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Stemming from the vast domain of biology, Agricultural Science is a multidisciplinary area of study which comprises of natural, economic and social sciences in order to explore agricultural practices. It is an emerging field of study and is a suitable one for those wanting to delve deeper into the science of food production and processing. Amongst the prominent agricultural institutes in the country, the Indian Council of Research (ICAR) offers a wide range of eCourses for those interested in different specializations of Agricultural Science. This blog aims to bring you a detailed overview of these ICAR eCourses and their salient features.

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List of ICAR eCourses

Spread across a multitude of specialisations under Agricultural Science and Engineering, ICAR has designed a total of 7 eCourses offered at the undergraduate level of study. Here is a list of the different ICAR eCourses you can choose from:

  1. BSc Agriculture
  2. B.V.Sc Veterinary and Animal Husbandry
  3. B.F.Sc. Fisheries Science
  4. BTech Dairy Technology
  5. BSc Home Science
  6. BTech Agricultural Engineering
  7. BSc Horticulture

Let’s explore some of these prominent programmes in further detail.

BSc Agriculture

To impart budding agripreneurs with the foundation knowledge of agricultural sciences, this eCourse by ICAT encompasses the study of crop production as well as sustainable agricultural practices. Covering a wide range of interdisciplinary fields, it provides students with the knowledge of Agribusiness management, rural and educational psychology as well as agricultural technologies. The following table enlists some of the prominent BSc Agriculture subjects:

Fundamentals of Rural & Educational Psychology Entrepreneurship Developments Disease of Field Crops and their Management
Fundamentals of Biochemistry  Environmental Science- I Diseases in Horticulture Crops and their Management
Fundamentals of Agribusiness Management  Extension Methodologies for Transfer of Agricultural Technology Dimensions of Agriculture Extension

BVSc Veterinary and Animal Husbandry

Being one of the choicest programmes by those interested in delving deeper into Animal sciences, the BVSc Veterinary and Animal Husbandry eCourse by ICAR elaborates upon the functions of cardiovascular and excretory system of animals. One of the popular online veterinary courses, it elucidates on the physio-anatomy of nephrons and blood formation. Below mentioned are the key topics covered during this program:

ECG and its Significance in Veterinary Sciences  Blood: Properties of blood as body fluids Reabsorption Mechanism of Glucose
Echocardiography  Cardiac Cycle: Regulation of Cardiac Output Control of Blood Pressure 
Vasoconstriction Functional Morphology of Nephrons Glomerulotubular Balance

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BFSc Fisheries Science

Pisciculture is another pivotal field of study under the vast domain of Agricultural. Pursuing BFSc Fisheries Science, you will get to know about the breeding processes for different species of fishes. Further, it details varied other related topics like aquaculture, fishery resources, fishing technology, amongst others. Let’s take a look at the subjects included under this ecourse by ICAR:

Taxonomy of Finfish Tank of ShellfishTaxonomy of Shellfish Limnology 
Fundamentals of Microbiology Principles of Biochemistry Anatomy of Finfish and Shellfish
Principles of Aquaculture Food Chemistry in Fish Nutrition Freshwater Aquaculture

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BTech Dairy Technology

Focusing on the unique and integrative specialisation of Dairy Technology, this ICAR eCourse explores the intricacies of dairy production processes as well as processing of milk products, their packaging and quality checks. Here are the major topics that are included under this BTech programme:

Studying the Diary Products Traditional Dairy Products Dairy Plant Management and Pollution Control
Food Technology-I Market Milk By-products Technology
Condensed and Dried Milk Packaging of Dairy Products Food Technology-II

BSc Home Science

An imperative course offering by ICAR, this programme is concentrated on the different aspects of Home Science ranging from health hygiene to child welfare. Opting for this eCourse, here are the major subjects you can expect to study:

Infant Stimulation Programs  Creative Experience for Children Family and Child Welfare
Dynamics of Family and Marriage  Early Childhood Care and Development Health Hygiene and Sanitation
Personality Development Entrepreneurship in Child Care Services  Catering Management

Hence, we hope that this blog has provided you with a detailed insight into ICAR eCourses. If you are planning to study a degree programme in Agricultural Science but feel unsure about which one to pick, our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide in selecting the right course and university that aligns with your interests and preferences and equips you with the required knowledge and skills to build a rewarding career in this field!

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