CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus

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The language material in CBSE class 10 syllabus has been sourced from Literature – prose, fiction and poetry. Even though there is a trend of incorporating contemporary and authentic texts, appropriate pieces of literature is important in the secondary stage of education. Besides reading poems and stories, the coursework must develop a students’ imagination and equip them with communicative skills to efficiently perform several language functions through writing and speech. In this blog, we will cover the CBSE class 10 English syllabus in detail.

List Of Deleted CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus

The list of the deleted syllabus of class 10 English 2022 is as follows:

Grammar Use of Passive Voice
Clauses: Noun, Adverb clauses of condition and time, Relative Prepositions
Literature First Flight How to Tell Wild Animals
Mijbil the Otter
For Anne Gregory
Footprints Without Feet The Midnight Visitor
A Question of Trust
The Book That Saved The Earth

Course Structure – Class 10 English Syllabus

The CBSE class 10 English subject is termed as English Language and Literature and the Code No. is 184 with a total of 3 sections carrying a total of 80 marks. The examination lasts for a duration of 3 hours. It is important to note that the Internal Assessment covers 50 periods which tests both listening as well speaking skills of the students. To know a brief about the section-wise marks distribution of CBSE class English syllabus 2022, see the table given below:

Section Particulars Total Weightage
A Reading Skills 20
B Writing Skills with Grammar 30
C Literature Textbooks and Supplementary Reading Text 30
Total 80
Internal Assessment 20
Total 100

According to the class 10 English syllabus, the prescribed books for class 10 English Language and Literature, published by NCERT are:

  1. First Flight – Textbook in English for Class X
  2. Footprints Without Feet – Supplementary Reader in English Class X

The extended reading text (either one) include the following:

  1. Diary of a Young Girl – 1947 by Anne Frank (unabridged edition)
  2. The Story of My Life – 1903 by Helen Keller (unabridged edition)

Detailed CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus

Check the latest CBSE class 10 English syllabus for the upcoming 2022 board exams. Students must thoroughly go through the course structure and examination pattern to make an effective preparation for their annual board examination.

Section A Reading [50 Periods]

The Reading Section of the CBSE class 10 English syllabus will have 2 unseen passages of 700-750 words. It tests students’ conceptual understanding, decoding, critical evaluation, inference and analysis, besides vocabulary.

Factual passage of 300-350 words with 8 Objective-type Questions (MCQs) carrying
8 marks.
Discursive passage of 350-400 words with 4 Short Answer-type Question to judge students on their reading skills to reason, evaluate and conclude and 4 Objective-type Questions
(MCQs) to check their vocabulary. This segment carries a total of 12 marks.

Section B Writing and Grammar [60 Periods]

The Writing and Grammar section under the CBSE class 10 English syllabus examines how well can students creatively express their opinions, reason and illustrate the appropriate style of writing using clear writing format and of opinion, reasoning, justify, illustrating, appropriacy of style, using an integrated format with accuracy and fluency.

There are Short-type questions and writing tasks for students along with internal choices.

Formal letter to the editor/inquire/complaint/placing an order/article in about 100-150 words. The questions carry a total of 8 marks and will be related to the prescribed books.
Writing a short story with respect to a given outline or indication, carrying a total of 10 marks.

The class 10 English syllabus for Grammar will include tenses, modals, use of passive voice, subject-verb concord, reporting (commands and requests, statements and questions), clauses (noun, adverb and relative clauses), determiners and prepositions.

The pattern on which theses topics are tested that contain 4 marks each is is given below:

Tenses, prepositions, articles and conjunctions are tested through ‘fill in the blanks’
Questions based on editing & omission.
Reordering of sentences or their transformation in the given context.

To know more, read our detailed blog on Grammar for class 10.

Section C Literature Textbooks and Supplementary Reading Text [60 Periods]

The CBSE Class 10 English syllabus includes the following question. Moreover, there are internal choices for students within the questions.

Select 1 out of 2 excerpts from prose/poetry/drama for reference to context-based questions. These consist of 4 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for a total of 4 marks.
1. 2 questions on global comprehensive for 1 mark each.
2. 2 questions each on interpretation carrying 1 mark each.
5 Short Answer Questions each from the prescribed books for class 10 English Language and Literature that need to be answered in 30-40 words. The section consists of 10 (2×5) marks that test the understanding of themes and ideas.
1. 3 questions from First Flight
2. 2 questions from Footprints Without Feet.
From Long Answer-type you have to choose one out of two questions from First Flight that carries 8 marks. The students have to demonstrate their creativity, imagination and understanding across the text of about 100-150 words.
One out of two Long Answer-type Question from Footprints Without Feet on theme or plot and inference or character sketch to be answered in about 100-150 words, carrying a total of 8 marks. This tests students on analysis and extrapolation beyond the text.
Class 10 English Syllabus

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With the clear understanding of the course curriculum and weightage of each section, students can decide how much time they should dedicate to each section. Generally, CBSE exam paper for English Language and Literature is designed as per the prescribed CBSE class 10 English syllabus. So, preparing as per the syllabus mentioned above can help you crack the exam with excellent grades. Confused about choosing one among available streams after 10th? Don’t worry, Leverage Edu can help you design a career map and plan a better future for you. 

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