Cryptography Books

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Cryptography Books

Cryptography is intriguing and stimulating and has the characteristics of making a great book. Cryptography books are binding from beginning to end, testing the readers’ acumen and in the process, teaching important aspects of coding and cybersecurity. With the advent of technology, cryptography has taken an unprecedented position of importance, and as days pass, more people are getting fascinated and are pursuing a career in Cryptography and Network Security. In this blog, an exciting list of the best cryptography books has been made for you to explore and be a part of this niche. 

Serious Cryptography: A Practical Introduction to Modern Encryption

Seen as one of the ultimate cryptography books, this book by Jean-Philippe Aumasson sheds light on various nuances of cryptographic systems. Whilst that may be true to a certain extent, this book raises much-needed questions about the failings and drawbacks of the field. It guides its readers through how encryption works and systems operate. The book gives an in-depth idea about the applications of cryptography with a special emphasis on its misuse.

Cryptography: A Very Short Introduction

If you are exploring cryptography books for beginners, then this guide by F. C. Piper and Sean Murphy is a must on your list. Explaining the basics of the field vividly paints a realistic picture of the potentials of cryptography giving an overview of the processes involved and elucidates the uses and applications of cryptography in everyday things. It teaches the basics of the algorithms required in cryptography making it a wonderful way to garner knowledge.

Cryptography For Dummies

A simple and concisely written book by Chey Cobb, Cryptography For Dummies can be read by anyone from a novice to an expert to clearly understand the concepts involved in the field. Written in a lucid language, it helps in strengthening the foundational base of the concepts of cryptography. It talks about the use of cryptography in the technology industry, and how it matters in various fields like that of eCommerce and wireless transfers and thus makes a notable mention in our list of best cryptography books. 

Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security

A comprehensive book that extensively uses essays, notes, and references to teach various nuances of cryptography. Expanded in two separate volumes, it gives a definitive idea about concepts used in information and cybersecurity apart from cryptography. With researches, data, and references, written by people adept at the field, this certainly is one of the best cryptography books to read!

Cryptographic Engineering: Design Principles and Practical Applications

Another addition to our list of cryptography books is Cryptographic Engineering which guides the readers through some essential principles needed to work in this field. Authored by Niels Ferguson, Tadayoshi Kohno, and Bruce Schneier, it teaches the readers practicalities about developing cryptographic assets and products and other nuances of cryptography like key negotiation, message security, and key management. It is an essential read for anyone desirous of establishing a career in the most important aspect of keeping information safe in contemporary times.

Handbook of Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography

This handbook on cryptography deals with an important and the most confusing aspect of cryptography, Elliptic curve protocols. The mathematical concepts used in it can be mind-numbing and therefore requires incessant practice. It introduces the algorithms and basic concepts implemented in curve cryptography. Readers learn about number theory and finite fields which are essential components of curve-based cryptography. The book encompasses a lot of informative concepts and is therefore the perfect guide for novices.

Number Story: From Counting to Cryptography 

A delightful narrative about number systems from the beginning of time, the book, authored by Peter Michael Higgins, contains snippets from the basic number systems to practical examples of cryptography. Moreover, it encapsulates basic concepts through maths tricks, number puzzles, and complex problems which are a part of day-to-day life. It allows the readers to embark on a journey to rediscover the mysteries entailing numbers and thus becomes an important mention in our list of cryptography books. 

A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography

Next on our list of best cryptography books is A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography by Neal Koblitz, Springer (1987). The goal of this book is to introduce the reader to arithmetic concepts, both ancient and modern, that have sparked interest in number theory applications, notably cryptography. As a result, no prior knowledge of algebra or number theory is assumed, and the book opens with an explanation of the fundamental number theory required. The method is algorithmic, with an emphasis on estimations of the efficiency of approaches derived from the theory, and one unique aspect is the incorporation of current applications of elliptic curve theory. All of the chapters have extensive exercises and detailed answers.

Foundations of Cryptography (Basic Tools)

Next up on our list of best cryptography books that you can check out is the Foundations of Cryptography by Oded Goldreich, Cambridge (2001). If you’re interested in things from the standpoint of computational complexity, this is the book for you. This book provides a thorough and systematic study of the fundamental topics, such as creating cryptographic objectives and solving new cryptographic challenges using current tools. It focuses on fundamental mathematical methods such as computational complexity, pseudorandomness, and zero-knowledge proofs. Instead of discussing ad hoc techniques, this book focuses on clarifying core principles and demonstrating the possibility of addressing cryptographic issues.

Cryptography Made Simple

The list of best cryptography books is incomplete without mentioning this by Nigel Smart (2015). The author presents the essential concepts of cryptography in this basic textbook. He takes a contemporary approach, defining what “safe” means as much as constructing something that accomplishes that aim, and security concepts are fundamental to the debate throughout. The author strikes a mix between suitable formality and depth and a mainly non-rigorous approach.

Bent Functions: Results and Applications to Cryptography

Bent Functions: Results and Applications to Cryptography by Natalia Tokareva (2015) is one of the best cryptography books in the market, providing a unique overview of the discrete mathematics objects known as Boolean bent functions. Because these maximal, nonlinear Boolean functions and their generalizations have numerous theoretical and practical applications in combinatorics, coding theory, and cryptography, the text provides a detailed survey of their main results, presenting a systematic overview of their generalizations and applications, and addressing open problems in bent function classification and systematization.

Trailblazing into Cryptography

Last but not the least, we have a book by Aditya Bisheshwar Sood on our list of best cryptography books. This book is intended for novices, especially middle school to college students looking for an introduction to cryptography. This is a visually and analogically focused book that will explain essential cryptography ideas in a straightforward manner. Most basic cryptography texts overcomplicate ideas by diving into non-rudimentary, abstract number theory before beginning students have established a strong knowledge of the foundations. This was quite clear to me as a high school student when I began my cryptography career.

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