Clearing Process for September 2021 Intake in UK

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Many universities in the UK offer different varieties of courses to students for undergraduate, postgraduate, and certificate degrees. The opportunities to study at a top UK university are plenty, UK universities offer courses under the clearing process every year. This process allows universities to fill up course vacancies with eligible students. Read this blog to know more about the September 2021 admission process for clearing in the UK!

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When to Apply for September ‘21?

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If you are planning to start your educational career in the UK during September 2021, then it is highly recommended to start thinking about it way before. Ideally, students start their application process for the September 2021 Intake in the months of May-June in order to meet all the requirements set by the university and department.

If you are headstrong to study in the UK, then you can begin the application process as early as one year in advance. Getting a place in a UK university is very competitive. This allows students to have sufficient time to understand the entire application procedure and apply for the Visa as well. 

However, if you missed your deadline or failed to respond to an offer letter in time then there is another option. You can apply for the clearing in UK for the September Intake. This is ideal for international students who either have not received any offers or did not get admission in their desired course in the first round.  

Application Deadlines for September ‘21

Here are the deadlines for the clearing process for September in the UK-

  • The 8th of September 2021 is the last date to apply at universities or colleges. After this date the colleges might not accept their applications.
  • The 21st September 2021 is the final deadline for applications for 2021 courses. The last time for application submission at UCAS is 18:00 (UK time)
  • The 19th October 2021 is the last date for adding clearing choices. 

The entire process of admission in the UK takes around 2 to 5 months. For Ph.D. candidates, it can take up to 11 months at a top university.

Application Process

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If you have already missed the 21st September deadline, then don’t worry. Several universities and colleges in the UK accept applications from international students even after this deadline. It can go up to January 2022. The clearing process for September in the UK is a great chance to apply to your favourite course. If you want more details on the application and admission process in the UK, experts at Leverage Edu can help you pick the right intake based on your course and university preference.

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UK Universities for Clearing ’21

Here is a list of universities that are offering courses in clearing for the year 2021, if you are eligible for the applied course and meet all the requirements then the university will issue an offer letter-

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Benefit of September ‘21 Intake

The UK universities during September intake provide multiple benefits to the students. It includes a full range of available courses. It is a great opportunity for students to prepare for the upcoming September 2021 intake by taking A-levels or a foundation pathway or pre-sessional English language preparation courses.

The duration of these pre-sessional courses varies in length as per the number of weeks like six, eight, 12, 19, 24, 36, 44 weeks, and so on. You can opt for any of these duration courses depending upon your need to learn them for a particular chosen degree.

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UK Scholarships

All the students, specifically the international students must clearly read about the scholarships opportunities available to them. There are several scholarships for international students for which they can apply along with their admission application. These scholarships enable fees submission and other educational needs.

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Check your Eligibility for Scholarship

Most students applying for clearing in UK for September are eligbile to all the waivers and scholarships offered by the univeresity. Every scholarship has its own set of eligibility criteria. Make sure to carefully read about your eligibility before applying to any of them. Check the specific criteria for scholarships you wish to apply for. Check the general criteria for the university scholarship program. You must also pay close attention to the deadlines for scholarship applications. The scholarship deadlines are usually between January and March.

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This was all about clearing for September in UK. The September 2021 intake in the UK universities is very close. If you have not yet secured an offer for your desired course then do check out these universities and the clearing courses for the upcoming September- October 2021 Intake! If you need help with the application process then do contact our experts on 1800 572 000 and get all the relevant information on how to apply, prepare a letter of recommendations and statement of purpose for your ensured admission!

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