Difference Between Cybersecurity and Information Security

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difference between cybersecurity and information security

If you work around data and the internet on a daily basis then you must have heard the words information security and cybersecurity. Do you also think they are the same? What if we tell you they are actually two different things! Cybersecurity works with the protection of data in the cyber world whereas information security is a more general subject that is based on the protection of data in all forms including the cybersecurity of data. The relationship between the two is that cybersecurity is a sub-set of information security. Let us explore the difference between cybersecurity and information security in detail with this blog! 

What is Cybersecurity?

The term cybersecurity deals with a set of unique technologies, practice and processes created to prevent devices, networks, programs, damage, and unauthorized access to the data of a user. Now let us come to its importance in our life. In the current scenario, the government, financial and medical organizations, big business houses, banks, and other important sectors of our country create and store a huge amount of data. This data includes sensitive information and personal details which can lead to negative consequences if accessed by any unauthorized source. A significant amount of data is also transmitted across organizations on a daily basis. Here the cybersecurity comes into play. The cybersecurity processes are divided into different categories.

  • Network Security
  • Application Security
  • Data Security
  • Operational Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity

Types of attacks on the data that needs to be protected can be divided into the following categories:

  • Cybercrime (money laundering)
  • Cyber-attacks (political attacks)
  • Cyber Bullying (emotional attacks)
  • Cyber terrorism

Fun Fact:
More than
8 billion dollars worth of data breaches were reported in 2019. Due to data breaching threats. The data protection industry is growing strong day by day and with this pace, it is expected to be well over 130 billion dollars till 2022.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification

What is Information Security?

Data is available everywhere but when it has a meaning it becomes information. And this information is important for the owner but it becomes harmful when it gets into the wrong hands. Let’s explain this to you with an example.3901, does this number make sense? Not at all right. But you know it’s a collection of digits so it’s a particular data. Now if I tell you that this is the pin code of someone’s debit card, this useless data becomes information. And this information if goes to a firm that can misuse it, creates havoc for everyone involved as a victim. Information security or Infosec is a set of practices to protect the data protected from alterations and unauthorized access, bothin physical location as well as while transmitting it to other parties . It follows the CIA rule which is confidentiality, integrity, and availability. It is also called as data security.

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Difference Between Cybersecurity and Information Security

Cybersecurity Information Security
Protects data from outside sources on internet Works on CIA rule – confidentiality,
integrity, and availability, thus prevent
unauthorized users, access, data modification or removal 
Covers online threats Covers all data threats
Cybersecurity is closely related to cyber crimes, frauds and law enforcement Information security strives against unauthorised access, disclosure modification and disruption of any kind of data
It includes social media accounts, personal mails, applications data etc It includes all the data stored in your computer

Now that you have understood the meaning of both cybersecurity and information security, let us have a look at the difference between the two with the help of following Venn diagrams and table: 

Cybersecurtiy and Information Security
Cybersecurtiy and Information Security

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Career in Information Security vs Cyber Security

Cyber Security skills can be completed with information security to expand the scope of both these career fields but when it comes to jobs in these specialisations, there is a stark difference between Information Security vs Cyber Security.

Careers in Information Security focus on designing the right infrastructure and processes to secure sensitive information in an enterprise from unauthorised access or unsafe security threats. On the other hand, Cyber Security experts ensure that these processes are not being compromised and further create a secure fence against the system built by Information Security professionals. Thus, the nature of Information Security and Cyber Security careers are quite complementary. Here are the major jobs in Information Security and Cyber Security:

Cyber Security Jobs Information Security Jobs
Network Security Engineer
Cyber Security Analyst
Security Architect
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Cyber Security Consultant
Cyber Security Specialist
Security Architect
Information Security Analyst
Security Engineer
IT Security Manager
Information Security Risk Analyst
Information Security Architect
Business Information Security Officer
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

The average salary in Cyber Security jobs in India ranges around ₹4 Lakhs to ₹8 Lakhs per annum. Moreover, the average salary in Information Security jobs is somewhere around ₹5.5 Lakhs to ₹8 Lakhs per annum.


Do you know data security is a career within itself? As everything around us is going digital the need of experts in this field is exponentially increasing and is subject to rising more in the future. In that scenario, signing up for a cybersecurity or information security course can definitely scale your career like anything. Given below is a list of some popular courses of this area:

Bachelors Courses  Master’s Courses 
-Bachelor of Networking and CyberSecurity
-Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Security) 
-Bachelor of Cyber Security
-Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics 
-Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security 
-Bachelor of Computer Science Cyber Security
-Bachelor of Information Technology Network and Cyber Security System
-BSc Hons Cyber Security
-Bachelor of Science in Computer Security
-BSc Hons computer forensics with Foundation year
-Bachelor of Computer Science in Digital System Security
-Master of Science in ethical hacking and Cyber Security
-Master of CyberSecurity
-Postgraduate Diploma in Cyber Security
-Master of Engineering in Cyber Security Engineering
-Master of Engineering in Cyber Security Engineering
-Master of Networking Cyber Security
-MSc Cyber Security Masters
-Master of Information Security and Digital Forensics
– Postgraduate Diploma in IT Security Management

Hope you understood the minute difference between cybersecurity and information security.  Do you find the concept of data security? What about taking it up full time by pursuing making a full-fledged career in it? Reach out to experts at Leverage Edu and begin your venture!

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