Class 12 Accountancy Sample Paper

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Class 12 Accountancy Sample Paper

Boards are the most crucial time for students. Every student wants to ace their exam.  Like every year, CBSE releases important sample papers, question papers, model papers, etc for the students. Class 12 Accountancy Sample Paper can help you prepare well for the upcoming CBSE Accountancy exam. The accountancy exam date for the 12th class will be declared after June 1, 2021.. Recently, the board released a CBSE Sample Paper for Class 12 Accountancy 2021 along with the marking scheme for it. Let’s check out the important sample papers that will help you prepare for your Class 12 Accountancy  Exams.  

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CBSE Model Question Paper Class 12 Accountancy for 2021

The Model Question Paper for accountancy is not available right now. We will update the model test paper when CBSE releases it.

Class 12 Accountancy  Sample Paper with Marking Scheme

CBSE releases Sample Papers for Class 12 Accountancy every year. All these sample papers are available along with their marking schemes. These CBSE Sample papers for Class 12 are designed to help students perform well in their exams. Here are all the Sample papers provided by CBSE for Class 12 Accountancy. 

Question Paper Marking Scheme
CBSE Sample Paper 2020-21 Marking Scheme 2020-21
CBSE Sample Paper 2019-20 Marking Scheme 2019-20
CBSE Sample Paper 2018-19 Marking Scheme 2018-19
CBSE Sample Paper 2017-18 No Marking scheme is available
CBSE Sample Paper 2016-17 No Marking scheme is available
CBSE Sample Paper 2015-16 No Marking scheme is available

Previous Year Question Papers for Class 12 Accountancy 

Here are all the sets of previous year question papers for Class 12 Accountancy:

Question Papers for Examination 2020

Question Papers for Examination 2019

Question Papers for Examination 2018

Why is Studying from Sample Papers Important?

Sample paper helps you to analyze your weaker points in which you can work on and improve your results. Studying from sample papers helps you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Few days before the exam students don’t have much time left to go through the whole syllabus again. Sample paper helps them to cover the topics quickly.
  • Set the 3 hour time for each sample paper, this will help you to manage your time in the exams as well.
  • It allows you to prepare your exam strategy like which section you should do first, which section is your stronger point.
  • CBSE changes its exam pattern, sample paper gives you a basic idea of exam pattern and marking scheme.

CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Exam Tips

Here are some of the crucial tips that will help you in preparing for the CBSE Class 12 Accountancy exams:

  • Accountancy requires a lot of calculations. Practice sample papers will increase your speed in calculations.
  • In accountancy, it’s important to make proper formats, narrations. Try to make clear formats. You can use a scale for better presentation
  • Theory questions are also important; they usually cover features, merits, and demerits.
  • Use proper headings in formats and statements. 
  • Always use an extra sheet for rough work and calculations
  • Prepare using CBSE Sample Papers and previous year question papers. 
  • Lastly, Don’t panic and remain calm before and during the exam. 


Are there objective-type questions?

Yes, 20 multiple choice questions carry one mark each.

If my balance sheet doesn’t match at the end will my marks be deducted?

In accounts, steps are counted and in case if your balance sheet doesn’t match. Marks will be deducted for only the balance sheet part.

If I reach the examination center late, Will entry be allowed?

No, you won’t be allowed to enter. If your exams start at 10:30 A.M. The gates will be closed at 10:00 A.M.

Are we allowed to wear casuals in exams?

No, CBSE has made it compulsory that all students must wear proper school uniforms.

What are some of the best reference books for accountancy?

You can refer to TS Grewal – Aid to Accountancy, DK Goel – Class 12 Accountancy

These were all the important sample papers, model papers and question papers that you need to prepare for the exam. Once you ace these, no one can stop you from getting great marks in CBSE Class 12 Accountancy exams

Leverage Edu wishes all the students good luck for the Class 12 examinations! 

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