Digital Media Marketing as a Career

With the growing popularity of mobile devices like smartphones, several video-sharing websites like YouTube, social networking websites and other electronic gadgets like MP3 players, many new digital media applications are trending the digital market these days. Video, simulation and web design are the main concentrations which offer the digital media programs and let you kickstart your career in digital marketing.

Digital media major opens up career prospects in visual communication, animation, moving image, digital video, digital visual effects, web & interactive media production, interface design and learning communication. It encompasses graphic images which are stored electronically, including a text, video/audio and some websites.

In the Bachelor’s degree program for digital media majors, you will study theory and also gain practical exposure through hands-on classes. Your primary focus in the program would be learning how to develop and design graphics and also studying the basics of these graphics, including virtual worlds, cinema, digital photography, and gaming consoles. You will also learn about the various media designs and also some software for creating the 2D and 3D graphics. You need to be well versed in the various applications, including Java, WordPress, Adobe Flash and MySQL.

Other topics that will be covered in this program, depending on your area of concentration, include web design & HTML, art history, sound, typography, photography, color theory, design movements, video fundamentals, e-commerce, product packaging design, and modeling.

The majority of your study will be focused on interactive media designs, technologies and techniques in the development of digital media content which is engaging at the same time. Online Bachelor’s degree programs in digital media are offered usually by Private universities for the profit schools.

Career opportunities:

The career scope in digital media is wide and interesting, and the options multiple each year with the consistent growth in technology. This degree shall equip you for a wide range of careers, including:

  • Analytics2D/3D animator/compositor
  • Digital media project manager, producer or consultant
  • Digital video specialist
  • Instructional media designer
  • Interactive media producer or consultant
  • Mobile content developer
  • Motion graphics designer
  • Post-production special effects designer
  • Production assistant
  • Visual designer for print and online media
  • Web administrator/designer

The program prepares you for jobs related to web designing, game production, computer modeling, graphic arts, product packaging, TV or radio production and communication. According to the statistics, employment opportunities for graphic designers are expected to increase by around 10%, indicating minimal changes, from the year 2014 to 2024 due to strong market competition. The average salary for graphic designers as of May 2017 was $81,640.

So if you wish to acquire the skills to decide the media’s look, sound, feel and flavor, pursuing a career in Digital Media may be the right choice.

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