Educational Psychology

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Educational Psychology

During the scholastic journey, one undergoes various difficult situations which can be bewildering. At such junctures, an individual needs guidance to overcomes such issues. Rather than questioning the importance of psychological guidance, we should promote and propagate this practice especially amongst teenagers. Those who specialise in the study of human behavior to provide assistance to children belonging to various age groups are referred to as Educational Psychologists. These professionals will study the child’s behavioural pattern and will guide on how to grow in academics. If you want to establish your career in Psychology by gaining expertise in this trending field then here is a blog which will shed light on various details related to educational psychology.

What is Educational Psychology?

Quoting Charles E. Skinner, “Educational Psychology deals with the behaviour of human beings in educational situations”. A comparatively popular sub-branch of Psychology, educational psychology deals with the application of various principles of human psychology into the field of education with a focus on how distinctly humans behave in various educational settings and how it impacts their academic growth.

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Educational Psychology Courses and Eligibility 

A great variety of courses are available through which you can seek quality education in this field. Being one of the most opted sub-branches, Educational Psychology is a trending field to establish a career in. If you want to study abroad then you must have an undergraduate degree like BA Psychology for a master level course. While for pursuing undergradute courses, you must have passed 10+2 from any stream with Psychology as one of the subjects. Furthermore, good scores in IELTS/ TOEFL/PTE, etc along with LORs and SOP are other admission requirements. Once you meet these eligibility criteria, you can proceed with the application. Enlisted are some of the prominent Educational Psychology courses for you to consider.

  • PG Diploma in Education in Society MA
  • MSc Education (Learning, Technology, and Society) 
  • MSc Education, Policy and Society 
  • MA Education, Policy and Society
  • MA Majoring in Education and Society 
  • Master of Social Sciences (MSocSC) Majoring in Education and Society 
  • Master of Education (Sociology of Education)
  • MA by Research Sports Leadership, Education and Society 
  • MRes Sports Leadership, Education and Society
  • MSc by Research Sports Leadership, Education and Society
  • MPhil Education and Sociology 
  • PhD Research Sports Leadership, Education and Society
  • PhD Educational Culture, Policy and Society
  • PhD in Education and Sociology 

The following are the prestigious academic institutions that offer Educational Psychology courses at different levels which will help you get equipped with industry-specific skills and relevant knowledge.

Scope of Educational Psychology   

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Upon graduating with a degree in Educational Psychology, you can start your professional career. Being a popular field, its presence is in almost all the leading institutions of the world. Apart from understanding the student behaviour, Educational Psychologists provide assistance in enhancing the learning abilities of students. Furthermore, they are also responsible for improving the teaching methodologies followed by schools or colleges to help children learn faster and retain better. These duties can be bifurcated under various roles which you can handle if you have a higher degree in the desired specialization. Let us have a look at them. 

Growth and Development 

The main focus of the educational psychologists is to keep a track of the academic growth of children as well as monitor and help them overcome the issues they face during the course of their studies. 

Human Behaviour 

Psychology is the study of behaviour. Similarly, educational psychology aims to study human behaviour during an academic journey. Psychologists in this sub field would help students adopt the right techniques for studies to enhance their performance.


In the schooling years, personality development is an essential process. Often, students tend to develop harmful traits that can hamper their growth. Thus, some educational psychologists analyse various determinants of personality and help in improving their decision-making ability.

Thus, we hope that this blog on educational psychology has equipped helped you understand the field in depth. If you want to kick start your career in this domain but are unsure about which institute to enroll in then reach out to Leverage Edu experts and they will help you choose the best course and university as per your strengths and weaknesses.

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