Couples applying to top B-schools together for financial, visa-related convenience to fulfil MBA dreams

Rajiv Ganjoo, president of Leverage Edtech, said he has seen several newly-married couples who want to join a B-school together. Recently, a couple came to him, exploring the option of applying to B-schools together. “But cost is a deterrent sometimes. There are instances when one of them drops out because of the cost,” he said.

This strategy is most popular among working couples who are in steady jobs as the opportunity cost of two MBAs is very high. “Both partners understand and value the MBA degree enough to want to get into a long-distance marriage, and give their careers the needed boost,” said Kagzi of ReachIvy. Consultants said if just one of the two wants to study in a country like the US, it’s difficult for the spouse to find employment. Most couples want to study together because they don’t want a separation.

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