Engineering Management in USA

Engineering Management in USA

Engineering graduates vying to ply their trade in the vast field of Management can do so through the Engineering Management degree. It acts as a bridge for anyone with an engineering background to apply his skills in Business Management. It affords graduates with greater opportunities for career advancement in top-level managerial roles. The following paragraphs will focus on the structure of an Engineering Management course and the relevant options in the USA.

Engineering Management in USA: Course Structure

The course particularly caters to the needs of young engineering graduates who aim to build a career in Management. Technical processes in companies require professionals who have both a highly advanced engineering acumen as well as requisite knowledge of managerial concepts. These courses employ an engineering-oriented approach on solving management problems rather than the traditional management-oriented approach.

Masters Engineering Management vs MBA in Engineering Management

You may have come across both the above courses during your research. The primary difference between the two emerges from the fact that the MBA degree specifically focuses on management aspect and the MS program looks at studying the relationship between engineering and management deeply. Additionally, the MBA program has a general Business curriculum and requires no Engineering background in particular. On the other hand, the MS program requires a STEM background due to its Engineering-oriented curriculum.

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Course Eligibility

Requirements related to admission into courses in Engineering Management in USA broadly hover around possessing a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) degree. In addition to that, basic knowledge of management concepts is also desirable. Experience in a relevant field is taken into consideration as well. The MBA in Engineering Management has slightly different eligibility criteria and more often than not, requires professional work experience. It is advised that prospective students visit the official university website before making their decision.

Course Duration and Structure 

Universities that offer courses in Engineering Management in USA tend to run for at least one year. The MBA program on the other hand usually takes two years. During the course, students have the option to choose a specialization according to their interest. The course subjects can be further broken down into core offerings and electives. The core subjects such as quantitative methods etc. build a common foundation for each specialization and the electives aim to diversify the knowledge gained. 

Key Elements

Compulsory Engineering Management subjects include topics related to a specific field of Engineering like Civil, Electronics, Computer etc. Further, business-related subjects are offered as part of core and electives. The following list shows some of the major subjects:

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Finance for Engineers
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Engineering System Simulation
  • Management of Internal Engineering Projects
  • Leadership 
  • Design Project Management
  • Operations Management

The MBA in Engineering Management course structure may not include subjects that require expertise in Engineering concepts as they focus on the Business side only.

Engineering Management in USA: Admission requirements

Traditional admission requirements for courses in Engineering Management in USA commonly include possession of high standing bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. For the MS in Engineering Management, a STEM background is necessary while for the MBA program a science degree is desirable. Further, other application requirements include submission of official transcripts, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, GRE/GMAT scores, English language competency among others. Course-specific requirements may vary depending on the university.

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Engineering Management in USA:  Top Universities

The number of students preferring Engineering Management courses have risen substantially during the last decade or so. Some universities that offer such courses have been given below:

  • Cornell University

Programs: Masters of Engineering Management

  • Northwestern University

Programs: Master of Engineering Management

  • Tufts University

Programs: MSc in Engineering Management

  • Duke University

Programs: Masters of Engineering Management

  • University of Southern California

Programs: MSc in Engineering Management

  • Purdue University

Programs: Masters of Engineering Management

  • University of California, Irvine

Programs: MS Engineering Management

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It is understandable that students go through a period of hesitation and uncertainty when pinpointing a course that fits their inclinations and future aspirations. Though nearly all students go through this phase, engineering students, in recent times, tend to be in majority. Consult the counsellors at Leverage Edu so that you can find a career path that is perfect for you.

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