CTET Mathematics Notes

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CTET Mathematics Notes

Mathematics is considered quite a tough field of study in India. But for CTET, UPTET, KVS, DSSSB, and other competitive examinations, there is a specific section on mathematics that you have to prepare for. Some additional examinations performed by the national or state governments are even more important. The key topic for clearing the CTET test in mathematics. The CTET test is contained in two versions Paper-1 (For Primary Level) and Paper-2 (Secondary Level). This blog presents you with everything related to the 2021 CTET Mathematics content.

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CTET Mathematics

CTET Maths is one of the most significant CTET subjects. It will also assist teachers in comprehending the concepts of children’s problem-solving abilities, as well as their logical and reasoning abilities. This post will be a useful resource for those candidates who have begun their preparation for the CTET.

The CTET Mathematics content syllabus may be found in this article. You’ll also have a good sense of what books and study resources you’ll need to prepare for the CTET Maths exam. Math is one of five subjects in CTET Paper 1 that will be worth 30 points for answering 30 questions. Similarly, you will be asked 30 math questions in Paper 2.

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CTET Mathematics Content Syllabus 2021

Candidates must have done at least a higher secondary school diploma to be eligible to take CTET Paper I and CTET Paper-II. Before you plan to take the test, make sure you meet the qualifying conditions.

You would be looking for the CTET Syllabus for each topic if you are studying for the CTET Exam 2021. We will provide you with the CTET Math details here to make your research easy. It is critical to understand the exact Mathematics syllabus in order to master the correct modules.

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Primary Stage Syllabus 2021

CTET Paper-I Syllabus & Topics
CTET Mathematics Content (15 Questions) CTET Mathematics Content: Pedagogy  (15 Questions)
Addition and Subtraction
Shapes & Spatial Understanding
Solids around Us
Data Handling
Nature of Mathematics/Logical thinking
Place of Mathematics in Curriculum
Language of Mathematics
Community Mathematics
Evaluation through formal/informal methods
Problems of Teaching Maths
Error analysis aspects of learning & teaching
Diagnostic & Remedial Teaching
CTET Paper-II Syllabus & Topics
CTET Mathematics Content (20 Questions) CTET Mathematics Content: Pedagogy (10 Questions)
Number System
Playing with Numbers
Whole Numbers
Negative Numbers
Integers & Fractions
Introduction to Algebra
Ratio and Proportion
Basic geometrical ideas (2D)
Understanding Elementary Shapes (2D and 3D)
Construction (using Straight edge Scale, protractor, compasses)
Data handling
Nature of Mathematics/Logical thinking
Place of Mathematics in Curriculum
Language of Mathematics
Community Mathematics
Evaluation through formal/informal methods
Remedial Teaching
Problem of Teaching

CTET Mathematics Content: Strategies to Study

Mathematics preparation might be challenging at times. Candidates, on the other hand, will be able to grasp complicated concepts and cover the majority of the relevant topics if they follow a well-planned strategy. Here are some helpful hints for the CTET Mathematics content section.

NCERT books should be revised

All concepts presented in NCERT Math books until class VIII must be understood by the candidates. Practice questions from NCERT Math books are the most important resource for CTET Mathematics content preparation.

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Take mock tests

Several mock tests are available online. Aspirants must attempt the mock tests uploaded by various websites. Make the maximum benefit from these resources. The candidate will become more confident, quick, and accurate in their responses.

Focus on Maths Pedagogy Concepts too

Candidates should be well-versed in mathematical pedagogy and principles. They should be able to put tools and techniques to use in the classroom. It will be necessary to have a broad understanding of various learning approaches and how they are used in the classroom. There should also be a solid awareness of evaluation methods such as formative and non-formative assessments.

Try to attempt all the questions

Because there are no penalties for incorrect answers, answer as many questions as you can. It will improve the CTET’s overall score. To choose the best answer to a difficult question, use the elimination process. Carefully read all of the questions.

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What is the mathematical pattern on CTET paper 1?

In Paper I, 15 questions cover the content portion of the exam, which is connected to Class 1-5 Maths books, and the remaining 15 questions cover the teaching pedagogy part of the exam, as well as student evaluation based on Class 1-5 students.

What is the mathematical pattern in CTET paper 2?

In Paper II, 15 questions cover subjects relating to math levels 6-8 and other topics. The teaching pedagogy is covered in 15 questions, as well as an evaluation based on Class 6-8 students.

In the CTET, what is the weightage of the mathematics section?

Each paper in the CTET paper 1 and paper 2 tests comprises 30 questions for a total of 30 marks in the mathematics segment.

What is the level of difficulty in CTET Math?

The CTET Maths subject was moderately difficult.

What is the CTET marking scheme?

Each right answer receives one mark on the CTET exam.

In this blog, we discussed the CTET Mathematics content and the syllabus, and some strategies to prepare for the exam. We hope the information provided was helpful. For more educational content, stay connected with Leverage Edu. For the latest updates around study blogs, you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & also subscribe to our newsletter. Happy learning!

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