CTET Books

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CTET Books

The Central Teacher Eligibility Test or what is known as CTET is one of the most coveted entrance exams in India. Those who clear this exam are eligible to work as teachers across various government schools in India.  From child development and pedagogy to subject-based knowledge, the exam assesses various facets related to teaching. Keeping in mind the vast CTET syllabus, it’s understandable that you might get confused while looking for the study guides for this exam. So, if you also want to know which books are best for CTET then here is a blog that will shed light on some of the CTET books which you can consider. Further, we will also discuss how you should purchase a guide so that you can make CTET notes from the right guides!

CTET Books 2023

The right CTET books must be chosen in order to study for the exam. Both the offline and online markets offer a wide range of options. For the Central Teacher Eligibility Test, candidates must select books based on the most recent pattern and syllabus. There are two papers in CTET 2023. It is crucial to choose the right study materials, which should include the entire syllabus of the particular paper you are applying for in the exam if you want to thoroughly prepare for the CTET exam. The top CTET exam preparation books have been compiled by our subject matter experts.

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Exam Pattern

Before we delve deep into the CTET books, it is important to understand the exam pattern. There are 2 papers, paper-1 for those who want to teach class I-V students and paper-2 for those who wish to teach class VI-VII students. Enlisted are the subjects of both papers:



  • Language 1
  • Language 2
  • Child Development and Pedagogy
  • Mathematics and Science/Social Science
Sections  No. of Questions  Marks
Language l  30  30 
Language ll  30  30 
Environmental Studies  30  30 
Mathematics  30  30 
Child Development and Pedagogy  30  30 
Grand Toal  150 Multiple Choice Questions  150 Marks

Note: The last two sections of both papers are on a need basis. This means that if you want to become a social science teacher then, you have to opt for that subject. 

What Constitutes a Good CTET Book?

Though there are scores of books available in both, online and offline modes, selecting a guide that covers all the facets of competitive exams like CTET is important. Here are some things which you should keep in mind while purchasing CTET books: 

  • Candidates should be well-versed in the syllabus of the exam. Then only one can compare the current syllabus with the content of the book.
  • Select the latest issue/volume of the book you want to purchase.
  • Candidates should choose a book that is written in simple terms.
  • Go for CTET books which come with sample tests for practice.
  • Last but not the least, consult those who have cleared the exam. Their recommendations can go a long way!

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CTET Books for Paper 1

As discussed, Paper 1 is for those candidates who want to teach primary school students. Keeping in mind the difficulty level of the exam, we have collated a list of CTET books that can help ace this Paper. 

Books Link to Buy
Mathematics and Pedagogy By Arihant Express Click here to buy
CTET Child Development and Pedagogy for Both Papers with Previous Year Question Papers 2011-19 Click here to buy
CTET and TETs Environmental Science and Pedagogy Click here to buy
A complete resource for CTET: Child Development and Pedagogy Click here to buy
CTET and TETs Hindi Bhasha For Papers 1 and 2 Click here to buy
Wiley’s Environmental Science For CTET Paper 1 Click here to buy

CTET Books for Paper 2

Clearing Paper-2 is essential for aspirants who want to join government schools to teach at elementary levels. Tabulated below are some of the CTET books you can consider for Paper-2. 

Books Link to Buy
CTET Success Master Paper-II Teacher Selection for Class VI-VIII MATHS & SCIENCE with Practice set Arihant Click here to buy
A complete resource for CTET: Child Development and Pedagogy Click here to buy
CTET and TETs Hindi Bhasha For Papers 1 and 2 Click here to buy
CTET Master Science Social Studies for Paper 2 Click here to buy
CTET and TETs Previous Years’ Papers for Paper 2 Click here to buy

Subject-Wise CTET Books

Here are the subject-wise books for CTET 2023 exam preparation:

Subjects  Books Publication
Hindi Hindi Language Arihant Publication
English English Language Pearson / Geeta Sahni
Environmental Studies  Environmental Studies Wiley Publication
Mathematics  Mathematics Exam Goalpost (Class 1st to 5th)Mathematics & Pedagogy (Class 6th to 8th) Wiley Publication
Disha Publication
Child Development and Pedagogy  Child Development & Pedagogy Disha Publication
Social Studies Social Studies Pearson Publication

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Tips to Choose the Best Books for CTET 2023

Students are confused by the variety of books that are offered on the market when choosing the best books for CTET 2023. Here are some recommendations for the top CTET paper 1 and CTET paper 2 books for 2023:

  • The candidate must confirm the publication year before choosing a book for preparation.
  • Books must be simple to understand for readers, which means that the language used must be uncomplicated.
  • Look at the index and content when choosing the best books for the CTET.
  • Candidates must use the most recent edition of the books to get the most up-to-date information.
  • So that students can assess their level of preparedness by taking particular exams, the CTET 2023 top books must include a sizable number of practice exams.
  • Look for books that largely cover the course syllabus.

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Preparation Tips

If the candidate does not create an ideal preparation strategy, even the best CTET Books are useless. It is crucial to understand how to use these study materials to effectively prepare for the exam. Here are some tips on how to get ready for the test. Candidates can learn how to get the most out of these books by using these CTET preparation suggestions.

  • Understanding your exam in its entirety is crucial before starting the exam preparation. Learn about the best books so you can prepare effectively.
  • To ensure that the books you include for preparation cover all subject-specific topics, familiarise yourself with the entire syllabus and marking scheme.
  • For proper exam preparation, CTET books must also contain previous exam papers and practice questions in addition to the ideal explanation for each topic.
  • Create a thorough CTET study plan to enable you to make the most of the information at your disposal.
  • Only the best books that cover all the important subjects should be included for the ideal CTET exam preparation.

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Which book is better for CTET?

Some of the top books for CTET Paper 1 include Success Master CTET Paper I, published by Arihant. Wiley Publication’s CTET & TETs Mathematics Exam Goalpost. Book by Arihant Publication on child development and pedagogy.

Can I crack CTET without coaching?

No, coaching is not required to pass the CTET exam. To pass the exam, candidates can develop their own well-thought-out CTET preparation plan. Additionally, solving CTET question papers from prior years and taking practice exams always helps with preparation.

What is the salary of a CTET teacher?

Basic pay ranges from Rs 9,300 to Rs 34,800, and the maximum monthly net in-hand salary is Rs 48,000.

Even though there is a wide range of CTET books available for preparation, you should stick to a select few. This will not only make the revision process easier but will also help you cover many portions of the exam with just a few resources. Just like CTET opens the door to a teaching career, there are other entrance exams that can help you pursue a career in a chosen field. Needless to say, with so many options, choosing a field that aligns with your skills can be a daunting task. Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu who will help you in finding a course as well as a university that perfectly fits your career aspirations!

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