online Entrepreneurship Course by Draper University! Book a free counselling session with us today and become a virtual citizen of Silicon Valley!

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