Class 10 Maths Sample Papers

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Class 10 Maths Sample Papers

Class 10 Exams for 2021 are just around the corner. The Maths exam for the 10th class is on 2nd June 2021. Therefore like every year, CBSE has released important sample papers, question papers, model papers, etc for the students. These recently released CBSE Class 10 Maths Sample Papers 2021 along with the marking scheme for it will help you prepare well for your upcoming Class 10 Mathematics Exam.  

Class 10 Maths Sample Papers with Marking Scheme

CBSE has released practice papers for Class 10 Mathematics every year. All these sample papers are available along with their marking schemes. These CBSE Sample papers are designed to help students perform well in their exams. Here are all the Sample papers provided by CBSE for Class 10 Maths. 

Question Papers Marking Scheme
CBSE Sample Paper 2020-21 CBSE Marking Scheme 2020-21
CBSE Sample Papers 2019-20 CBSE Marking Scheme 2019-20
CBSE Sample Paper 2018-19 CBSE Marking Scheme 2018-19
CBSE Sample Paper 2017-18 CBSE Marking Scheme 2017-18
CBSE Sample Paper 2016-17 CBSE Marking Scheme 2016-17 (NA)
CBSE Sample Paper 2015-16 CBSE Marking Scheme 2015-16 (NA)

Previous Year Question Papers for Class 10 Mathematics 

Here are all the sets of previous year Basic and Standard question papers for Class 10 Mathematics for your help – 

Question Papers for Examination 2020

Question Papers for Examination 2019

Question Papers for Examination 2018

Why is Studying from Sample Papers Important?

Studying from Sample Papers is a crucial part of the examination preparation process. Studying from sample papers helps you to understand your strengths, weaknesses and the pattern of questions throughout the years which helps you prepare better. 

  • When you work on a sample paper, it will help you improve on your weaknesses and perform better in the exam. However, it is important that you treat a sample paper as a test by managing the time duration and finishing it within 3 hours. 
  • Practising sample paper regularly helps in learning efficiency and time management so you will be able to write your answers better. 
  • Sample papers work as a way to revise your subject again. The more you revise, the better you will understand the concept. Hence, it will help you in the exam.
  • Practising sample papers regularly helps you track your progress and performance.

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Exam Tips 

Here are some of the crucial tips that will help you in preparing for the CBSE Class 10 Mathematics exams:

  • Try to read the question paper properly before diving into writing answers. Double-check your answers.  
  • Know the exam pattern and weightage of each section for the exam. The better you prepare for sections with more marks, the better chances you have for scoring well.
  • Properly learn all the formulas. They can help you fetch better marks. 
  • Keep your geometry box ready in your bag without fail and use it in the exams properly.
  • Prepare all the NCERT questions that are at the back of the chapters. Most questions are from your book. Prepare it well to score better.  
  • Prepare using CBSE Sample Papers and previous year question papers. They always help you get clarity of where you need more practice. 
  • Do not stress and manage your time well during the exam.


Is class 10 Mathematics easy or tough? What is the pattern of Maths question paper?

With 30% syllabus reduction, the maths exam for class 10 should not be too difficult if one prepares well. The question paper is divided into 4 parts. Part A which has questions worth 1 mark each, Part B has 6, 2 mark questions, Part C includes 3 mark questions and Part D has 6 questions worth 4 marks each. You just have to work a little hard on the syllabus you have for the exam. Prepare your topics well and you shall definitely pass.

Is NCERT enough for class 10 Boards?

NCERT is a very important and crucial book because most of the questions are from it. You should prepare your Maths NCERT book very well. Along with them you can also practise with the sample papers to increase your chances of getting good marks.

Has CBSE released 2021 Sample Question papers? Which is the best sample paper?

Yes, CBSE has released the maths sample question papers for 2021 and we have tried our best to provide all the relevant sample papers for this and the previous years for your convenience

Where can I download more than one Sample paper for Maths Class 10?

For your convenience we have provided all the latest question papers for 2021 and more on this very site. You can download them from here on Leverage Edu

Can I download the question papers for Maths grade 10 in PDF form? 

Yes, click on the above links and download the question papers in the PDF forms and use them to study better and get great marks in the 10th Board exams.

These were all the important sample papers, model papers and question papers that you need to prepare for the exam. Once you ace these, no one can stop you from getting great marks in CBSE Class 10 Mathematics examsLeverage Edu wishes all the students good luck with the Class 10 examinations!

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