Engineering Management in USA

Engineering Management in USA

Engineering graduates vying to ply their trade in the vast field of Management can do so through the Engineering Management degree. It acts as a bridge for anyone with an engineering background to apply his skills in Business Management. It affords graduates with greater opportunities for career advancement in top-level managerial roles. Renowned for as one of the top destinations to study abroad, USA is significantly emerging as a sought-after choice for those planning to pursue a degree in Engineering and Management. This blog brings you a complete guide on top courses for studying Engineering Management in USA, popular universities, course duration and structure as well as eligibility criteria.

What is Engineering Management?

Engineering Management is an interdisciplinary subject which particularly caters to the needs of young engineering graduates who aim to build a career in Management. Technical processes in companies require professionals who have both a highly advanced engineering acumen as well as requisite knowledge of managerial concepts. These courses employ an engineering-oriented approach on solving management problems rather than the traditional management-oriented approach.

Why Pursue Engineering Management in USA?

While STEM courses in USA are the choicest ones amongst international students, the country is also renowned for its business schools as well as technical institutes imparting quality education in almost every field of study. Engineering Management is an emerging interdisciplinary specialisation chosen by those aiming to study the nuances of how efficient management can be carried in the engineering and tech industry. There are a wide range of benefits of pursuing Engineering Management in USA and some of these are highlighted below:

  • The top-ranked universities in USA offer a plethora of options for Engineering Management courses from short courses to full-fledged undergraduate and postgraduate programmes which are research and practical-oriented.
  • Choosing USA to pursue a global degree in an ever-growing and emerging field like Engineering Management can help you explore international opportunities and kickstart your career in the right way.
  • From bachelor’s to MEng as well as research masters, international students can choose from a variety of degree options which suits their career preferences and academic goals.

Eligibility Criteria

While the actual course requirements can differ as per the university and program, there are certain general prerequisites you must know before opting for a course in Engineering Management in USA and these are given below:

  • For diploma courses or bachelor’s degree programs in Engineering Management, the minimum academic criterion is that the candidate must have completed their high school qualification, i.e. 10+2 from a recognized board.
  • For a Masters in Engineering Management in USA, a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university is the major prerequisite. For the MS in Engineering Management, a STEM background is necessary while for the MBA program a science degree is desirable.
  • Further, other application requirements include submission of official transcripts, Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of Recommendation (LOR), SAT (for bachelor’s degrees), GRE/GMAT scores [for master’s degree courses), English language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

Course Structure and Duration

When it comes to the duration of programs in Engineering Management in USA, it can possibly vary as per the degree and course. For bachelor’s degrees, the total duration is 4 years while for master’s degree programs, the total duration can be 1-2 years. Further, since master’s degrees are popularly offered, the duration can significantly vary for MS and MBA in Engineering Management. MS in Engineering Management in USA can be generally 1-2 years in duration while MBA is often a 2-year degree course offered in USA. Compulsory Engineering Management subjects include topics related to a specific field of Engineering like Civil, Electronics, Computer etc. Further, business-related subjects are offered as part of core and electives. To help you understand the course structure, we have listed down some of the core subjects commonly covered under programs in Engineering Management in USA:

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Finance for Engineers
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Engineering System Simulation
  • Management of Internal Engineering Projects
  • Leadership 
  • Design Project Management
  • Operations Management

Top Courses for Engineering Management in USA

Now that you are familiar with the eligibility criteria and course duration, the next step is to explore the top Engineering Management courses offered by universities in USA. Here is a detailed table elaborating a list of universities and courses in Engineering Management in USA:

Short Course in Engineering & ManagementUniversity of California – Riverside
Short Course in Management in EngineeringMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Bachelor’s in Engineering & Management
Master’s in Engineering & Management Systems
Masters in Engineering Management
Masters in Construction Engineering Management
Clarkson University
BSc in Construction and ManagementNewSchool of Architecture and Design
MS in Engineering ManagementTrine University
ME in Engineering ManagementRochester Institute of Technology
MSc in Engineering ManagementHofstra University
Drexel University College of Engineering
Northeastern University
University of Texas Arlington
MSc Engineering Management- Environmental EngineeringThe University of Alabama
MEng Engineering ManagementWichita State University
University of Buffalo
MSc Engineering Management: Construction ManagementThe University of Tennessee
MSc Engineering Management – Vehicle and Robotics EngineeringThe University of Alabama

Hence, we hope that this blog helped you explore the essential features of pursuing Engineering Management in USA. It is understandable that students go through a period of hesitation and uncertainty when pinpointing a course that fits their inclinations and future aspirations. Though nearly all students go through this phase, engineering students, in recent times, tend to be in majority. Consult the counsellors at Leverage Edu so that you can find a career path that is perfect for you.

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